George Washington: 1st President
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George Washington: 1st President






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George Washington: 1st President Presentation Transcript

  • 1. A New Nation 1790 - 1850
  • 2. A few questions… • What is this new position of PRESIDENT suppose to look like? • How will the president do his job? • What will the future of the United States be under the new Constitution? • What challenges lay ahead for the New Nation?
  • 3. George Washington • As a leading figure, George Washington helped to define what it meant to be president • He set many PRECEDENTS that future presidents would follow for years to come
  • 4. Creating a Cabinet • Department of Treasury – Alexander Hamilton (Secretary of Treasury) • State Department John Adams – Thomas Jefferson Alexander Hamilton Henry Knox (Secretary of State) • War Department – Henry Knox (Secretary of War) Thomas Jefferson
  • 5. Setting up the Judicial Branch • Washington set up the 1st Supreme Court – 1 Chief Justice and 5 Associate Justices – John Jay is first Chief Justice
  • 6. Demonstrating the strength of the Federal Government Whisky Rebellion of 1794 The Federal Government and the President flex their Muscles!
  • 7. Whisky Rebellion of 1794 • Congress passed a tax on whiskey. • Farmers in Pennsylvania rebelled and Washington sends a militia to stop rebellion and enforce the tax. • Washington showed the strength of the Federal government
  • 8. Government helping to strengthening the Economy • Sec. of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton developed a 4-part plan to help boost the American Economy. • This was the first time the Federal government stepped in to help the economy
  • 9. Establishing Foreign Policy • In 1793, France and Great Britain go to war. • France expects US to ally with them since they helped us fight against the British in the American Revolution Vs. Again!
  • 10. Washington chooses Neutrality • Washington decided to remain neutral (not to take sides) to keep America Isolated from the problems of Europe. • He declares that Americans will not help either France or Britain
  • 11. Washington Only Serves Two Terms • Washington decided to only serve two terms and then step away to allow another to serve. • He delivered a speech giving advise and warning to the incoming president and to the American People known as his “Farewell Address”
  • 12. Washington’s Farewell Address • Advises the U.S. not to have alliances with other countries that might lead the U.S. into war. • Warns against political parties - they only lead Save the Drama, fo’ yo’ Mama! to “jealousies and false alarms”