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  • 1. Unit five Final project Work Experience
  • 2. 30 hours of Experience ● I have had two jobs in my life. ● I worked at Wendy's for five months, and I had about 30 hours each month. ● Now I'm currently working at McDonalds and I get 30 plus hours a week.
  • 3. Duties and tasks Wendy's ● When I worked at Wendy's I started out on the grill. The grill you had to cook the burgers and chicken. It was also your job to sweep the floor when asked to. I got trained on fries and I did that a lot it was your duty to make fries, chicken strips and chicken nuggets. It was also your job to make frosty's as well as coffee.
  • 4. Duties and task McDonalds ● When I first started at McDonalds my Job was to do grills which is cooking meet, chicken and fish. Then I got promoted to wrapping the burgers and put the meet on. Now I'm currently running the kitchen most days, and on the path to becoming a crew trainer.
  • 5. Skills ● I have notice that I have gotten more leadership skills from working at McDonalds and it is easier for me to communicate with people. I have also learned a lot about cleaning, keeping my station neat and tidy. At McDonalds they teach you lots about food safe and cross contamination and how to prevent it.
  • 6. Preparation ● For both jobs I researched the company and studied my resume so I was prepared for what ever questions I was going to get asked. I made sure that I could answer any question about my resume and the company so I could get the best result.
  • 7. Teamwork ● I have learned at McDonalds that the crew is a team and if you have one person who is less skilled then the other it will drag the team down. The managers also will correct mistakes in the kitchen even if your not a part of it.
  • 8. By Nick Heinemann