Richter family genealogy


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Richter family genealogy

  1. 1. Richter Family GenealogyWack Family Laura Daniels Section Family
  2. 2. Wack Family
  3. 3. Loyola Alice Daniels (2) Edward and Birth August 9th 1925 in Brighton, WI Married June 26th 1948 in Brighton, WI Loyola Wack Death January 24th 1996Edward Wack Birth 26th 1924 in Harvey, ND Children Date of Birth Death June 22nd 1984 Linda Joan (3) July 15th 1949 Craig Jerome (3) April 15th 1952 Marty Wendolyn (3) March 5th 1957 Karen Marlene (3) March 7th 1958 Darla Jean (3) October 12th 1963
  4. 4. Linda Joan Wack (3) Bruce and Birth July 15th 1949 in Kenosha, WI Linda Married June 19th 1972 in Salem, WI FeldkampBruce Allen Feldkamp Birth October 21st 1946 in Kenosha, WI Children Date of Birth Christopher George November 20th 1975 Tracy Lynn November 17th 1977 Casey Christina January 30th 1980
  5. 5. Christopher George Feldkamp (4) Birth November 20th 1975 in Christopher Death Kenosha, WI September 3rd 1985 and Tracy FeldkampTracy Lynn Feldkamp (4) Birth November 17th 1977 in Kenosha, WI Death March 22nd 1980 Gone, but not forgotten, although we are apart , God has you in his keeping, we have you in our hearts
  6. 6. Casey Christina Feldkamp (4) Birth January 30th 1989 Casey Feldkamp Children Date of Birth Connor Christopher May 8th 2008
  7. 7. Connor Christopher Shellman (5) Birth May 8th 2008 in Kenosha, WI Connor Shellmen
  8. 8. Craig Jerome Wack (3) Birth April 15th 1952 in Kenosha, Craig and Married WI April 19th 1980 in Brighton, Stephanie WI WackStephanie Ann Jandula Birth August 13th 1959 Children Date of Birth Dana Jean October 28th 1980 Corey Edward November 18th 1983
  9. 9. Dana Jean Wack (4) Birth October 28th 1980 in Kenosha, WI Anthony and Married June 3rd 2006 in Lake Geneva, WI Dana MetzgerAnthony Metzger Birth August 21 1976 in Burlington, WI Children Date of Birth Mason Anthony January 10th 2008 Myles Craig April 27th 2011
  10. 10. Mason Antony Metzger (5) Birth January 10th 2006 in Burlington, WI Mason Metzger
  11. 11. Myles Craig Metzger (5) Birth April 27th 2011 in Burlington, WI Myles Metzger
  12. 12. Corey Edward Wack (4) Birth November 18th 1983 in Kenosha, WI Corey Wack
  13. 13. Wack Family
  14. 14. Marty Wendolyn Wack (3) Birth March 5th 1957 in Kenosha, Married May 18 WI th 1985 in Twin Marty and Michelle Wack Lakes, WIMichelle Champeau Birth May 11th 1964 in Milwaukee, WI Children Date of Birth Nathan Edward August 4th 1983 Jocelyn Marie May 20th 1986 Allison Marie May 4th 1989
  15. 15. Nathan Edward Wack (4) Birth August 4th 1983 in Nathan and Married Milwaukee, WI November 19th 2011 in Courtney Wack Milwaukee, WICourtney Braun Birth February 12th 1982 Children Date of Birth Xander Kenneth August 4th 2012 Wack
  16. 16. Xander Wack (5) Birth August 4th 2012 in Milwaukee, WI Xander Kenneth Wack
  17. 17. Jocelyn Marie Wack (4) Birth May 20th 1986 in Kenosha, WI Jocelyn Wack
  18. 18. Allison Marie Wack (4) Birth May 4th 1989 in Kenosha, WI Allison Wack
  19. 19. Karen Marlene Wack (3) Birth March 5th 1957 in Kenosha, WI Married (Divorced) May 18th 1985 in Twin Lakes, WI Karen WackAllan Zirbel Birth June 16th 1956 in Kenosha, WI Children Date of Birth Chirissa Debra Lynn July 28th 1994 Chad William September 23rd 1999
  20. 20. Chirissa Debra Lynn Zirbel (4) Chirissa Birth July 28th 1994 in Kenosha, WI Zirbel
  21. 21. Chad William Zirbel (4) Birth September 23rd 1999 in Kenosha, WI Chad Zirbel
  22. 22. Darla Jean Wack (3) Birth September 12th 1963 in Kenosha, WI Darla Wack and Gail KernGail Kern Partners for 26 years Birth July 30th 1961 in Kenosha, WI Darla and Gail’s Story Darla and Gail met on a basketball court. Darla was out of shape and needed a substitute. Darla’s coach would not put any subs in and when Darla had a break, while waiting for a teammate to shoot free throw, Gail got the courage to talk to Darla. Later Gail and Darla dated fell in love, but realized that spending their lives together in the 80’s and early 90’s would be private. Later when society realize that gay couples were valuable contributors and not something to fear, Darla and Gail were able to be able to be comfortable with their love and devotion to one another. They hope and pray that that every young person/couple will feel free to be themselves in their own skin. Darla respects and admires her parents and siblings in their help in shaping her into the person she is. Darla will forever be grateful for the unconditional love and respect that her family has shown Gail and her.