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Cypriot Crisis Assessment by 4bidden
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Cypriot Crisis Assessment by 4bidden


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Advertising and PR Lab : CrisisManagementAn Assessment of the Cypriot Crisis that took place inMarch 2013. This is a data and media analysis . Thecountries that we examine are Finland and Germany.We analyze the media titles, public opinion and thegiven sense. The media examined are Die Zeit ,Frankurter Allgemeine, Aamulehti ,Uutizet(allnewspapers). It is also a situation analisis. We lookfor interesting adjectives in media reports.April 2013
  • 2. Cypriot CrisisAnalysis of German & FinnishPress
  • 3. GERMANY
  • 4. • Reports that the Cypriot Parliament rejectscompulsory levy for bank costumers• Indicates a failure for Cyprus• Reports about protesters• Quotes Parliament members• Repots rumors about resignations
  • 5. Analysis-Public OpinionThe Given Sense• Negative and somewhatjudgmental, even if thearticles are based strictlyon facts• The reaction of the publicseems to be exactly likethe situation of Greece• Disappointment, distrustand rage.Interesting Adjectives• “Special” taxes = Theextra taxes• It is a question of honorto say no• Slaves of 21st century• Colossal DifferencesBetween North and South• Compulsory Levy
  • 6. • The financial markets face the Cyprus crisis in dispassionately• Cyprus is close to collapse, as its two major banks are threatenedbecause of losing fund and if those two crumble the other bankswill follow• There is few space for renegotiations• The leader* of euro group, Dutch financial minister JeroenDijsselbloem confirms that euro group is willing to help Cyprus withits own attempts of reformation provided that Cyprus will make useof euro-group’s money• Joer Kraemmer financial head of Commerzbank doubts that troikawill do any substantial grant• IMF insists that the maximum amount that Cyprus will receive ashelp is not over 10 billion Euros• Russia and its elite are much interested to keep the “tax oasis” ofCyprus stable however Russian state should bury its hopes, in orderto regain non-taxed amounts
  • 7. • The Cypriot government suggests toRussia, to quit from 30% of Russianbanking deposits and in return toprovide access to natural gas deposits• The first output from the EuropeanUnion?• A bank panic rather not be avoided,write analysts at national bank• Germany is willing to manage aconsistent output of Cyprus• An outlet of the small island republiccould be manageable for Europe• Overall, Cyprus has more to lose• In each case, investors in Asia reactedvery coolly• The euro has fallen to its lowest rate.From 1.2903 to 12846.
  • 8. Analysis-Public OpinionThe Given Sense• Neutral with a slightnegative attitude butwithout excesses• Considers the motion ofCyprus wrong , butsubstantiates his opinion.Interesting Adjectives• at least very risky• “tax oasis”• Protesters celebrated inNicosia probably an owngoal, write analysts atLBBW.
  • 9. FINLAND
  • 10. 18/3/2013Cyprus issue concerns the Europeanstock exchanges• European stock markets haveremained bowed because of thesituation in Cyprus.• Investors have been concerned bythe fact that Cyprus planned todeposit the tax is spreading to otherparts.• Helsinki, many of the mostexchanged shares becamecheaper. Stock Exchange ended up0.52 per cent negative 6 260 points.Such a model, Cyprus is now planning todeposit tax• Cyprus is drafting the controversial newmodel of the deposit tax, which would leaveless than EUR 20 000 for the tax-freedeposits.• Cyprus is drafting the controversial newmodel of the deposit tax, which would leaveless than EUR 20 000 for the tax-freedeposits.• Euro Countries previously urged Cyprus tosave small banks exempt from income tax,which is to be financed as part of the rescueoperation. Inhabitants of the earth havebeen deposit taxes.• It is essential that the tax can be collectedon the agreed sum of 5.8 billioneuorn. Central Bank of Cyprus Head PanicosDemetriades evaluated in Parliament thatnow hereto is inaccessible.
  • 11. 19/3/2013Cyprus Crisis: The vote was postponed again• Cyprus voting support package conditionspostponed again. The president Nicos Anastasiadesin Conservative Part has announced its rejection ofthe vote. The ruling part made a unanimousdecision, a part member told a local TV channel.• The vote has been moved to the last few days acouple of times already.• The situation in Cyprus uncertainty weighs on stockprices. The major stock indexes are the key.
  • 12. Analysis-Public OpinionThe Given Sense• News report (no sentiment)Interesting Adjectives• No suspicious adjectives
  • 13. UUTIZETUrpilainen pleased with Cyprus package• new milestone in handling of the eurozonecrisis.• Cypriot problems would spread to otherparts of the Eurozone.• the best deal possible for Cyprus.
  • 14. "It should be remembered that Europe ishelping Cyprus,it is unfortunate if they do notunderstand that, because the EuropeanStability Mechanism and the InternationalMonetary Fund are giving a loan to Cyprus.Every effort is made for the best interests ofthe Cypriots, but it should be remembered thata loan cannot be granted on just anyconditions."
  • 15. – CyprusParliament RejectsCompulsory - Kypros: 20prosentin talletusvero yli100 000
  • 16. Teachers:Mrs.Betty Tsakarestou & Mrs. Maria XenouStudents’ Team: 4biddenIosif Papadopoulos, Aleksandra Alivizatou,Corina Papantoniou, Lioumpi Karageorgou,Christianna Tsoufi, Daphne Alexiadou, EleannaVogiatzaki