WITNext Summercamp Young Talent Challenge


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WITNext Summercamp Young Talent Challenge

  1. 1. What is the one thing that the travelindustry must do to inspire, motivate and retain young talent? ___________________
  2. 2. “Business case competition for the“Better Leadership.” travel industry.” “Make the industry family friendly.”“Make my dreams come true!” “Put the glamour back into travel.”“Let me see the output of my work.” “Provide the best quality services.”“Celebrate Success!” “I want to make people happy.”“Share knowledge.” “I want to work from a moving office –“Celebrate Failure.” like a ship!”“Get to know your staff.” “Cultural exchange in our jobs.”“Reward the intangibles.” “Pan-industry knowledge exchange.”“Give opportunities to grow.” “I want to eat food from different places.”“Have a sense of mission, share thebigger picture!” “Share on more platforms.”“Flatter Hierarchy.” “Learn new languages.”“Forced Sabbatical.” “Helping the less fortunate travel and learn.”“Show empathy.” “Young newcomers share.”“Structured mentorship.” “Sharing stories, experiences, videos“Give me shares!” etc…”“Senior management to do front line “Set your own pay.”roles once a year.” “Offer a trip to space.”“Have access to experiencedmanagement for inspiration, advice “Have local university degreesand mentoring.” specialising in travel.”“Create memorable experiences.” “Let me explore.”“Share the travel experience.” “I want to feel different.”“Facilitate travelling to a greater “Training in different positions.”extent.” “Work that is impactful to many and“Being able to meet a lot of people.” meaningful.”
  3. 3. “Saving the earth.” “Managing events.”“See the company GROW.”“Give me a chance to learn about the “International Contacts.”world.” “Room to achieve personal goals.”“Socialise with different people.” “Exposure to new countries.”“I love different languages.” “Epiphany…[picture of an angel]”“Learning about different cultures.” “Mentorship”“Challenge working with different “Personal Development.”people.” “Training and Development.”“Knowing my job helps people aroundthe world.” “Recognition.”“No judging.” “Sponsored Holidays and Reward Trips.”“Be flexible.” “Good Food.”“Allow us to try new things.” “Caring Bosses.”“Make it fun.” “Approachable leaders and mentors“Make it so I get to try new technology Engagement.”first.” “Ability to meet new people.”“Give us an opportunity to travel.” “Hands-on.”“Good food.” “Immersion and Experiential“Employment even when economy is Rewards.”not travel friendly.” “Helping and Guidance.”“Allow social media at work.” “Overseas incentive trips.”“A social cause that we all care aboutpersonally.” “Changing the workplace.”“Make guests smile.” “Nature = Adventure.”“Make us feel that we are part of a “Money.”team that does not look down on theyoung.” “Work-Life Harmony.“Private Jets!!” “Part of Company Goals.”
  4. 4. “Empowerment.”“Ideas being heard in the company.” “Rotate through departments.”“Group Dynamics. “Beautiful pictures to flaunt on“Recognition!” Facebook.”“Welfare.” “Travel.”“Make mistakes.” “Work-Life Balance.”“Meet world leaders.” “Receiving compliments from the people I serve.”“Siew Hoon Clones.” “Encouragement, recognition and“Ability to show your talent and ideas.”abilities to others.” “Attend travel conferences worldwide.”“Achieving your goals.” “To be able to share my experiences“Making expats’ families feel at home with my grandchildren.”when they are in Singapore.” “Engagement on social networks.”“Take the opportunity to be free and tobe yourself.” “Encourage healthy competition.”“Share creativity and expose others to “Fun environment.”new ideas.” “Learn from the world and see myself“Brainstorming sessions frequently as grow.”well as sharing inspiration & stories.” “To be taken seriously.”“Innovation.” “Encourage new ideas.”“Management training programmes.Bring laughter and happiness to all “Opportunities to travel to new andkids in the world.” growing destinations.”“Friendships in the workplace. “To see different ways of thinking.”Bring revenue to yourself and theworkplace.” “Multiple Roles.”“Different cultural lifestyle and “Pairing youngsters with goodlanguages.” mentors.”“Many possible advancement “Inspired to be challenged.”opportunities.” “Give them equal opportunity.”
  5. 5. “Sell future career opportunities.”“To travel to experience new cultures& hopefully make a difference in third “Massage room.”world countries.”“Travel for insights.” “Idea Jams.” “20% of time to randomness.”“Expand to space travel.” “Promoting special interest groups.”“Outline work to be like the amazingrace.” “Encourage new projects.”“Retreat to the moon.” “Work on your own ideas days.”“World without strangers.” “Regular fun stuff together.”“Freedom of speech.” “Work is serious fun.”“Benefits!” “Sharing openly.”“Significance.” “Monthly sharing sessions.”“Opportunities.” “Embrace cultural differences.”“Tea and Coffee Breaks.” “Home country public holidays.”“Building friendship.” “Sports every week.”“Jet Packs.” “Fantastic party/snack bar.”“Meeting sexy people.” “Unlimited alcohol (once a month).”“Bring your pet day.” “Opportunity to make decisions.”“Fancy dress Fridays.” “Birthday bonus.”“Paid mobile, free iPad, widgets and “Autonomy.”gadgets.” “To be able to work with people“BBQ pit.” around the world at the same time. To work in a space above or under the“Free Gym.” water.”“Work Place Child Care.” “Work at the north or south pole. Let them be themselves.”“Work from home is OK.” “Working to help others in developing“Passion and Innovation Day.” countries.”
  6. 6. “Invent a tele-porter to travel around “Office inside a dirigible balloon.”the world.” “Ask young talent how we like to“Develop a culture of travelling and travel.”working.”“Build a travel foundation for poor and “Always be on the latest trends.”inspire the young.” “Work from home.”“A plane of my own.” “Opportunities to try other jobs.”“To have your own comfort zone.” “[Xmas tree picture??]”“I want a rocket to travel to space.” “Give them lots of leave.”“Looking cool.” “Make a difference.”“Endless overseas travel.” “Listen.”“The chance to excite our friends.” “Free Beer.”“Networking opportunities with the “Let us do what we’re good at. Listenbig boys.” to what they say their talents are.”“Nag Free.” “Community and Collaborate.”“Free will.” “Growth Opportunities.”“Mentoring.” “Find ways to communicate travel to younger people.”“Community involvement.” “Ask us what we don’t like.”“Being creative.” “Use social media to improve work“A camera that will capture every efficiency.”moment in the world.” “Random diverse tasks.”“Passion and Profession Merger.” “Bottom up leadership working“Share the profits.” environment.”“Room to innovate.” “Appreciate and listen to our weird ideas.”“Provide scholarships for travelmanagement.” “Funny cosy working environment. Ask us what we don’t like. ““Flexible working hours.Incentive Trips.” “Guest speakers during company events.”
  7. 7. “Give them challenging projects todo.”“Free contraception.”“Remove politics.”“Bring my dog to work.”“Give time to be a traveller beforecoming a travel consultant.”“Craft the job to the person not theperson to the job.”“Give them challenging projects todo.”“Be CEO for the day.”“Regular pat on the back.”“Family day.”“Celebrate individuality.”“Achievable fair KPIs.”“Show people how they fit into thebigger picture.”