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  • Social Media websites generate 75% of all internet traffic and seem to be growing with no end in sight. By utilizing this medium your business can go to the top of search engines because of the increased traffic generated.
  • Henry Ford’s banker said: “The horse is here to stay but the automobile is only a novelty, a fad.”In fact at the beginning of the 20th century most horse and buggy companiesdid not believe the motor car was the future either. Marketers place high value on social media; 83% indicate that social media is important to their business. Your competition will take advantage of social media. The major benefits of social media is generating more business, increasing traffic and providing market place insight.  
  • (Source) Solutions/Benefits of IT OutsourcingSocial media takes a lot of valuable time, but are there ample reasons for outsourcing? What if they are using offshore centers? Will there be problems with communication? Your reputation will only be as good as your worst contractor (or employee). So you must investigate potential marketing consultants for a multitude of strengths and weaknesses before obtaining their services. It could be disastrous without the advice of those experienced in social media marketing. Social media is also becoming a delicate and vital aspect of customer service, so putting your future into the marketing pro‘s handmight garnerimmense benefits; but only if a company personal reserve the final say so on content and remains personally involved.Right now only 30% of companies utilize the professionals in the increasing industry of social media marketing.
  • Can I still generate product recognition when social media is not profit-oriented? How can a company balance the social elements and customer service with the sales initiatives to needed to generate profit? Instead of focusing on sales most popular companies utilizing social media try to get to know their customers and vice versa. They give a human face and emotion to the brand name, which in turncustomers are more comfortable doing business with them. Like a friend buying from a friend. It‘s just human nature to be comfortable with someone or something familiar. If we know a friendly neighbor who owns a store we would shop there instead of his competition down the street we don’t have a relationship with. One way to generate more traffic, hence more sales, is to provide incentives to get people involved with you on social media. Monetary rewards or point system for just to mentioning the brand name or your company web site address is a great way to network. Maybe grant special offers on products for the regular precipitants of a blog. Small companies can get their name exposed without spending money they don’t have on traditional advertizing. Kind of like awhole bunch of personal endorsements. Mobile marketing through phone services can combine status updates with location,specials and/or events. We see the many ways that the social media technologies are fantastic resource to help increase income if incorporated properly into the company’s business model.
  • (Source)2012 SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING INDUSTRY REPORT)Social media’s superstars, maybe one’s business might go for the most exposure or the medium most adaptable to the business’ product line.Also, utilize the media(s) used the most by your customer demographics.
  • My concluding thoughts about marketing with the new social media technologies are this: Almost every young person under the age of 25 has grown up with their own Facebook page, texting their best friend, tweeting, sending out mobile alerts to all the ‘gang’ at once and even maintaining their own blog. A growing number of parents and grandparents have to learn the new ways of communication or they will never fully participate in their offspring’s lives.A business that ignores this fact, not fully taking advantage of these new mediums of communication available in this the new millennium, will probably cease to exist when the twenty something’s rule the world. How strange it is to see a horse and buggy plodding down a paved highway while planes fly by overhead and thousands of horseless carriages zoom past.
  • Imkt120 unit1 wilson_franklyn

    1. 1. (CONTENTS)1. WHY IS THE SOCIAL MEDIA THE FUTURE INSTRUMENT OF CUSTOMER RELATIONS FOR YOUR COMPANY?2. In house or outsourcing?3. How to boost income by taking advantage of the social media.4. The best technology venues to invest company recourses. ‘Where do I sign up?’5. Conclusion6. Bibliography
    2. 2. 1a WHY IS THE SOCIAL MEDIA THE FUTURE INSTRUMENT OF CUSTOMER RELATIONS FOR YOUR COMPANY?“Online companies that onlyhave a website to promotetheir business are equivalentto having a 4 cylinder car andrunning it only one cylinder”.A ‘Mint-minded’ Social Media MarketingAficionado. (continued)
    3. 3. 1bWHY IS THE SOCIAL MEDIA THE FUTURE INSTRUMENT OF CUSTOMER RELATIONS FOR YOUR COMPANY?Let us step out of the past and into the new horseless carriage.
    4. 4. 2 In house or outsourcing? ORShould We?
    5. 5. 3How to boost income by taking advantage of the social media. Mo’ Money
    6. 6. 4The best technology venues to invest company resources. ‘Where do I sign up?’
    7. 7. 5Conclusion
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