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Guerrillamarketing. From marginal to mainstream
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Guerrillamarketing. From marginal to mainstream


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How and why guerrilla marketing evolves from marginal to mainstream. Plus a new international definition.

How and why guerrilla marketing evolves from marginal to mainstream. Plus a new international definition.

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  • I love the stunts as much of the next guy. But Guerrilla Marketing is much more then the stunt. It's about planned action, consistant action that gets trackable results. Read the books. Get past the stunts. (don't give them up...They are fun and can get the attention you need).

    The stunts are a piece of the puzzle and with any puzzle you can't get the result (whole picture) with only one piece.
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  • 1. guerrilla marketingFrom marginalto mainstreamby Cor Hospes / tsjee.Com
  • 2. • 2/3 world population visit online networks• 34% of bloggers write about brands/products/ services• 78% trust tips from their friends. only 14% relate on advertisement (18% of traditional advertising generate roi)
  • 3. “We shouldn’t sell products, but tell stories”
  • 4. storytelling
  • 5. How can you ensurepeople will talk about you?
  • 6. give consumers something to talk about.
  • 7. guerrilla marketing
  • 8. the 6 criteria ofguerrilla marketing1. be original2. be unexpected and unpredictable. Complete surprise3. Create adequate coverage and increase this by buzz or editorial attention. Don’t forget your camera4. be relevant. translate your core values/value proposition to your desired target audience. or translate an insight meaningfully/relevantly to target audience5. be at the right moment and the right place. adapt to current news, events or product launch6. be sympathetic. Wow effect
  • 9. 1. original?2. unexpected and unpredictable?3. Coverage and buzz?4. relevant?5. right moment right place?6. Wow?
  • 10. guerrilla marketing is a relevant hit-and-run adattack. at an unexpected moment and place.
  • 11. “a strategic, original and relevant advertising attack at an unpredictable moment with an unforgettable wow-effect that creates sympathy around a brand, point of view, service or product to the right audience”
  • 12. impact• use unconventional media channels• use conventional media channels in a unconventional way
  • 13.
  • 14.!
  • 15.
  • 16.
  • 17. techniques
  • 18. adapt to the news brand utility outdoor installation mystify Hoax old school with impact stickers bag bus stop
  • 19. adapt tothe news
  • 20. brand utility
  • 21. mystify
  • 22.
  • 23.
  • 24. outdoor
  • 25. bag
  • 26. installation
  • 27.
  • 28. bus stop
  • 29. Hoax
  • 30.
  • 31.
  • 32. stickers
  • 33. “you’re here cause you don’t have a tomtom”
  • 34. only guerrilla ban: “thou shalt not put stickers on people’s cars”
  • 35.
  • 36. you can explain a guerrilla action in one sentence. the picture directly tells the underlying action.
  • 37. sympathetic?
  • 38. “suckers! i fly to madrid for only 49 euro”“Haha! i fly to barcelona for only 51 euro” “and back to amsterdam again for the same price”
  • 39. okay. guerrilla marketing can be cheap!
  • 40. real guerrilla:Fighting yourcompetitors
  • 41. Why do you want a guerrilla? What is the purpose? is guerrilla the drug?
  • 42. Core guerrilla marketing translate your brand value/value proposition meaningfully/relevantly to your target audience
  • 43. or: what’s the insight? and translate thatmeaningfully/relevantly to your target audience
  • 44. guerrilla roadmap
  • 45. 1. Where is my target audience?2. Where can i attack them?3. Visit these places. Watch and take photos4. Find the idea
  • 46. everything/everybody can be a communication channel. important: How do i stay original, unexpected andunpredictable. online/offline.
  • 47. be sure to provideguerrilla effect. impact!
  • 48.
  • 49.
  • 50.
  • 51. prejudicesguerrilla marketing• Help! What if the action turns out wrong• only for the young and wild• For brands with little money. they must use their marketing budget more wisely• stunt. just for extra fun• pre-announce• i can’t measure the effect• annoyance• inexpensive
  • 52. Courage!
  • 53. summary
  • 54. media landscape is changing
  • 55. From web to app
  • 56. From campaigns to 24/7
  • 57. From mass to 1-to-1 message
  • 58. From passive recipients toactive receivers / pacesetters (interactive) communication
  • 59. From experience to meaning meaningful status / identity emotional Functional economic
  • 60. From interruptive to permissivecommunication.advertising that adsvalue to people’s lives.advertising that peoplechoose to engage with (benefits,entertainment, brand utility, apps, relevant events,relevance, stories, wow!)
  • 61. From sending to serving
  • 62. Consumers no longer believe in advertising.they have a bullshit radar. brands must beauthentic, transparent, honest, yes, human.
  • 63. guerrilla marketing standsfor no bullshit. because it’s...1. authentic2. permissive3. Fun/entertaining4. relevant/meaningful5. strategic
  • 64. stunt
  • 65. trenD: guerrilla marketingdevelops from (only) beingentertaining towards beinggood/relevant/meaningful.
  • 66. guerrillero’s must also dosomething good for the locals.otherwise they get no food inthe jungle or get betrayed bythem. Doing something good isinherent to guerrilla and thusguerrilla marketing.
  • 67. trenD: more and more guerrillamarketing will be on the net
  • 68.
  • 69.
  • 70.
  • 71.
  • 72.
  • 73.
  • 74. shoot!