Win the Internet Marketing Game with Great Content


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Content Marketing for SEO.
Presentation by Coryon Redd to Nevada County Online on March 26th, 2013.

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  • Ties together Editorial, marketing, PR, SEO and social
  • Niche marketing – Where’s your market?Keyword research – Google Keyword Tool and Google Trends customersSocial listening toolsTopsy.comLittlebird.comGoogle AlertsGoogle Search
  • Win the Internet Marketing Game with Great Content

    1. 1. Win the Internet Marketing Game with Great ContentPresented by:Coryon View this presentation online at: 1
    2. 2. Let’s Start with the BasicsWhat is Internet Marketing?• Start with a persuasive website• Drive traffic from a variety of sources: Search Engines (SEO) Social Media Email Videos Paid Search Lots more options… 2
    3. 3. A Brief Overview of Search Engine Optimization 4 Simple Steps to SEO Keyword Research Competitor Research Website Design and Landing Pages Enter the Google Popularity Contest3
    4. 4. Winning the Google Popularity Contest How does Google Crown a Winner? Incoming links and social engagement Get the Votes that Matter… Get links from quality, related websites Not the Ones that Piss Google Off Google can smell out low quality links Google is an 800 lb Gorilla4
    5. 5. Who is Coryon Redd? CEO of & Internet Marketing Co-Facilitator of Nevada County – Started in 1999Hundreds of #1 Rankings on GoogleGoogle has made a Multi-Million $$ Success Story 5
    6. 6. Content Marketing is: Audience Focused Communication Branding Relevant and Valuable Informative and InterestingContent Marketing isn’t:
    7. 7. Marketing Strategy Starts with ContentGoals of Content Marketing: Educate and Entertain Link Bait for SEO Build Trust and Relationships Answer Questions Branding Generate Traffic, Leads and Sales 7
    8. 8. Find Your Audience, Plan Your Content Who’s Your Audience? Fish Where the Fish Are Brainstorm Interesting Topics Keyword Research Survey Customers Social Listening Tools Google Alerts,, Check out: your-content-marketing-strategy
    9. 9. Make your Blog the Hubof your Online Marketing
    10. 10. Spread the WordBlogger OutreachAnswer Questions in ForumsRSS DirectoriesPress ReleasesSocial Media• Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.
    11. 11. Content Creation vs. Content Curation You don’t have to be the best writer in the world to create content Show your expertise with what you think is interesting and worth sharing Source:
    12. 12. Case Study: Findinghappiness.comSource:
    13. 13. Goals for Findinghappiness.comEducate and EntertainBuild Audience and Website TrafficIntegrated Marketing• Website, email, social media, SEOCreate and Share Great ContentBrandingSEO Focus Towards Top Keywords• Finding happiness, how to be happy, etc.
    14. 14. The Big Picture Create Focus Target Market Planning Content Measurement = Simplified Marketing
    15. 15. Don’t GetOverwhelmed
    16. 16. SimplifyYour Marketing
    17. 17. Content is King Blogging, Video, Web Pages, & More17
    18. 18. Distribution is Queen Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Press Releases, Blogs18
    19. 19. SEO is your Ace in the Hole Win the Game and Make More Money19
    20. 20. Go to to geteditorial calendar template.