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7 Keys to Rockin' Websites


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7 tips for maximizing your

7 tips for maximizing your

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  • 1. 7 Keys to Rockin’ Websites By Cory Miller & Ty
  • 2. Who We Are Cory Miller Ty Carlson Founder, iThemes Designer,
  • 3. Today’s Agenda Get a Website You Can Control Start Talking to Google Get Blogging Make It Easy to Contact You Build a Following Motivate Actions Evaluate and Refine Question and
  • 4. Websites are the best, most affordable, yet underutilized marketing tools for small
  • 5. 7 Keys to Make The Most of Your
  • 6. 1. Get a Website You Can
  • 7. You have the keys.
  • 8. Why WP Rocks It’s free If you can use Microsoft Word, you can use WP It’s open source and has a huge community It’s getting better & better all the time It’s secure Google loves WordPress Update it from anywhere in the
  • 9. My mom even uses WP!
  • 10. 2. Start Talking to
  • 11. People are searchingfor your products & services. So get found online!
  • 12. WP and SEO Basics Google Sitemap Generator plugin Pretty Permalinks Simple Keywords Michael Torbert’s All-in-One SEO Pack plugin But really .... Good content your prospects want to read!
  • 13. 3. Get
  • 14. Blogging changed my life, my work, my
  • 15. Why Blog? Google Loves Blogs Build Your ‘Know, Like and Trust’ Demonstrate Your Experience and Expertise Be Known as The Expert In Your
  • 16. 4. Make It Easy to Contact
  • 17. Many people prefer to email rather than
  • 18. Email contacts are great opportunities to
  • 19. Use a simple contact form. Free - Try ContactBuddy from Paid - Want more options? Try
  • 20. 5. Build a
  • 21. You need people to engage with & market to
  • 22. Yesterday was the day to start building
  • 23. Popular Places Online Facebook Twitter LinkedIn YouTube Google+
  • 24. Key is to go where people are talking, not where it’s the hip thing to
  • 25. Email is still king. Start building your email
  • 26. Tips for Using Email Must be permission-based email newsletter Put subscribe form prominent on site (every page) with some incentive to subscribe (free ebooks, discount) Also, at the end of blog posts Write emails with a specific person in mind Goal is to get the click-through to your site Must offer practical value to ideal customer or it’s just more
  • 27. 6. Motivate
  • 28. Your website should DO something for your
  • 29. What do you want them to do when they get there?
  • 30. What’s the ONE thing you want them to do?
  • 31. Build, test, analyze everything
  • 32. Your mom might be the only one showing up at
  • 33. 7. Evaluate and
  • 34. The great thing about the web is ... you can change it!
  • 35. Start with version 1. And test
  • 36. See what works, what doesn’
  • 37. Google Analytics
  • 38. 7 Keys toRockin’ WebsitesGet a Website You Can ControlStart Talking to GoogleGet BloggingMake It Easy to Contact YouBuild a FollowingMotivate ActionsEvaluate and Refine
  • 39. Question and
  • 40. Need Some Help?Let us help you get started today!