Our lady of the miraculous medal (1)


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Our lady of the miraculous medal (1)

  1. 1. “OUR LADY OF THE MIRACULOUS MEDAL” (1º BACHILLERATO) Thursday,27th November 2013
  2. 2. A prayer…
  3. 3. The history… • The Blessed Virgin appeared to Saint Catherine Labouré, a Seminary Sister (novice) in the Daughters of Charity, in 1830, in order to offer the world a medal. • This simple object, intended for all people, making no distinction, sums up the mysteries of Christian faith through its rich symbolism. • When a deadly cholera epidemic broke out in Paris in February 1832, claiming more than 20,000 lives, the Sisters began distributing the first medals. Many cures were reported, along with protection and conversions. The word spread like wild fire. The people of Paris called the medal “miraculous”.
  4. 4. A summer night... • On July 18, 1830, the eve of the feast of Saint Vincent de Paul, whom she loved so much, St. Catherine prayed to him, so that her desire to see the Blessed Virgin be heard at last. At 11 p.m. that night she heard her name called. • A mysterious child is at the foot of her bed and asks her to get up: “The Blessed Virgin is waiting for you “ he said. St. Catherine dressed and followed the child radiating rays of light wherever he went.
  5. 5. … • Having arrived in the chapel, St. Catherine stopped near the chair, used by the priest in the sanctuary. She then heard a sound similar to the swish of a silk dress. “Look , here is the Blessed Virgin” said her small guide. She showed reluctance to believe. But the child repeated in a stronger tone of voice. : “Here is the Blessed Virgin.” • Catherine hurried to the knees of the Blessed Virgin who was sitting on a chair. “I then bounded to the steps of the altar, knelt and let my hands rest on the knees of the Blessed Virgin”.
  6. 6. The Medal... • In this chapel chosen by God, the Blessed Virgin Mary came in person to reveal her identity by means of a small object, a medal, intended for every person without distinction.
  7. 7. November 27th... • On November 27th 1830 at 5:30 pm, during meditation, St. Catherine saw at the present location of the Virgin of the Globe a picture of the Blessed Virgin. Standing on a half-globe ,holding in her hands a small golden globe: her feet crushing a serpent. Coming from the open hands of the Blessed Virgin were beautiful rays of light and at that same moment St. Catherine heard a voice saying: “These rays are symbols of graces that Mary obtains for people” • Then an oval formed around the apparition and Catherine saw, displayed in a semi-circle, this invocation, until then unknown:
  8. 8. … « O Mary conceived without sin pray for us who have recourse to you »
  9. 9. … • Then the picture turned and St. Catherine saw on the reverse side the letter M beaten by a little cross and below it the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary. • Catherine then heard these words: « Have a medal made on this model. Those who will wear it with confidence will receive great graces ».
  10. 10. PLAY A QUIZ… 1. The medal that Mary asked to have made is called “The Miraculous Medal”. True   2. Mary asked for this medal in 1830. False True   3. Lasers come out of Mary´s hands. False True   False
  11. 11. PLAY A QUIZ… 4. Mary´s feet crush a serpent. True False 5. The prayer inscribed on the medal is: “ O Mary stripped of sin, pray for us who have recourse to you. True False 6. The M with the cross above it represents the M of Mary and reminds us that she died on a cross. True False
  12. 12. PLAY A QUIZ… 7. The heart crowned with thorns symbolizes that Jesus was crowned with thorns before he die on the cross. True False 8. The heart pierced by a sword represents that Jesus´ side was pierced by a lance when he was hanging on the cross. True False   9. All around the medal there are 10 stars to represent the 10 commandments. True False
  13. 13. PLAY A QUIZ… 10. Mary asked that her medal be distributed all over the world. True False
  14. 14. Answers: 1. True 2. True 3. False: They are rays of light, symbol of the graces that Mary asks God to send us. 4. True 5. False: “O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to you” 6. False: The M and the cross are interlinked to show that Mary and Jesus are united. 7. True 8. False: It symbolizes Mary´s suffering united to Jesus´ suffering as he accepted death in order to save us. 9. False: 12 stars to symbolize the 12 apostles. 10. True
  15. 15. VIDEO: ST. CATHERINE LABOURE AND THE MIRACULOUS MEDAL: http://airmaria.com/? sn=1&vp=100&prefx=mirc&plyrnb=1 &ttl=Miraculous%20Medal%3Cbr %20/%3E