There's more to mobile than talking


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A collection of key stats on mobile trends that I've gathered from various sources.

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There's more to mobile than talking

  1. 1. 03 June 2011T h e re ’s m o re to m o b i le th an talk i n g CLASS ACT
  2. 2. 1,000,000,000© Corporate Edge
  3. 3. 1,000,000,000 Smartphones by 2013© Corporate Edge
  4. 4. 35,000,000,000© Corporate Edge
  5. 5. $35 billion Mobile App Market in 2014 Source: IDC© Corporate Edge
  6. 6. T h e H i sto ry 1.© Corporate Edge
  7. 7. T h e H i sto ry 71973 - First mobile prototype produced by Motorola1979 - 1G Network launched in Japan1985 - Vodafone makes UK’s first mobile call1991 - 2G Network launched in Finland1992 - First SMS sent (UK)1993 - First Person to Person SMS sent (Finland)2001 - 3G launched in Japan2002 - 3G launch in the UK2007 - Apple iPhone Launched2010 - Apple iPad Launched© Corporate Edge
  8. 8. M o b i le R am p -u p 8© Corporate Edge
  9. 9. T h e P laye rs 2.© Corporate Edge
  10. 10. O S T re n d s 10 Source: Gartner 04/11© Corporate Edge
  11. 11. T h e O p p o rtu n i ty 3.© Corporate Edge
  12. 12. S M S I sn ’t D e ad 12‣ 6.1 trillion messages were sent in 2010¹‣Operators earned $14,000 per second‣By 2013 over 10 trillion messages will be sent²‣95% of texts are read within 4 minutes Source: ¹The ITU, ²Portio Research© Corporate Edge
  13. 13. M o b i le Acce ss 13‣ Over 5.3 billion mobile subscriptions‣90% of the world has access to mobile‣Facebook has over 250 million mobile users© Corporate Edge
  14. 14. M o b i le W e b 14‣ over 85% of new handsets can access the web‣Problem: Over 60 different types of browser onphones to cater for© Corporate Edge
  15. 15. M o b i le Ad ve rti si n g 15‣ $11.5 billion spent in2010‣Will grow to $38 billionby 2015‣Japan spent $1.14 billionon mobile advertising in2009² Source: ¹ABI Research, ²Guide to Mobile Japan© Corporate Edge
  16. 16. M o b i le Ad ve rti si n g 16 Predicted US Spend $mil. in 2012 Source:© Corporate Edge
  17. 17. m -B an k i n g 17‣ Over 110 million m-banking users in 2010¹‣ Expected to reach 1.1billion by 2015² Source: ¹Berg Insight, ²GIA© Corporate Edge
  18. 18. m -P aym e n ts 18‣ In 2010, m-payments ‣ This is due to theused by 10% of users in complexity for retailers toJapan¹ adopt it‣ m-Payments will only ‣ Globally only 5% use bybe used by less than 13% 2014³of users in Europe² Source: ¹ComScore, ²IDC, ³Juniper Research© Corporate Edge
  19. 19. m -C o m m e rce 19‣ By 2015, it will reach ‣ Europe has outpaced the$119 billion¹ US in growth‣ That’s 8% of all e- ‣ Developing nations willcommerce drive this long-term‣ Japan is leading today, ‣In 2010, the averagespending over $10 billion spend on building mobilein 2009² sites in the US was $170,000³ Source: ¹ABI Research, ²Guide to Mobile Japan, ³Forrester© Corporate Edge
  20. 20. m -T i ck e ti n g & m -C o u p o n s 20‣ By 2014, 1 in 10 will ‣ m-Coupons willuse m-ticketing¹ dominate retail marketing spend by 2013‣ Developing fast in thetransport sector ‣ m-Coupons in Japan used by 4.5million users²‣ Airlines offering mobilebased solutions‣ Hampered by lack ofstandards Source: ¹Juniper Research, ²Infinita,© Corporate Edge
  21. 21. Ap p s 21‣ Expected 76.9 billion ‣ Most popular apps indownloads by 2014¹ US³‣ Expected to peak in ‣ Facebook2013² 1 in 4 Apps onlyever used once ‣ GoogleMaps ‣ The Weather Channel Source: ¹IDC, ²ABI Research, ³Nielsen© Corporate Edge
  22. 22. C o n clu si o n s 22‣ Apps are leading the ‣ Commerce becomecharge bigger on mobile‣ Many opportunities in ‣ Tablets will help fuelthe sector mobile growth‣ Sector will be worthhundreds of billions by2015© Corporate Edge
  23. 23. Avon House Kensington Village Avonmore Road London W14 8TS T +44 (0)20 7855 5888 F +44 (0)20 7855 5770F o r m o re i n fo rm ati o n p le ase twitter@corporate_edge.comge t i n to u ch w i th : www.corporateedge.comG avi n B ro o kgavi n .b @ co rp o rate e d ge .co m+ 44 (0)20 7855 571 3 T H E B R AN D L E D communications agency© Corporate Edge