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WTF Should we do on Twitter. How the hospitality industry can enjoy their stay on social media
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WTF Should we do on Twitter. How the hospitality industry can enjoy their stay on social media


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How the hospitality industry can enjoy their stay on social media

How the hospitality industry can enjoy their stay on social media

Published in: Business

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  • 1. WTF SHOULD WEDO ON TWITTER?HOW THE HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY CANENJOY THEIR STAY ON SOCIAL MEDIAServiceforum Norsk HotellhøgskoleStavanger # 17 March 2011 # Cor Hospes
  • 2. Clients: Hotels, foodbrands, restaurants.
  • 3. Hospes means host,innkeeper and landlord.(and yes, in Spain they named a hotel chain after me)
  • 4. Pleasealso have look at LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook
  • 5. What do youdo online?
  • 6. Relevant content. News.Added value. Entertainment
  • 7. Relevant content.Added Value. News. Entertainment.
  • 8. Social media?
  • 9. ‘Platforms that faciliate conversations.’‘Platforms for and by people where they sharestories, knowledge and (product) experiences.’
  • 10. It’s just a medium.
  • 11. Social media is for and by people.
  • 12. From consuming content...
  • 13. ...To creating content
  • 14. Media are democratized.Everyone its own channel.Everybody is an author.
  • 15. Writing, filming and sayingwhat you want. Feelings, recommendations, adventures, knowledge,complaints, whatever and whenever you want
  • 16. - 2/3 of the world visit social media- 34% of all bloggers writes about brands / products / services- 8% of all consumers make a video about a brand and place it on sites like YouTube
  • 17. 78% trust tips fromtheir friends
  • 18. 14% trust advertising
  • 19. ING Report: Hotel industry and social media2011: “Approximately 3/4 of all guests usedinternet as a reference when looking for aroom. Reviews on sites like are therefore more and moreimportant for hotels.”
  • 20. ING Report: “American research shows that2/3 of travellers are being influenced byonline reviews. Online reviews are even moreimportant than the location of the hotels.”
  • 21. WTF!
  • 23. 6% talks about brands online.
  • 24. Offline conversations aboutbrands are among five people. Online conversations are followed by thousands. And it is forever on the Web.
  • 25. How can you ensure thatpeople talk about you?
  • 26. GIVE people something to talk about.
  • 27. Social media = giveSocial media = shareExperience, knowledge, stories, information, news..
  • 28. “We should stop selling products. And start telling stories.”
  • 29. Pointpeopleto yourdoor
  • 30. How?
  • 31. Strategy.Who, what, why and how
  • 32. ‘You must unlearn what you have learned.’– Yoda, Star Wars IV
  • 33. Business as usualis over
  • 34. Sending advertisements doesn’t belong on social media. Then you’re nothuman, but an advertiser.Advertising messages are not conversations.
  • 35. Start dialogue. Ask questions. Be honest. Be personal.Help with questions/problems/complaints. Show empathy.
  • 36. Social media is about talking WITH and notabout talking TO people.
  • 37. Half of European consumerswould love to work withcompanies- 45% want to help with advertising campaigns- 53% like to develop new products- 66% like to give feedback on new products(Source: Insites Consulting)
  • 38. Involving people means more(brand) commitment and(brand) loyalty.
  • 39. - 3,000,000 members- November 9, 2010: 100,000 ideas- 100 of these ideas executed. Alike: Starbucks VIP card, free coffee for Gold Card members on their birthday, and free morning coffee when you purchase a bag of coffee beans- Starbucks collects information about what their customers find valuable- Openness. Critics have every opportunity to respond- No selling. But sharing a passion called Starbucks(see also: ABN Amro Blackboard, Nokia Beta Labsand Dell Idea Storm)
  • 40. Buzz is the driverof the contenteconomy.
  • 41. On Facebook you’ll find worldwide 30 billion posts with news, web links,photographs, thoughts, blog posts etc. Each month.On Twitter 50 million tweets. Each day.
  • 42. 70% of social media users only watchand listen. So make sure that therest will pick up your content.
  • 43. Be relevant,be interesting.
  • 44. Withoutrelevance, noresonance
  • 45. How can hotels berelevant online?
  • 46. Be an authority.
  • 47. Be social.Social media are not called social media for free
  • 48. Show your The more Contens isauthority. relevant about your content you speciality. post, the more traffic you get. Blog is about you.
  • 49. Facebook is a hangoutfor your friends.
  • 50. Don’t talk about yourself, talk to your friends.What do they like? What are their interests? Make custome made content for them.Ask for their dominions. Share interesing linksand news. Give tips on how they can use your products the best. Provide added value.
  • 51. No talking logoson Twitter
  • 52. AEGON Tweetbanket.One hour around actual theme with amongstothers 1000 followers. 50 to 80 questions addressed
  • 53. #tweekendaway or #tweekaway
  • 54. Don’t send a tweet, give a tweet.
  • 55. “Don’t speak unless it improves the silence.” – Buddha
  • 56. Share experiences of yourcustomers.- Talk with them in the lobby or hotel bar.- If they aren’t already sharing their photos and stories on social media, encourage them to do so or do it for them.- Ask for a review while they check-out
  • 57. Six chances
  • 58. 1. Extend your concierge online
  • 59. 2. Action
  • 60. 3. Customer Service
  • 61.
  • 62. $ 3,500 guitar broken during flight United AirlinesAfter 9 months of negotiations, yet no solution- Video on YouTube with song: 9,000,000 views (June 2010). Top 10 virals 2009- Media jumped on it. United dropped 10% on stockmarket (cost $ 180,000,000)- Finally apology United. Airline paid for guitar- Tens of thousands of reactions with United- horror stories- Song #1 in iTunes Music Store, week after release- Singer wellknow speaker on customer service. During a flight with United his luggage, yes...
  • 63. Dell Hell
  • 64. 4. Last minute deals for fans/followers
  • 65. 5. Involveyourfollowers
  • 66. 6. Attrack non-guests
  • 67. Create new conversations from a new audience.Locals who don’t stay at your hotel but areattracted by your restaurant. They can also talkabout you and spread awareness to get your coretarget market.
  • 68. Roger SmithHotel saw a32% increasein food andbeverage salesdue to engagingin social mediato draw inthis secondaryaudience.
  • 69. 7. #Events
  • 70. #Twitterlunch
  • 71. No reply
  • 72. Open thatdoor!
  • 73. HM, R&D, PR, Sales,Marketingcommunication: social media team with social media manager/ contentmanager
  • 74. 9 rules
  • 75. 1. Listen
  • 76. 2. Give (relevance/added value)
  • 77. 3. Let go
  • 78. 4.REIResearch, Experiment, Integrate
  • 79. 5. Tell
  • 80. 6. Maintain
  • 81. 7. Sweat
  • 82. 8. Passion
  • 83. 9. Be human
  • 84. Not a lifesaver
  • 85. Social media is an amplyfier.
  • 86. :=x
  • 87. Social capital
  • 88. Social mediais not about- Tools- Create profiles- Blogs/Profiles polluted with irrelevant content
  • 89. Social media is an empathic way to buildbridges between your company and brandand your audience, customers and followers.
  • 90. And social media is about addingvalue to social platforms where you want to have conversations
  • 91. BE. ADD. GET.- Who are you, where do you stand for?- What’s your added value- Get buzz and ultimately sales
  • 92. “Hospitality is a people business. People should be the focus. Not spreadsheets and hard selling. It’s about long term strategy. Not about a short ‘bang your buck’ strategy.” - Brian Simpson, Director Digital Media Vikram Chatwal Hotels, NYC)
  • 93. Social media startsonline. Goes on offline. Continue IRL the conversation.
  • 94. ROI meansReturn On Ignoring
  • 95. What’s the difference between a guest whoenters your hotel through your front doorand a guest who enters your hotel throughsocial media?
  • 96. “Doing nothing with social media is no longer an option.”
  • 97. !"#$%&
  • 98. Thank you foryour attention