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Ken Ashley's March 8th program presentation.

Ken Ashley's March 8th program presentation.

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  • 1. Watering the SeedsGrow Your Business/Career & Differentiate Yourself in 2012 Copyright 2012 Ken Ashley #CoreNetAtlanta #wateringtheseeds
  • 2. Social Media #CoreNetAtlanta / #wateringtheseedsCHALLENGE□ How can we think differently today?□ How can we innovate?□ How do YOU differentiate?□ How do you communicate in 2012 & beyond?□ Are you making adjustments to your business/career?
  • 3. Social Media #CoreNetAtlanta / #wateringtheseedsMY SOCIAL MEDIA STORY□ Joined Twitter March 2009□ 2010 New Years Resolution: Blog & “do social media” – Just Do It.□ Read other CRE blogs for ideas & style□ Setup LinkedIn & got started in the brave new world
  • 4. Social Media #CoreNetAtlanta / #wateringtheseedsMETRICS□ 2+ Years□ Blog: ~25,000 Hits with 125 Subscribers□ Twitter: 1,815 Followers & 2,850 Tweets□ LinkedIn: 1,250 Connections□ Atlanta Business Chronicle Blogger□ Blog featured as an industry blog on
  • 5. Social Media #CoreNetAtlanta / #wateringtheseedsYOUR RETURN ON INVESTMENT Value CostRelationships TimeIntroductions & Exposure FocusDifferentiate Trends &Information
  • 6. Social Media #CoreNetAtlanta / #wateringtheseedsMY BRAND
  • 7. Social Media #CoreNetAtlanta / #wateringtheseedsMY SOCIAL MEDIA VOICESpeak to Corporate Executives, especially CFO’s□ Busy/Stressed□ Full of FUD (fear, uncertainty, & doubt)□ Not interested in academic CRE updates□ Need to know the headlines & trends□ Pop culture envelope makes information fun to consume
  • 8. Social Media #CoreNetAtlanta / #wateringtheseedsHUMANIZE YOUR BRANDPeople do business with people with common interests.
  • 9. Social Media #CoreNetAtlanta / #wateringtheseedsC O N T E N T M A R K E T I N G WO R K S 14% 76%Trust Traditional Trust Word of Mouth Advertising Recommendation Social Media is Word of Mouth on Steroids Source: Eric Qualman, Socialnomics
  • 10. Social Media #CoreNetAtlanta / #wateringtheseedsPICK THE RIGHT TOOLS TO COMMUNICATE Hundreds of tools…
  • 11. Social Media #CoreNetAtlanta / #wateringtheseedsHUB & SPOKE MODEL Blog Content
  • 12. Social Media #CoreNetAtlanta / #wateringtheseeds50% OF CONVERSATION IS LISTENING
  • 13. Social Media #CoreNetAtlanta / #wateringtheseedsLISTENING□ Google Alerts for clients/colleagues□ LinkedIn updates□ Google News□ Flipboard□ Follow CRE blogs & Twitter□ Facebook
  • 14. Social Media #CoreNetAtlanta / #wateringtheseeds50% OF CONVERSATION IS TALKING
  • 15. Social Media #CoreNetAtlanta / #wateringtheseeds WHAT DO I SHARE?MY 4 CORNERS Positive Economic News/ News Management Consulting Macro Technology CRE News Creative Entertaining Positive
  • 16. Social Media #CoreNetAtlanta / #wateringtheseeds7 THINGS YOU CAN DO1. Google yourself and set alert2. Define your online brand and who you’re talking to3. Build content rich profiles (LinkedIn)4. Set frequency (when) and pace (how much). Be consistent.5. Build a network of industry contacts you never had access to or knew about before – both locally and globally6. Double your real world shoe leather7. Have funFail Forward. Fail Fast. Fail Better. – Eric Qualman
  • 17. Social Media #CoreNetAtlanta / #wateringtheseedsYOUR FUTURE CLIENT/COLLEAGUE
  • 18. Social Media #CoreNetAtlanta / #wateringtheseedsC O N N E C T WI T H M EKen Ashley CCIM, MCR, SIORCushman & WakefieldPhone: (404) 853-5325Email: ken.ashley@cushwake.comBlog: http://commercialtenantresource.wordpress.comTwitter: @kenashleyLinkedIn: Kenashley