Benchmarking for eLearning Success - CeLC March 2012

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Laura Overton, MD of Towards Maturity talked about the benefits of benchmarking your eLearning journeys and how the results of Towards Maturity research help us shape our workshops and respond to the …

Laura Overton, MD of Towards Maturity talked about the benefits of benchmarking your eLearning journeys and how the results of Towards Maturity research help us shape our workshops and respond to the challenges that you face. 28th March 2012 - The Corporate eLearning Consortium Inaugural Meeting

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  • 1. Benchmarking for e-learning success3 simple steps for delivering results with learning technologies 28th March 2012 Lauraoverton
  • 2. When it comes to technology and learning we haveLauraoverton high expectations
  • 3. So what does success look like to you? select the answer that resonates the most with your business right now1. Proving compliance2. Cost effective 26% 26%3. Better learning outcomes 19% 15%4. Staff up and running 11% faster5. Improved sharing 4%6. Respond faster to changing needs 1 2 3 4 5 6
  • 4. What challenges are you currently facing?1. Lack of skills to 46% implement2. Cost3. IT infrastructure 27%4. Staff reluctance5. Poor past 15% experience 8% 4% 1 2 3 4 5
  • 5. Benchmarking for e-learningsuccess Establish Improve Set strategy baseline performance • Definition : Benchmarking is the process of comparing business processes and performance metrics to industry Lauraoverton bests and/or best practices from other industries.
  • 6. Those that benchmark don’t have to reinvent the wheel! (Parker 96) Benchmarking involves: Setting a baseline Learning lessons from top performers & those further along the journey Seek to improve personal best Lauraoverton 6
  • 7. Benchmarkinginformal Systematic approach comparing Formal • Performance indicators • Effective practices of top Lauraoverton performer 7
  • 8. What best describes your experience of benchmarking to date?1. We share best practice 39% (benchmark) informally 36%2. We take part in formal benchmark studies3. Benchmarking is an important performance 14% 11% improvement tool for us4. We don’t benchmark on a regular basis 1 2 3 4
  • 9. History with 1800 organisations Why are some business organisations more successful in using technology in learning than others? Towards Maturity Benchmark Reports • Linking • Towards • Driving • Accelerating • Boosting Learning to Maturity Business performance Business Business Benefit agility Lauraoverton All slides with blue chevrons in this session draw on latest 2011 benchmark research
  • 10. Performance benchmarks from 2011studies:• 35% improvement in time to competency• 32% faster roll out of new IT applications• 32% improvement in ability to change products and processes• 39% reduction in delivery time• 31% reduction in study time Use external benchmarks :• 26% cost saving To help set targets For comparison Lauraoverton To stimulate conversations within business 10
  • 11. Where are you currently on your elearning adventure?1. Novice user 32%2. Sporadic user 29%3. Developing a strategy4. Technology is embedded in our 18% learning 14%5. Learning technologies 7% are an established part of doing business 1 2 3 4 5 Maturity matters
  • 12. 8 years of benchmarking 16% (12%) 22% (23%) Embedded 31% (39%) Established 19% (20%) Developing 12% (7%) Sporadic Novice TM IndexWe consistently find those mature in their use of learning technologies Lauraovertonreport more benefits. The TM index is a single indicator of maturity.
  • 13. Effective practice benchmarksTowards Maturity model – 6 strands of effectivepractices consistently modelled by top performers TM Indicator Lauraoverton
  • 14. Bottom Quartile 3rd 2nd Top Quartile1 100 What difference does mature implementation strategy make?Each organisation is now given a single TM index so we can see where they sit in comparisonwith others on a scale of 1 to 100. Lauraoverton
  • 15. Bottom Quartile 3rd 2nd Top Quartile1 100 2x audience take up 33% additional cost saving 50% additional saving in study time 6x decrease in time to proven competency 6x more likely to report increased productivity 3 x as likely to report improved customer satisfaction Lauraoverton
  • 16. 3 simple steps to delivering results with Learning Technologies So what are they? Lauraoverton
  • 17. The essence of BenchmarkingLauraoverton
  • 18. Lauraoverton 18
  • 19. Try this out – where do you stand?Review 1. There is an organisation-wide strategy for technology enabled learning 2. Learners consider e-learning to be good for their careers 3. Our learning technologies enable learners to communicate and learn from each other 4. We identify and train local champions to act as agents for change 5. We measure business metrics when evaluating effectiveness Lauraoverton
  • 20. Review Disagree ??? agree So how do you compare?Lauraoverton
  • 21. Compare No 1 - 26% agree - There is an organisation-wide strategy for technology 80% enabled learning 70% 60% 50% 40% 67% top 30% performers agree 20% 10% 0% Bottom Lower (3) Upper (2) Top Quartile quartile quartile Quartile Lauraoverton 21
  • 22. No 2 -15% agree - LearnersCompare consider e-learning to be good for their careers 49% top performers agree Lauraoverton
  • 23. Compare No 3 - 16% agree - Our learning technologies enable learners to communicate and learn from each otherHow Dixons Retail encouraged sharing and collaboration as 53%part of strategy – visit top performers agree Lauraoverton
  • 24. No 4- 29% agree - We identify and train local champions to act asCompare agents for change 74% top performersEngaging learning champions - practical tips from agreeNational Autistic Society Lauraoverton
  • 25. No 5 - 17% agree - We UpCompare measure specific business metrics 4% when evaluating the effectiveness of learning technologies 54% top performers agree For more information visit - Lauraoverton
  • 26. Act! As a result of what I have found out in this exercise, I am now going to...Lauraoverton
  • 27. Benchmarking with the Consortium Review and Reflect • Participation in the Annual Industry benchmark Compare • With consortium members • With sector • With top performers Learn • Workshops • Case studies• Sector examples Apply• Action planning
  • 28. Example Workshops• Developing an e-learning strategy• Getting noticed, getting buy in – stakeholder engagement• Building Blends that work• User Generated Content – capturing and sharing great practice• Engaging the business – promotions that work• Demonstrating Value
  • 29. Does thisapproach deliver?Review – 90 % agree that the workshop programme is relevant because it is informed by researchCompare – 96% value the opportunity to learn from other sectors – 94% say they have provide opportunities to learn from peers – 94% agree the consortium workshops provide practical ideas ACT – 72% have applied ideas back at work – 63% have seen improved impact as a result
  • 30. What element of consortiumbenchmarking would add most value to you?1. Formal benchmark 67% process to identifying strengths and weaknesses2. Targeted, collaborative workshops3. Opportunities to learn 13% 13% directly from peers 8%4. All of the above 1 2 3 4
  • 31. Resources via the consortium• Awareness – Benchmark centre – www.towardsmaturity.or g/mybenchmark – Research – Case studies – – Latest research – 2011research Lauraoverton 31