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T-System's RevCycle+, the next generation of ED coding & billing.
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T-System's RevCycle+, the next generation of ED coding & billing.


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RevCycle+™ from T-System provides sophisticated technology with unparalleled client services -- and T-System is the only company with the depth and breadth of experience and expertise across the …

RevCycle+™ from T-System provides sophisticated technology with unparalleled client services -- and T-System is the only company with the depth and breadth of experience and expertise across the entire emergency department (ED) process.

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  • Today over 1900 hospital based EDs reply on our paper or electronic documentation solutions to drive their EDThis large customer base gives us thousands of feedback every year which allows us to keep our content up to date and continuously refreshed with best practices.We serve our customers out of 4 offices… Dallas is our corporate office and where we do all of the R&D work. Our Revenue Cycle customers are supported out of regional offices on the west coast, east coast, and Kansas City
  • That’s who we are as a company and we are focused on being the best we can be in emergency medicine, or what we call as “unscheduled care”Our strategy is to provide a complete closed loop solution for unscheduled care-- from the point where the patient at home is not feeling well and decides they need care, to the point where they either return home or are transferred to some other care giver, to where the providers and hospitals get paid, and all the handoffs and processes in between.Today we have products and services that cover the entire emergency care process…
  • Transcript

    • 1. RevCycle+™The next generation of coding and billing
    • 2. • Dallas, TX• HQ, clinical contentand R&D COE• Williamsburg, VA• East physicianrevenue cycle COE• Kansas City, MO• Facility coding COE• Cerritos, CA• West physicianrevenue cycleCOE• 39M+ patients each year• Clinical, workflow and revenuecycle solutionsT-System is everywhere emergency medicine is practiced.
    • 3. Solutions For Entire ED Care Process3Notification,handoff andchart accessPCP referrals,care plans andpatient transition managementPDI, eRxfollow-upUtilizationreviewProfessional,facility, CPT,observation, ICDPOS collections, chargecapture, billing, denials,collectionsPatient access,Published wait times,pre-notificationTracking, triage,charting, orders,admit, transfer,optimization
    • 4. 4• Little automation• Slower processing• Accuracy relies on skill ofthe individual coder or biller• Limited performancetransparency• Lack of education toprovidersToday, outsourced services are often performedas they would have been 20 years ago.
    • 5. 5On average, EDs are only collecting 27% ofcharges and patient responsibility and self paypatients are increasing.Identity &InsuranceVerificationPre-registrationRegistrationChargeCaptureCheck-Out CodingClaimsProcessingPostServicePaymentsCollectionsPatient access Billing & collectionsCollections
    • 6. Percentage of Covered Workers Enrolled in a High-Deductible PlanNote: These estimates include workers enrolled in HDHP/SO and other plan types. Because we do not collect information on the attributes ofconventional plans, to be conservative, we assumed that workers in conventional plans do not have a deductible of $1,000 or more. Because ofthe low enrollment in conventional plans, the impact of this assumption is minimal. Average general annual health plan deductibles for PPOs,POS plans, and HDHP/SOs are for in-network services.Source: Kaiser/HRET Survey of Employer-Sponsored Health Benefits, 2006-2011.High-deductible plans are on the rise – estimated70% of US employers in 2013.
    • 7. T-System is Transforming the ProcessAutomating manualprocess for improvedefficiency and fewererrorsReal-time performancevisibility to identifyareas of potentialimprovementClient service expertisesuch as ongoingprovider training, payercontract negotiationand credentialing7RevCycle+™
    • 8. | RevCycle+™8Electronic eligibilityverification;claims, denial, aging andcollections management;A/RAdvanced coding withmedical decisionmaking calculatorPOS collectionPatient responsibility & collections optimization, credentialing,contract management, documentation training, compliance+ Expert client services+ Real-time visibility+ Advanced technologyT-System clients increase collections by $10-30 per patient visit$500,000 to $1.5 million per year.
    • 9. Advancing the Coding Process withTechnology9Audit reportDetails how a level of servicewas calculated• Decrease the subjectivityof code choice• Create a defensible auditreportWant to know how manycharts had no social history?RC+ can report byprovider, by date, or othercriteriaReportable dataMDM calculation• CT, lab, MRI, and more• Utilization data byproviderOngoing Q/A• Clinically trained codersmaintain consistency &accuracyRegulatory changes, ICD-10expertise, payer guidelines
    • 10. Bringing Collections ManagementSophistication to the ED10Predict patientpropensity to paybased on historical,local dataTailor resources andcommunication tomaximize collectionsEstimate & collectpatient payment up front1) 2) 3)• Customize payment options• Calculate real-time eligibility,copay & deductible• Capture patient satisfaction• iPad enabled• Define patient communicationplans, timing & methods• Improve patient engagementthrough specific activities• Reduce risk of inappropriatecollection activity
    • 11. Providing Real-time PerformanceVisibility11• Real-time data• Easy-to-use web interface• Drilldown, decomposition, andmore for analysis at alllevels of data• Standard reporting pack• Security features to specifyaccess by log-in
    • 12. Delivering an Expert Level of Service• Performance monitoring and proactiveidentification of issues• Ongoing physician training including ICD-10training for providers, scribes, mid-levels• Legal/compliance support• Credentialing• Contract negotiation• Regulatory change monitoring12T-System knows theED – and providesservice beyond justcoding & billing30+ years of experiencein clinical, revenue cycleand operational EDmanagement
    • 13. 503-8899Contact us today for a free assessment.