It's Time to Reimagine Work


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Globalization, generational shifts, new attitudes towards work and the consumerization of IT are driving business leaders to reconsider the best ways to recruit, train and manage their precious talent. These changes in the way people work are an opportunity to put employees at the center of the business strategy, create a destination for employee collaboration and mobilize talent to deliver bottom-line results. To create a work environment where employees are encouraged and given the resources to learn, share, be engaged in their work and perform at their very best.

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It's Time to Reimagine Work

  2. Whether you’re ready for it or not, the future of work is now. The new way of work is multi-generational, multi-geographical, multi-cultural, and location-agnostic and device-independent. Work-team and organizational structures have morphed into more matrixed (vs. hierarchical) arrangements.And people have different expectations of how, where and what they use to get their jobs done.The Millennials Are Coming!The Baby Boomers are starting to retire, Gen Xis getting ready to take the reins of leadership,and the much-ballyhooed Millennials are redefiningexpectations around careers, communicationand technology.Our Global, Multi-CulturalWorkplaceThe reach of modern business is ever-widening,the speed of information exchange is break-neckon a slow day, workplaces are more culturallydiverse than before and competition for productsis sharper than ever. How do your employees fit inthis new world order?WORK IS CHANGING…80millionestimated number of baby boomers whowill retire over the next 5 to 7 years171%of Millennials want and expect an overseasassignment during their career22
  3. The Consumerizationof the EnterpriseYour employees’ personal use of cloud, social andmobile technologies is setting new standards forthe devices and applications they want and expectto use on a daily basis to get their jobs done.And if you aren’t providing these things for them,they’ll find their own “non-companysanctioned” solutions.Any Time, Any Place,Any DeviceThe attitude about how to get work done hasbecome pretty simple: employees expect to be ableto work any time, any place and on any device.A side-effect of this is the blurring, rather thanbalancing, of work and personal life.60%of employees use a personaldevice for work360%of employees think they havethe right to work remotely witha flexible schedule43
  4. With this new way of work, organizations also have to come to terms with the fact that, to be ableto attract and retain the best talent at all levels, the closed-door, hierarchical thinking of the pastmust now give way to openness, transparency and focus on employee engagement. It requiresbeing more in tune with your employees’ wants and needs. Their demands are simple, really. Areyou listening? Here’s what they want.Continuous Training & Development… AND SO ARE THE NEEDS &ATTITUDES OF EMPLOYEES89%of Millennials think it isimportant to be constantlylearning at their job54
  5. Faster Career Progression Constant Feedback & RecognitionBlend of Work & Life Meaning & Connection to Work50%of working Millennials believe“switching jobs helps you climbthe corporate ladder faster”(versus 37% of baby boomers)680%of Millennials want regularfeedback from their boss750%Half of Millennials would rather haveno job than have a job they hate989%of Millennials want their workplaceto be social and fun, much more sothan baby boomers85
  6. Business is global, there are as many as four generations in the workplace, consumer technologiesare flooding the enterprise, and your employees have new demands and expectations about thevery nature of work itself. The future of work may be here, but the enterprise has some catching upto do. What are you going to do to meet these challenges headlong and make sure your businessstays competitive? It’s time to reimagine work.Empowering the Connected WorkforceThe rise of social, mobile and the cloud now means that, for many employees, their physical/mobile/virtual/Web workspaces have become inexorably intertwined. Many of us now work withcolleagues around the globe, some of whom we only rarely see face-to-face.The tools of the modern knowledge worker provide:Real-time communicationTelepresenceFile sharingProject and task managementTeam buildingDigital workspacesAnd so much more – all from anywhere inthe world, at any time of the day or night.IT’S TIME TO REIMAGINE WORK6
  7. Enabling a Dynamic WorkplaceAs long as people have gathered together in groups,it’s been challenging to make sure everyone hasthe right information at the right time. Today,organizations are employing social collaboration toolsto capture and repurpose the collective knowledge ofhundreds or thousands of employees, often scatteredaround the planet.It’s been reported that knowledge workers wastea third of their time looking for information andidentifying the right people with whom to talk. Theability to locate expertise when it’s needed mostdrives employee productivity and ensures thatpockets of critical information don’t lie hiddenaround the organization. The benefits of this kind ofinformation-sharing extend beyond the four walls ofthe business and out to customers and partners.Creating a Skills MarketplaceA key benefit of having better technology anddata about employees is the ability to developa skills marketplace that can be used to pulltogether people with very specific skills for task-and project-based teams. Organizations that canquickly pull together effective teams to tacklespecific business problems are inherently morenimble and competitive.Being able to develop such an internal skillsmarketplace requires good data about yourpeople. And the social and recruiting tools ofthe 21st century allow for just that – enabling anemployee to paint a more accurate picture of hisor her potential contribution and value to theorganization than has ever been possible throughthe traditional resume.41%of Millennials prefer to communicateelectronically at work rather than face toface or over the telephone107
  8. The right approach to talent management is as critical as ever to making sure that yourorganization is ready to support the new world of work. This means being ready to drive bottom-line business results by creating a work environment where employees are given the resources togrow, develop, collaborate and be engaged in their jobs in order to perform at their very best.Today’s integrated talent management solutions are moving well beyond HR automation andsimple transactions such as tracking training, checking off performance reviews and managingsuccession grids.Reimagine LearningLearning in the modern workplace isless about the theoretical learning ofuniversities and degrees and insteadis increasingly centered on “learningby doing” and learning from mentorsand colleagues (social learning).Reimagine learning as being part ofthe very fabric of work. It happens allthe time, it’s context-sensitive and,importantly, it helps employees bebetter at their jobs.Reimagine PerformanceCurrent sentiment seems to supportthe notion that the old-fashioned,end-of-year performance review (muchdreaded, seldom effective) is not thebest way to evaluate and reward realemployee contribution to your business.Reimagine performance as anongoing, collaborative process thatprovides real-time feedback, contextfor what work means, connections tomeaningful development activities andmore transparency.REIMAGINE TALENT MANAGEMENT8
  9. Reimagine RecruitingToday’s market for talent is a fluidone, with workers being askedto update their skills more oftenthan ever. And recruiting is no longera static or periodic event – 74%of workers are either activelysearching for a new job or opento new opportunities.11Reimagine the way your organizationsources and recruits new talent. Thisstarts with understanding the valueof social networks, referrals andinternal sourcing. The goal shouldbe using modern tools to forgedeeper relationships with the rightcandidates and building lasting valuefor employee and employer alike.Reimagine CollaborationIt’s time to break down the silosand connect employees to the rightknowledge, ideas and resourcesthey need to work smarter. Researchshows that companies that alreadyderive value from social business havecultures that tend to be more open tonew ideas and are more collaborativethan other companies.12Reimagine what productivity really isby giving employees a single, unifieduser profile that becomes the hub ofall of their activity in the talent system.Enable collaboration, networking, andsharing of materials and informationacross job functions, teams and timezones. And fuse communication andcollaboration into one streamlined flowof work in a way that more intrinsicallyaligns content and context better thanstand-alone tools.9
  10. Cornerstone OnDemand:Talent Management Software ReimaginedCornerstone OnDemand is elevating the concept of what talent management software can do for yourbusiness. We put employees at the center of the strategy, providing them with a one-stop, collaborativedestination where meaningful work gets done and where they have easy, convenient access to the resourcesand information they need, across multiple devices. And our cloud is the catalyst that brings it all to life.Find out how we can help your organization empower the connected workplace, enable any time/anywherework, create a skills marketplace and facilitate the ways that work really gets done today.Visit us at PWC, “Talent Mobility: 2020 and Beyond”2 PWC, “Talent Mobility: 2020 and Beyond”3 Gartner, “Bring your own device: the facts and the future” April 20134 Cisco, “Connected World Technology Report”, 20115 MTV “No Collar Worker” Survey, November 20116 MTV “No Collar Worker” Survey, November 20117 MTV “No Collar Worker” Survey, November 20118 MTV “No Collar Worker” Survey, November 20119 MTV “No Collar Worker” Survey, November 201110 PWC, “Millennials at work: Reshaping the Workplace,” 201211 Career Builder, 2012 Candidate Behavior Study12 Deloitte/MIT Sloan Management Review, “Social Business:What are companies really doing?” 201210© 2013 Cornerstone OnDemand, Inc. All Rights Reserved. csod-Insight1-5/2013