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Introduction to TakingITGlobal site and project.

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Tig Presentation Aug 09

  1. 1. TakingITGlobal Youth making global connections - a social network for social good http://takingitglobal.org
  2. 2. Mission: To provide opportunities for learning, capacity- building, cross-cultural awareness, and self-development through the use of information and communication technologies. Vision: Youth everywhere are actively inspired, informed and actively involved in shaping our world. Hits per day: 1.8 million
  3. 3. Inspire •Learn about global social issues •Meet young global leaders http://www.flickr.com/photos/50999605@N00/3271952766/
  4. 4. Inform •Discuss local and global concerns •Connect with peers and related organisations •Share art and writing •Join action projects
  5. 5. Involve •Start a project and recruit members to help •Network •Volunteer within the community
  6. 6. Let’s wonder together… If young people were actively engaged in all aspects of society, and thought of themselves as community leaders, problem- solvers, role models, mentors and key ‘stakeholders’…how would the world change? - Jennifer Corriero, Executive Director, TIG
  7. 7. The New Zealand Curriculum takes as its starting point a vision of our young people as lifelong learners who are confident and creative, connected, and actively involved. Global awareness and understanding across cultures is key to the future of the planet. TakingITGlobal helps to prepare students and youth for today's knowledge economy - engaging them in local and global issues through an interactive online platform.
  8. 8. The General TIG Site
  9. 9. Community This section of TakingITGlobal focuses on online community building and cross cultural dialogue, and includes discussion boards, profiles, and member stories. Take Action This section of TakingITGlobal provides ways to take action on local and global levels. These readily accessible tools include Project Pages, Commitments, Petitions and Groups. Resources This section of TakingITGlobal contains our databases of resources, members can access thousands of listings from all over the world: events, toolkits, organisations or opportunities.
  10. 10. Youth Media This section of TakingITGlobal provides platforms on which to share your expressions with other members. Thoughtful and creative expression happens on a daily basis through the Global Gallery, blogs and Panorama Zine, a collection of youth media. Global Issues Members and guests can learn about background information on pressing global issues such as peace, health and culture, and are provided links to relevant articles, major policy documents, and key international events. Regions This section of TakingITGlobal has information about different countries and continents (similar to the CIA Fact File). For each country there is a promotion guide to give guidance on how to contribute to this section.
  11. 11. Educational community The TIGed Community • 12731 Students • 2896 Teachers • 1432 Classes • 976 Schools • 155 Activities • 72 Countries
  12. 12. TIGed - Community Search a database of lessons posted by other educators or communicate with other educators through the forum.
  13. 13. TIGed - Resources Activities including thematic classrooms compiled by TIG staff.
  14. 14. Why get involved with
  15. 15. Secure and free of advertising Collaborative Resource rich Why get involved Global with Monitored Researched MoE Supported Educational community
  16. 16. Collaborative Enable powerful, authentic learning experiences as students connect with individuals and organisations around the world and collaborate with them. Statistics Over 200,000 current members Key Competency - Participating and contributing is about being actively involved in communities. They may be local, national or global.
  17. 17. Collaboration in Action Survivor Galt Project Classroom Director of teacher orphange TakingITGlobal Uganda Canada
  18. 18. Collaboration in Action Survivor Galt Project Jennifer’s students learned about: •impact of AIDS in Urganda leading to many orphans •human rights issues in Uganda Raised $600 through 24 hr collaboration evening at the school gymn
  19. 19. Collaboration in Action Survivor Galt Project Every student said we wouldn't learn as much from the internet and the library because Mr Moses is living it right now and we can ask him a question and he'll give us the right answer.
  20. 20. I think it has really sparked their enthusiasm and the alerted them to the fact that there is a big world out there and that there are many different perspectives. The kids have been quite proud to share their culture with the kids in Canada. Wellington High Case Study
  21. 21. My students were amazed at the ability of the Canadian students to articulate about water problems. It was good role modelling for my students. Wellington High Case Study
  22. 22. Community - Discussion Boards Gain multiple perspectives on current issues from those directly involved
  23. 23. Action Tools - Commitments Investigate a call to action by looking at it from all angles
  24. 24. Action Tools - Petitions Petitions can be started on a range of issues
  25. 25. Global Introduce students to youth-oriented perspectives from around the world on today's pressing global issues Statistics Over 200 countries represented by the TIG community Key Competency - Relating to others is about interacting effectively with a diverse range of people in a variety of contexts.
  26. 26. Importance of Being Globally Aware Global economy Global issues
  27. 27. TakingITGlobal Demographics
  28. 28. The conflict in Gaza - View from Palestine “I am eyewitness from Gaza ...Hamas and othere factions are trying to defend palestinians from the continuing masacres ,invasions,airstrikes . hey , Palestinian factions do not own tanks,warplanes ,warships and rockets ... they have homemade missiles , minds and simple weapons , they cannot do anything against israeli great powerfull army”
  29. 29. The conflict in Gaza - View from US supporter of Israel “You said Hamas won legitimate elections - I have some questions for you... 1 - do you think there is any chance they would allow new free elections in Gaza now? If not how can they maintain democratic legitimacy? 2 - if Bin Laden was elected in Canada tomorrow and declared his intention of destroying the United States, then started firing missiles at us - how would you expect our government to react?
  30. 30. Global Issues - Peace Broader information on the overall topic including useful links
  31. 31. Global Issues - Peace Broader information on the overall topic including useful links
  32. 32. Global Issues - Peace Broader information on the overall topic including useful links
  33. 33. Regions - Middle East Region and country information
  34. 34. Resource rich A huge bank of tools and resources to help students understand issues and learn from other members. Statistics Over 1 million pages of content Key competency - Thinking is about using creative, critical, and metacognitive processes to make sense of information, experiences, and ideas.
  35. 35. Resources - Toolkits and Publications Excellent resources for how to take action
  36. 36. Global Issues Broader information on the overall topic including useful links
  37. 37. Regions Regional and country information.
  38. 38. Multi-modal Participate on the site in a range of ways such as through images and video. Statistics 14451 images in the Global Gallery Key competency - Using language, symbols and texts. Students who are competent users of language,symbols, and texts can interpret and use words, number, images, movement, metaphor, and technologies in a range of contexts.
  39. 39. Youth Media - Global Gallery Art work for expression
  40. 40. Games to help understand concepts
  41. 41. Games to help understand concepts
  42. 42. Moderated Content on TIG is checked to make sure it is appropriate. Statistics Apart from blogs, all other content is checked before it appears on the site.
  43. 43. Ministry of Education Supported Costs to schools are heavily subsidised by government funding. Facts The MoE, CORE Education and TIG have signed a three year contract to support TIG in schools.
  44. 44. Researched - quotes from projects “My understanding of it has grown deeper through the things that I automatically assumed were true, weren’t true and my perspective changed entirely and my opinions are different.” Jeffrey - student “We had expected some of the students to be overwhelmed by the amount of anticipated work, but they appeared to have taken on some of the TIGed spirit; they felt empowered, enthused, and challenged” Ann - Teacher
  45. 45. Getting support Support to Training workshops with develop lessons staff/ using TIG departments Full day In-class workshops for Virtual support teachers (across support with and newsletters schools) using the tools TIGed Project
  46. 46. Virtual Classrooms in TIGed
  47. 47. TIGed - My classes Set assignments with TIG content as a resource Each student can have a separate blog (private or published to TIG) Have your own private discussion forums to explore issues Students can publish writing to this space
  48. 48. TIGed - My classes Create bookmarks to useful web resources Publish art work and photography in your own protected space Link your classroom to a YouTube channel to include videos Create maps related to your studies using mapping tool
  49. 49. Joining my virtual classroom demo You can join as a student by visiting this link: http://collaboration.tiged.org/ educators/register/ The registration code is joinsoc Or join as an associate teacher by visiting this link: http://collaboration.tiged.org/ educators/assistant/ The registration code is teachsoc
  50. 50. Project Coordinator Contact Details Until 4th September 2009 Suzie Vesper · TIG Project Co-ordinator CORE Education Ltd Location: Wellington Mobile: 021337430 Email: suzie.vesper@core-ed.net Skype username: suzcorey From 7th September 2009 Liz Stevenson · TIG Project Co-ordinator CORE Education Ltd Location: Whakatane Mobile: 021724953 Email: liz.stevenson@core-ed.net