CoreLink Data Centers, LLC Company Overview


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CoreLink Data Centers, headquartered in Chicago, IL, is a leading data center hosting and managed services provider of critical infrastructure services delivered on a "state of the art," robust and environmentally friendly technology platform.

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  • In addition if a prospective client is interested in reviewing our financial statements  we will explore and provide if: NDA is fully executedUtilize attached deck first to discussThe client has demonstrated commitment to decision process.  (toured facility, requested pricing and engaged in due diligence)The prospective client commits to a discussion regarding the financials with Jay ( We won’t just send over without interaction and discussion)  *****Ensure that we are providing Jay with updated information regarding the opportunity in SalesForce- Who is client, What business are they in, what is the solution we are proposing, provide client hot buttons.
  • CoreLink Data Centers, LLC Company Overview

    1. 1. CoreLink Data Centers, LLCCompany Overview<br />1<br />
    2. 2. CoreLink Overview<br /><ul><li>Seasoned developers and operators of 5 Data Centers in four locations in the US:
    3. 3. Chicago
    4. 4. Phoenix
    5. 5. Las Vegas
    6. 6. Seattle
    7. 7. Combined square feet under operations of approximately ~175,000 SF
    8. 8. Experienced senior management team combining backgrounds from Terremark, Internap, SunGard, Hostway, IHS, Digital Island, AT&T, Cyber Trails, Focal Communication, and Inflow
    9. 9. Leading provider of IT infrastructure services</li></ul>- Data Center Hosting Services, Managed Network and Managed Security<br /><ul><li>Focused on operational best practices with consistent and transparent client management, SAS 70 Type II Audited</li></ul>2<br />
    10. 10. Company Ownership & Financing<br /><ul><li>CoreLink’s lead investor is M/C Venture Partners, a multi-billion dollar private equity group with offices located in Boston, San Francisco, and London.
    11. 11. Highly focused on investments in communications, IT, and media market segments, M/C has been CoreLink’s financial partner since the Company’s launch making a $35 Million commitment for Phase 1 growth. M/C offers deep insight into the Internet infrastructure domain with significant investments in several established and emerging technologies in this space. </li></ul> A view of its M/C’s portfolio companies can be seen on at<br /><ul><li>CoreLink’s partners have significant additional capital available that will allow the Company to quickly seize opportunities.
    12. 12. Company has invested to upgrade emergency power, cooling and site security to a 2N UPS , N+1 Generator and N+1 Cooling System configuration standard at all locations.
    13. 13. Both management and MC Ventures are committed to building a scalable industry leader using best practice data center management processes and procedures</li></ul>1<br />
    14. 14. <ul><li>Charles Picasso | Chairman of the Board - Charles Picasso is the former president and CEO of IHS Inc., a $965 million dollar company and leading global provider of critical technical information, related decision-support tools and strategic and operational services in more than 100 countries.
    15. 15. Michael Duckett | President and COO - Oversees the management of the CoreLink organization. Prior to joining CoreLink, Duckett spent over 25 years in the IT services industry, where he has held a variety of management, operations, sales and marketing roles.
    16. 16. Jay Sinder | Chief Financial Officer - Responsible for the financial operations of the company and joined the team in 2010. Most recently, he was the CFO of Hostway, Corporation, a large Chicago based managed hosting provider.</li></ul>CoreLink Executive Team Bios<br />4<br />
    17. 17. CoreLink Service Promise<br />5<br />
    18. 18. CoreLink - Relentless<br />6<br />Our Promise to Customers<br />
    19. 19. CoreLink Delivers<br />Operational & Engineering <br />Excellence <br /><ul><li> Unsurpassed Industry Experience
    20. 20. Scalability & Reliability
    21. 21. Industry Leading Partnerships
    22. 22. 100% Uptime SLA
    23. 23. SAS 70 Type II
    24. 24. 24x7x365 Staffing
    25. 25. Remote and Smart Hands</li></ul>Security <br /><ul><li> Multi-Layer Access Control with Biometrics
    26. 26. Video Surveillance
    27. 27. 24x7x365 Security Monitoring
    28. 28. Managed Security</li></ul> Services (Firewalls,<br /> IDPS, VPN, PCI)<br />Connectivity<br /><ul><li> Carrier-Neutral
    29. 29. Highly Connected with Access to Major Internet Exchanges
    30. 30. IP Bandwidth Solutions
    31. 31. Information Security Services</li></ul>Business Flexibility <br /><ul><li> Flexible Terms
    32. 32. Simplified Pricing
    33. 33. “A la Carte” Services
    34. 34. Access to Senior Management</li></ul>7<br />
    35. 35. CoreLink data center hosting services include: <br />Space – Cabinets, built to suit cages, fully private suites, and customized solutions<br />Power - Fully redundant power and up to 2N uninterruptible power systems (UPS) with both AC and DC power. Also available is high density power handling. All power and back-up systems are tested regularly to ensure the infrastructure and procedures perform as designed.<br />Cooling - Designed, engineered and operated based on industry best-practices for N+1 cooling design. Hot-row and cold-row data center cooling configurations available<br />Connectivity - Technology neutral network with access to more than 40 carriers or multi-homed blended bandwidth solutions.<br />Physical security – minimum 5 layers of security with biometrics and video surveillance<br />BMS - Access to relevant, "real time" data center monitoring feeds through our Building Management System (BMS) to monitor "in colo" temperature and humidity, UPS loads, and also review maintenance logs.<br />Expert Help - 24x7x365 staffing offering SLA based Remote and Smart Hands services<br />CoreLink Data Center Hosting Offerings<br />8<br />
    36. 36. CoreLink offers a full suite of managed security services including: <br />Managed Firewall - ensures the highest level of security by tracking and controlling the flow of data coming into your network using stateful packet inspection of the traffic stream.<br />Intrusion detection/prevention - detects anomalous, inappropriate, or other unauthorized data attempting to enter your network. Once detected, at either the IP or application level—protective actions are automatically triggered.<br />Web Application Firewall - protects web-based applications from attack by monitoring input, output and access attempts, and blocking malicious activity. It brings you into compliance with the web app security guidelines specified in the PCI Data Security Standard.<br />Managed VPN Services - virtual private network solutions that establish secure connections between locations and from remote users into your network via providing encryption, data integrity, and authentication.<br />PCI DSS Complete (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) - requirements designed to ensure ALL companies that process, store or transmit credit card information maintain a secure environment. PCI applies to ALL organizations or merchants, that accept, transmit or store any cardholder data. <br />CoreLink Managed Security Offerings<br />9<br />
    37. 37. CoreLink managed network services include: <br />IP Bandwidth – SLA based multi-Tier platform that aggregates multiple ISP access . 10Mb to 10Gb service available. <br />IP Addressing – Corelink customers have the option of utilizing their own IP Address space or Corelink provided IP Address space<br />DNS – Reverse DNS services<br />Remote/Branch Office Connectivity – With many carriers available in every data center, Corelink offers customers the opportunity to streamline their connectivity needs by contracting remote or branch office connectivity directly with CoreLink. <br />CoreLink Managed Network Offerings<br />10<br />
    38. 38. Nationwide coverage with five facilities<br />CoreLink Facilities Overview<br />11<br />
    39. 39. Flexible & Scalable – Expert Help – Complete Transparency<br />Built on Rock Solid Security <br />12<br />