2012 State of iThemes Address: Make Waves
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2012 State of iThemes Address: Make Waves

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Each year I give an update on where we're going, what we're doing and why and how we do things for our customer community.

Each year I give an update on where we're going, what we're doing and why and how we do things for our customer community.

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  • 1. State of iThemes AddressFeb. 29, 2012Cory Miller, Founder
  • 2. State of iThemesThe Story of iThemesIntroducing the Make WavesThemeShare Team Specific Goals(What’s Coming Next)Announcing the Make WavesManifestoQuestion and Answer
  • 3. The Story of iThemes Who We Are & Where We’ve Been
  • 4. Our StoryStarted in January 2008Now with 25 team membersHeadquartered in Oklahoma CityNamed OKC’s 7th Fastest Growing Private CompanyOur Mission: Make People’s Lives AwesomeDo the work we love while we supporting our awesomecustomer community
  • 5. iThemes Annual Retreat Feb. 14-15, 2012
  • 6. We are pretty goofy sometimes!
  • 7. ‘Make Waves’ Our 2012 Theme
  • 8. Our MissionMaking People’sLives Awesome
  • 9. How We Do That ...Making Web DesignFun and Easy (Easier)
  • 10. Make Waves means ... Be Bold. Be Daring. Disrupt the Status Quo. Innovate. Make Better. For You.
  • 11. Team Specific Goals Through Mid-Summer 2012
  • 12. iThemes.comReleased Ecommerce Themes & several moreTotal Builder Child Themes: 63Working on BuddyPress ThemesNext is Events BlockMore Themes, Better Themes, More FeaturesChris is working on next big theme innovation projectfrom iThemes (Release scheduled for mid-Summer)
  • 13. At iThemes Our goal is to make web design fun & easy by offering easy to use website builder tools with a complete design palette at your disposal
  • 14. PluginBuddy.comReleased Slides & Frolic PluginsTotal Number of Pro Plugins Released: 18PluginBuddy Developer Suite is our Hottest Package &Best ValueBackupBuddy 3.0 in the works (late March release)March is BackupBuddy MonthNew BIG plugin project started after BackupBuddy 3.0
  • 15. At PluginBuddy Our goal is to make web design fun & easy by letting you do more cool things with WordPress
  • 16. WebDesign.comRoughly 340+ Hours of 24/7 Training in VaultHeld 2 live events in OKC this yearWorking on 2 more non-OKC live eventsAdding 15+ Hours of Fresh Content a MonthTalking to New Guest Experts to Add Value, TopicsPlanning a Kid’s Programming Camp this summer
  • 17. WebDesign.comCovering these topics each month: Members Only Chat SEO BluePrint Basics BizDev PluginFocus Monthly Peek BluePrint Advanced Getting Started with WebDesign CSS Educating the jQuery Educators
  • 18. At WebDesign.com Our goal is to make web design fun & easy by offering professional, cutting-edge training in WordPress web design
  • 19. Our Other Projects Ebooks AllureThemes.com Friends of iThemes MadeByWheat.com Education Program BuildAWebsite.com iThemesTV TheDiv.org
  • 20. Some of the People Behind the Scenes - Our Central Team
  • 21. Introducing TheMake WavesManifestos
  • 22. MakeWaves2012.com 6 ‘We Believe’ Statements
  • 23. Our Goal For This Is ... To Make Meaning.
  • 24. My Goal For You ... To Enlist You. To Rally the Fleet.
  • 25. 1. We Believe .... Web Design Should Be Fun.
  • 26. 1. Web Design Should Be Fun.Help 5,000 People Build Sites in WordPress.Help 2,000 People Get Started Learning Web Design.
  • 27. 2. We Believe .... In Web Entrepreneurship.
  • 28. 2. Web EntrepreneurshipHelp 200 Freelancers Get Their First Paid Gig.Help 10 Freelancer Go Full-Time.
  • 29. 3. We Believe .... In WordPress.
  • 30. 3. Give Back to WordPressEnlist & Equip 500 People to Contribute Back to WP.
  • 31. 4. We Believe .... Every WordPress Site Should Be Safe & Secure.
  • 32. 4.Safe & Secure WordPress Sites250,000 WordPress sites with good backup solution.
  • 33. 5. We Believe .... In Investing in People.
  • 34. 5. Investing in PeopleEnlist 200 People Committed to Learning & Growing.
  • 35. 6. We Believe .... In Web Freedom.
  • 36. 6. Web FreedomEnlist 500 People to Fight for Web Freedom
  • 37. We Believe1 Web Design Should Be Fun2 Web Entrepreneurship3 WordPress4 Every WP Site Safe & Secure5 Investing in People6 Web Freedom
  • 38. What ThisMeans for You
  • 39. Join Us inMaking WavesThis Year
  • 40. ‘If you want to go fast, go alone.If you want to go far, go together.’ -African Proverb
  • 41. Pledge Now atMakeWaves2012.com Setting Sail March 2012
  • 42. Questions & Input