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Brand Streams defines the modern idea of a brand: not only one source is the creator of a brand image, but everyone who participates in the brand becomes part of the process.

Brand Streams defines the modern idea of a brand: not only one source is the creator of a brand image, but everyone who participates in the brand becomes part of the process.



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Brand Streams Brand Streams Presentation Transcript

  • Twitter Public Brand Relations Pinterest InstagramMarketing Micro Streams Reviews Blogging Comments Blogs © by Henning von Vogelsang, 2007–2012 Source
  • What isa brand?
  • Logo?
  • CorporateIdentity?
  • Marketing?
  • Emotion.
  • Experience.
  • Passion.
  • Trust.
  • Reliability.
  • Qualities weexpect fromfriends.
  • © by Henning von Vogelsang, 2012
  • We don’t expect ourfriends to deceive us.
  • We are humans, notjust consumers.
  • Families, colleagues,partners, friends andacquaintances.
  • It is embedded in our DNAto influence each other.
  • To feel, learn, growand improve.
  • We interact with brandsthrough experiences.
  • Everywhere we get intouch with them.
  • © by Henning von Vogelsang, 2012
  • Everywherein our lives.
  • © by Henning von Vogelsang, 2012
  • A brand needs to live up toour expectations, or wedon’t accept it as a friend.
  • We rely on thebrand promise.
  • Why is thisimportant forcompanies?
  • Companiesneed to learnfrom people.
  • Companies need tounderstand what peopleexpect from their brands.
  • Companies need tolearn that marketingalone is not a fix forthe brand experience.
  • There is a danger forcompanies to ignore whatpeople contribute.
  • Disconnection.
  • A brand that does notinclude the people whowant to interact with it, willdisconnect from the peoplebuying its products.
  • Interaction shapes thebrand experience.
  • It is a moving stream ofinteraction and feedback.
  • Brands are not pondsor lakes.
  • Brands are insteady motion.
  • Twitter Public Relations Pinterest InstagramMarketing Micro Reviews Blogging Comments Blogs Source
  • Independently of itssource, a brand isinfluenced by the peoplewho experience it.
  • Once you release abrand, it is exposed tointeraction.
  • It is a fast growing,cultural eco system.
  • People will always tellstories of their lives.
  • Forming thebrand stream.
  • Companies have nochoice but to listen up.
  • Or they might drown inthe brand stream.
  • Swim.
  • The whole humanexperience chain isequally important.
  • A solid product andgood marketing arenot cutting it.
  • A brand needs tonurture the eco systemand grow with it.
  • Brands need holistic,sustainable strategies.
  • Brands needto be honest.
  • And tell agreat story.
  • Rock.
  • The rules for brandsare quite simple.
  • 1Great products drivethe experience.
  • Make your productthe best of its kind.
  • 2Say what you live andlive what you say.
  • Be honest with yourproducts and brands.
  • 3Tell an authentic,passionate story.
  • Find out what makespeople identify with it.
  • 4Go with the flow ofthe brand stream.
  • Don’t swim againstthe current.
  • 5Listen, interact, getinvolved, reflect.
  • Provide grow spacefor serendipity.
  • 6Let people helpshaping your brand.
  • Give space for ideasyou don’t control.
  • © by Henning von Vogelsang, 2012
  • Connect theexperiences.
  • History Sources ContactIn 2007 I mentioned the term In 2008 I expanded on the idea To hire me as a speaker, or toBrand Streams for the first time of Brand Streams, researching work with you on concepts,on Twitter. I had been thinking more and finding more evidence. brand strategies and productabout the relation of interaction I also looked into findings and development, get in touch withbetween people and brands. learnings of others in this field, me on my website.Traditional models to explain namely James H. Gilmore and B.consumer behavior did not seem Joseph Pines book and TEDto fit anymore. I felt that a Talk about Authenticity. 2009 Iprofound shift was going on and wrote a white paper about thethe marketing and ad business topic, based on case studies likewere largely ignoring it. the first election campaign of President Obama.© by Henning von Vogelsang, 2007–2012, some photos courtesy of Flickr (CC free distribution)