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  1. 1. Volunteer Experience By Shiana Buder
  2. 2. Terry Fox Run - 30+ Hours Since the day I was born, I've been apart of the Kamloops Terry Fox Run. My mom has been apart of the Terry Fox Run since 1993, she been organizing it since 1996. Now as a teenager I am the volunteer coordinator, and social media coordinator. I put up posters around town and promote the run at various sites. People with various cancers benefit from my work because I raise awareness and money for the Terry Fox Foundation.
  3. 3. Santa Claus Parade- 30+ Hours Over the past couple years my family as well as my mom's co-workers having been helping build, decorate and undecorate the float. The float is the most important float of the Claus Parade. The kids who come out and watch the parade for Santa, are who benefits from my part in creating the Santa float. I also bagged candy for the volunteers to hand out to the viewers along the street. I'm either on the float or handing out candy along the sidewalk.
  4. 4. Run For the Cure- 7 Hours As an employee of Scotiabank, my mom is encouraged to participate in volunteer activities around our community. Her co- worker had breast cancer, and now she is in charge of the survivor's table at CIBC's Run for the Cure. This year, I volunteered with my mom, her co-worker, and my sister. We helped set up the survivor's table, managed the table and even donated money and did a few laps. My participation in this activity, benefits every person and family affected by breast cancer. Weather it was someone who was just diagnosed with breast cancer, in remission, or is related to someone who has/had breast cancer, the money I donated helped them in a variety of ways. Even when I smiled at them, they seemed happier as they past me.
  5. 5. Heart and Stroke- 5 Hours For Heart and Stroke I have done their annual events in Kamloops plus I volunteer for my mom's work when they do hot dog lunches for different charities, including this one. Our vision: Healthy lives free of heart disease and stroke. Together we will make it happen. Our mission: ● Prevent disease ○ Give children and youth the best start for a long, healthy life ○ Empower Canadians to live healthy lives ● Save lives ○ Enable faster, better cardiac emergency response and treatment ○ Enable faster, better stroke response and treatment ● Promote recovery ○ Enhance support for survivors, families and caregivers Our values: ● A passion for health ● Making a difference ● Learning every day ● Being extraordinary together ● Embracing diversity We achieve our mission through: ● Investing in life-saving research ● Advocating for healthy public policies ● Partnering with stakeholders ● Engaging Canadians to make health last ● Ensuring health equity This is taken from their website all the money I raise goes towards these different areas.
  6. 6. S.P.C.A. Paws For a Cause - 2 Hours Since the Paws for a Cause run usually interferes with the Terry Fox Run, I don't have much time to volunteer for this charity, but one year I stood and the Columbia St. and Summit Rd. intersection holding a sign for washing your pet in the Sahali Scotiabank parking lot. Some years we do help out with the run in Pioneer Park, or we just donate money. This is personally one of my favourite charities because there isn't a day I don't play with my or a someone elses animal. The time and money that I put towards this event benefits all the animals in all S.P.C.A shelters. I hope I can volunteer at the local shelter now that I'm 16.
  7. 7. Rick Hansen- 4 Hours I have participated in a few Rick Hansen events. Most recently when he came to Kamloops with his relay in memory of of his Man in Motion Tour 25 years ago. I volunteered at the Scotiabank tent, when the relay came to the Tournament Capital Centre on March 29, 2012. I also helped my mom's co-workers and her with the accounting a few years back at his annual run here in Kamloops. All the proceeds raised go towards Spinal Cord research and finding a cure; that's what people benefit from when money is raised at this event.The background is me with Rick Hansen.
  8. 8. Other Volunteer Experiences Some additional volunteer work that I have participated in and didn't have enough information to put in the presentation are: ● MS Walk- 2 hours ● Strikes for Tykes- 4 hours ● Relay for Life- 6+ hours