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  1. 1. Volunteer and part-time job experience By: Monelle
  2. 2. Ymca Volunteering - 12 hours I helped choreograph a dance for the grand opening of the dream home. I worked with the afterschool daycare administrators and a school friend to choreograph a dance to thank everyone who was involved in donating money to the home. It benefited the home because it gave entertainment to ticket buyers and it gave something for the little daycare students to be proud of and show their parents.
  3. 3. Part-time job - 200+ hours I had a part-time job at McDonald’s for a year and a month. Throughout my employment I learned many useful skills. I learned money management, customer service, food safety, how to properly prepare food, and outstanding leadership. Within my year of working, I was promoted several times. In my first two months I stood out to the management team and was put to the test to become a crew trainer. Soon after completing a booklet on crew training, I was promoted to crew training.
  4. 4. Part-time job - continued I worked as a crew trainer for a few months while having a heavy school load. When I had a break from school during the winter break, I was offered to start in the shadowing program. The shadowing program is a development program to bring crew trainers up to a junior manager program. I agreed and went through the process of learning and excelling at the following stations: Drive-Thru, Production and Front Counter. In the same month, I got Employee of the month and had the managers of all Kamloops and Merritt, Al and Mike, come have a talk with me about how well I was doing with McDonald’s and gave me a watch and a pin to show my progress with the restaurant.
  5. 5. Part-time Job - Continued I was running all areas with no problem and the head manager and assistant managers were starting to notice. I had verifications done on me to see what I needed to improve upon and soon I had next to no flaws. I was getting 100% on all verifications. The next week I had an email sent to me asking the promotional manager to come in and have a verification done on me to see if I was ready to be a Team Leader(Junior Manager). She came the next day to promote me and give me my new suit as a manager. I started going to meetings and started to show my intelligence and soon they asked me to be a swing manager, I was not ready to commit to such an important position at that time so I declined. I started thinking and I realized McDonald’s was not the right job for me and I gave my three weeks notice of resignation.
  6. 6. Part-time job - continued What I gained from this job: I gained a lot of respect because of my position. I also became very good with money. At first, I struggled with cash back and change but I picked everything up after about a week on till. My memorization skills became very developed because I had to know how to make every product that we sold and if someone asked I price of something I would need to provide a quick answer. I also became very outgoing; I am very friendly and can talk to any customer and keep up a nice conversation. My ability to commit to my responsibilities has greatly improved since I have started working.
  7. 7. McDonald’s volunteering - 50+ hours With my part-time job at McDonald’s, there was a lot of volunteering as well. I came in after school on numerous occasions to help with bottle drives or car washes to raise money for the Ronald McDonald charity to buy a new incubator for The Royal Inland Hospital. We also did Cotton Candy stands on weekends and I participated in every single one. Eventually we raised enough money for the incubator and also ten new beds! It benefited many young children and worried family’s.