An honest interactive brand consultant


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This presentation shows best what I do, how I think and what I've got to offer. It's a résumé and a work portfolio in one. There is more info on my website.

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An honest interactive brand consultant

  1. Hi, my name is Henning von Vogelsang.
  2. I am an honest interactive brand consultant.
  3. Honest?
  4. Look at marketing today, and five years ago.
  5. Everything in communications has changed.
  6. People don’t want to be consumers. They want to be people.
  7. People don’t trust you blindly.
  8. People don’t buy into advertising any longer.
  9. People learn, build communities and openly share what they like.
  10. People care more about real things than about fake reality.
  11. People make the pace for your brand, not the other way around.
  12. People make a brand successful.
  13. And this is just the beginning.
  14. We have no choice but to be honest.
  15. How can we be honest?
  16. Being honest means, we stop manipulating and start cooperating.
  17. With brands that mean something.
  18. With marketing that incorporates people’s true opinions.
  19. With websites that are based on needs, not on product features.
  20. With promotions that promote people’s interests.
  21. With strategies that don’t force, but flow with our learnings.
  22. Why?
  23. Let’s talk about disconnection.
  24. When you develop products and a brand strategy, you have to think about the whole chain.
  25. You have to be careful to not get disconnected from what people want.
  26. My cell phone has two cameras. One is a front sided camera for video calls.
  27. I’m a geek. And yet, none of my geeky friends makes a video call.
  28. Manufacturers add video because they can. The technology is there.
  29. Video calls help network providers make more money.
  30. But video calls is not something people need or want today.
  31. What they want is a phone that is easy to use, with a plan that is reasonable for their needs.
  32. This is what disconnection is all about.
  33. The corelation of product, brand and experience is a chain reaction that ripples back and forth.
  34. You can’t ignore one part of the chain.
  35. Let’s talk about corelation.
  36. People perceive your products, brands, services and communication as your interaction with them.
  37. People like brands for what they see in them.
  38. Their view is based on the experiences they had with a brand, like a brother or sister in your family you grew to love.
  39. This has potential for a great relationship, but it is dependent on your honesty and commitment to what they want.
  40. Using media as a one-way lane limits your influence.
  41. It is crucial you develop a true relationship. Which means more than a monologue like in traditional advertising.
  42. It involves people who care about your products, their true opinions, and your interaction with them.
  43. If you don’t care about being in touch with them, people will stop caring for you.
  44. If you respect the relationship of people, products and brands, you can benefit from it.
  45. Brand Strategy User Experience System Design What is the core What is it people How can I of my product or really want to do transport that in brand? with my stuff? various media?
  46. How you act will get back to you, which will show in sales.
  47. The Web can be a key element that brings it all together.
  48. So all we need is a couple of slides with a few cool statements?
  49. No.
  50. You need someone who understands your audience.
  51. Someone who knows your clients better than they know themselves.
  52. Someone who does branding, knows advertising and is interactive.
  53. Last but not least, someone with passion and love for all of this.
  54. When can we start working together?
  55. Examples Brand Strategy User Experience System Design Concentrating Being open and The advantages three disciplines interacting as a of consistent in one brand. key element. design patterns.
  56. Brand Strategy For my work with brands, strategies and interaction, I created the brand core. The core strategy is speaking clearly through the brand itself. • Finding the core of your product, brand or idea • Sticking to what we learn about the core • Being honest with the people interacting with the brand
  57. Our communication brief is a result of a workshop with the client. We set the goals based on the core of what makes people and a brand interact. The idea is to create something people really want.
  58. User Experience For JWT Zurich, I developed a new concept for their website, which was revolutionary compared to how advertising agencies usually present themselves. • Integrated blogging- and gallery-site • Ad- and content rating • Conversations • Links to related content from external sources
  59. Almost every ad agency-website follows the same pattern: Interaction is limited to clicking. JWT got a true conversation website, giving space to opinions, letting people rate and allowing third-party content.
  60. System Design in Boston needed an improved website with a new interface, using a set of design patterns with consistent shapes, typography, colors and icons. • Design patterns improved Login Join Account About Contact Help You Fans People Message Center Tools Daily Collective My consistency of behavior Bio Portfolio Blog Interests Contacts Tags Invitations and experience Featured Member What you can do Lilian Archer Spread Collect, share it and “I love my blog. It’s great to let my friends know about see what other members find • Colors, icons and other my life, and it helps me to better understand myself.” interesting. Be yourself Upload your pictures, show Are you a college student or recent graduate starting to think people who you are, what you do and what you love. form elements were about the future? Use the services you know already, like Flickr is a social network, that enables you to: Share your stuff and integrate meet others who think like you and are interested in similar things the services you know and love. defined with purpose and share some of the most relevant and intriguing content on the web Take the tour develop and show your more intellectual side We’ve just gotten started. If you’d like to join, request an invite now. expression 100
  61. Core redesigned the website, creating a design system based on people’s needs, with great care for usability, to improve the experience of product and brand. Navigate logically Meta Navigation global Navigation local Content Intuitive access Dive intuitively
  62. Strengths • Clear, logical thinker • Pragmatic, goal oriented • Develops intelligent concepts • Project-oriented, flexible in team work • High degree of creativity • Great in strategy and • A skilled writer consulting • Ability to simplify the complex • Excellent in development of • Compelling presenter information architecture, user experience, good usability • Strong leadership qualities
  63. Experience • Deep knowledge of Web, its • Former executive board history and the current member of JWT Zurich developments • Fluent in writing and speaking • 17 years experience in English and German advertising and branding • Proficiency in Windows and • 8 years experience focused on Mac OS interactive • Ability to hand-code XHTML • Extensive experience in sales and CSS from scratch talks and client guidance
  64. Background Award-winning creative director in advertising
  65. Objective I help people, companies and brands understand how people use the Web, and guide them to create better experiences.
  66. Thank you for listening.
  67. © core 2005-2007 The use of content or elements of this presentation is not allowed without written permission by core. Ohne schriftliche Erlaubnis durch core ist es nicht gestattet, Inhalte oder Teile dieser Präsentation zu verwenden. Protected by a Creative Commons License Henning von Vogelsang core / / phone +41 78 843 0838