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New Partner Orientation: Building the Team, Delegation and Supervision
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New Partner Orientation: Building the Team, Delegation and Supervision


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Published in: Education, Business
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  • 1. Cordell M. Parvin
  • 2. “A Wedding is an Event; a Marriage is an Achievement.” Making Partner is an Event, Being a Successful Partner is an AchievementJustice Blackmun
  • 3. To  Be  Successful  Build a Team
  • 4. The  Challenge     Think  like  a  lawyer  
  • 5. The  Challenge  Young Lawyers
  • 6. The  Challenge   Lawyers are: Skeptics Autonomous Lacking Social Skills Abstract Reasoners Impatient Lacking ResilienceStudies of 18 Personality Traits of Lawyers Using the "Caliper Profile" Dr. Larry Richard, Hildebrandt International
  • 7. Why Important?“Aligning  the  Stars”    Jay  Lorsch  and  Thomas  Tierney  
  • 8. Aligning  the  Stars  “Starmaking” is moreimportant to a firm’s longterm success than“rainmaking” Jay Lorsch and Thomas Tierney
  • 9. Aligning  the  Stars  Over time the people youpay are more important thanthe people who pay you Jay Lorsch and Thomas Tierney
  • 10. Aligning  the  Stars  Developing a star recruit intoa seasoned star is multiyeartask Jay Lorsch and Thomas Tierney
  • 11. Aligning  the  Stars  In great firms . . . senior people worry as much about missing out on orlosing new talent as they do about missing out on or losing good clients. Jay Lorsch and Thomas Tierney
  • 12. Why  Important?  There is a strict sequence for makingsuperior profits: Must train, energize and excite your people If you do, quality and service will be outstanding If it is, you will earn superior profits David Maister
  • 13. Why  Important?  To have “Raving Fans” clients a firmmust have “Gung Ho” lawyers andstaff Ken Blanchard
  • 14. Studies  and  Surveys  A"ri%on  Rate  of  New  Associates  in  Large  Law  Firms  (1988  -­‐  1996)  Cost  -­‐  $300,000  per  lawyer  
  • 15. Studies  and  Surveys  A  whopping  77  percent  of  associates  leave  within  five  years,  according  to  NALP’s  latest  survey.  
  • 16. What  Associates  Are  Saying  Why do you believe associates leavetheir firms?
  • 17. Studies and SurveysWhy Lawyers Leave andWhat May Make Them Stay?
  • 18. Building a TeamAssociates are asking:What’s in it for me to work with ____________?
  • 19. Building  a  Team  Why Should a Younger AssociateWant to Work for You?
  • 20. Building  a  Team  Align the team goals with the individualaspirations of their players
  • 21. Building  a  Team  Find Motivation and Tap In
  • 22. DelegaKon  for  Success  Learn to Delegate
  • 23. DelegaKon  for  Success  Define Project and Establish Deadline
  • 24. DelegaKon  for  Success  Jr. Lawyer Has Training / Up-Front Training
  • 25. DelegaKon  for  Success  Information / Documents Necessary
  • 26. DelegaKon  for  Success  Open Door Policy
  • 27. DelegaKon  for  Success  What They Are Doing Really Matters
  • 28. DelegaKon  for  Success  Provide Feedback – During / After
  • 29. DelegaKon  for  Success  Ask What They Learned
  • 30. Success!!  You will be a successful partner by building a team that wants to helpyou help your clients.