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Open Innovation for the Future Internet, 14 December 2010, Ghent (Belgium)

Open Innovation for the Future Internet, 14 December 2010, Ghent (Belgium)

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  • 1. LivingLabs and the Danube Region Gábor András agabor@corvinno.hu
  • 2. Old / new idea of region• Austrian-Hungarian Monarchy• Kossuth: Danube Federation• European Union2012. 11. 04. Corvinno Technology Transfer Center 2
  • 3. Problems• One big city (> 1M) / many small (<500 K)• Bad infrastructure / transport• Capital investment: – less knowledge transfer – more wagetransfer• No big infra project (EXPO, Football WC, Olympic Games)• Competition of countries and/or cities – Rivalry – Sales -> Production -> Development – SCM - buyer - vendor position• Structural problems of employment/unemployment – Growing # of young people with diploma – Development potential / attractivity2012. 11. 04. Corvinno Technology Transfer Center 3
  • 4. Innovation Region• Environment & energy• Connectivity (transport & communication)• Socio-Economic development• Seggregation / minorities• Poverty• Smart cities – Resources – Resorce allocation vs re-allocation – Restricitions in PA -> own fund• Time horizon – Conflict of short term - long term – Smart = good to live there (> election cycle)2012. 11. 04. Corvinno Technology Transfer Center 4
  • 5. Preconditions• Mobility• Language skills• Flexible training• Control climate• Business model(s) – Sharing complementer competencies vs. – Sharing competitive advantage• Transborder character• Risk taking attitude• What happens after the honeymoon? – Sustainability?2012. 11. 04. Corvinno Technology Transfer Center 5
  • 6. Development vehicles• Transformation to an open innovation system in the eRegion• New business-administration-academia partnerships with special focus on cross- border partnerships in the macro regions• Creation of innovative eServices for SMEs and inter-organisational eServices in a cross-border context• Increasing cooperation and collaboration capacity of SMEs• Developing a universal, utility-like software service infrastructure to enable value- added innovation at the application level, taking into account new business models as well as new forms of businesses enabled by the Internet• Fostering knowledge sharing through new eTechnologies that can assist in expanded eLearning and eCollaboration improving connectivity of cross-border eRegions, with border cities as cases• Stimulating Living Labs creation in the Danube Region and their involvement in the European Network of Living Labs2012. 11. 04. Corvinno Technology Transfer Center 6