TTECH Gas Micro-Turbine


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TTECH Gas Micro-Turbine

  1. 1. TTEC Concept 5kW to 100 MW Plasma Pulse Shock Wave Gas Turbine Generator
  2. 2. TTEC Gas Turbine 5 kW to 100 MWTTEC exclusive Plasma Pulse Shock Wave Gas Turbine Generator @ 60% Thermalefficiency without waste heat recuperation… TTEC Exclusive Aerovalve oxygen intakerequires No Compressor Section Our combustion Cycle is self aspirating…and self-sustaining detonation combustion2000 deg. F @ over 400 cycles per second per combustion chamber…this is the jetengine way of the future…
  3. 3. Because of self-sustaining detonation combustion, our turbine can produce near peak torque at low rpms. Conventional turbines produce very little torque at low rpms.
  4. 4. TTEC Plasma Shock Wave Combustor eliminates The need for Turbine compressor! Saving 40% Energy TTEC Gas Turbine requires no Gearbox, we direct connect to our uniqueHigh Speed Permanent Magnet Generators
  5. 5. GE 15 MW Gas Turbine Generator is 10 times the size of our TTEC Plasma Pulse ShockWave Gas Turbine because we are twice as efficient and have no makup combustionair compressor section, the compressor on conventional Gas Turbines, consume 40%of the energy input…TTEC replaces the compressor with our Plasma Shock WaveCompression Ratio @ 150:1 many times more efficient in energy saving and equipmentsize.
  6. 6. AeroValve Pulse Combustors3 ea Red section Compressor Module CFD Analysis Compressor Module During our First Generation Testing Per TTEC Conventional Turbine Design Turbine Module
  7. 7. 1.Because of self-sustaining detonation combustion, our turbine can produce near peak torque at low rpms. Conventional turbines produce very little torque at low rpms. 2. Boundary Layer turbo physics provides more gas expansion work than conventional turbine cycles leading to greater thermal efficiency. 3.Turbine can be direct coupled to high-speed generator which eliminates the need for a speed reducing gearbox. 4. Use of oil-free foil bearings reduces maintenance costs, and provides improve reliability. 5. Simpler design construction reduces capital costs by 40% vs. conventional turbine technology.
  8. 8. 6. Quiet operation as turbo engine uses a "bladeless" turbine section and no compressor. Boundary Layer turbine generates no blade frequency noise generation. 7. Shock wave detonation enhanced compression occurs directly inside of combustion chamber not generated by external mechanical means. 8.Modular "Power Section" construction makes for a compact, and power dense turbo-gen. that is easy to scale for a given power output. 9.Plasma enhanced detonation combustion provides for low exhaust emissions (CO, NOx, HC). 10.Boundary layer turbine provides greater compression ratio than conventional turbines which increases thermal efficiency.
  9. 9. The World as well as our view of the Universe continues to amaze how naturally, atoms,molecules as well as fluids and gases all reveal the boundary layer effects on one to anotherin pure spiral paths of influence…