Size doesn't matter


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Size doesn't matter when building new relationships and working with agencies.

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Size doesn't matter

  1. 1. Size doesn’t matter Dan Kelly, Sales and Marketing Director, Corporate Rewards
  2. 2. • Dan Kelly, Sales and Marketing Director at award-winning incentive recognition and reward, motivation and events agency Corporate Rewards, presents the changing perceptions of smaller agencies Size doesn’t matter
  3. 3. • Companies in search of an incentives scheme often turn to the biggest agencies. • At first glance it’s perceived as an obvious choice. • It’s assumed that size reflects success. • Big must mean they are the best - right? • Not necessarily. Thinking Big...
  4. 4. • Big doesn’t mean best. • Small certainly doesn’t mean unsuccessful! • Check out the client lists – you may well see very big names on smaller agency portfolios. • Senior decision-makers in large companies, with sizeable budgets, choose small agencies. • Smaller agencies are worth a second look. Take a Second Look
  5. 5. • Small agencies don’t work with small ideas. – They have to think big to get noticed – They are not restricted by corporate rules and regulations • Brainstorms incorporate staff from the most junior to the most senior. – This ensures that every viewpoint is voiced – It results in more ideas and more variety to work with • This is how smaller agencies take the forefront of fresh and exciting approaches. Thinking Bigger
  6. 6. • Smaller agencies have the luxury of being more agile. • Fewer layers of management sign-offs mean a fast turnaround. • Larger companies are often delayed by corporate procedures and approvals. • Smaller agencies have a fast route to the top, so senior input and approval is accessible. • All this means faster results for the clients of smaller agencies. Agility Test
  7. 7. • Small agencies generally demonstrate a team-focused attitude. • This enables a solid, far-reaching network of associates and third- party suppliers. • This in turn ensures a wealth of resource and expertise for every client. • Relationship-building is second nature to a smaller agency. – If they can’t work with others, they won’t flourish – A thriving smaller agency is certain to have a strong team-culture Team Players
  8. 8. • Businesses generally want an easy and positive relationship with suppliers. • Smaller agencies are very likely to facilitate this: – Their size lends itself to a more personal service – You’re as likely to see senior team-members as junior ones – You’ll always remain visible to those at the top – Every client matters to a smaller agency – Smaller agencies are inherently customer-centric Relationship Building
  9. 9. • Any agency you work with should feel like an extension of your own team. • This is where the personal approach reaps rewards. • Agencies need to grasp your company ideals and values: – Smaller agencies lend themselves to this scenario very naturally – Very honest relationships will evolve organically – A smaller incentives supplier will quickly feel like an additional department of your company • We genuinely believe you should be able to work together and have a pint together! Up Close & Personal
  10. 10. • Organisations opting to work with bigger agencies can feel unloved and undervalued. • Stories of hearing from their agency only when they wanted something are common. • This is not acceptable. • There must be ongoing, two-way communication. • If an agency is unapproachable then the relationship isn’t, and won’t ever be, there. Don’t get let down
  11. 11. • Trust is vital in any client / agency relationship. • Do you feel that your business is just a number to your current agency? • It could be time to investigate the alternatives. • Did I mention that smaller agencies are worth a look? Look Again
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