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Lawyer 2011 planning presentation



This presentation will help lawyers putting prepare a 2011 Business Plan with Goals and help them be accountable.

This presentation will help lawyers putting prepare a 2011 Business Plan with Goals and help them be accountable.



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Lawyer 2011 planning presentation Lawyer 2011 planning presentation Presentation Transcript

  • Planning for Success in 2011 Cordell M. Parvin 1
  • Jodi James StaciKevin Tricia 2
  • ess cc Su re er Ca L ife g llin lfi FuYou Share Their Goal 3
  • Energy Time You Share Their Challenge 4
  • Goal for this SessionProvide You with the Tools 5
  • PlanningTools to Prepare Your Plan 6
  • AccountabilityTools to Stay on Track 7
  • Attitude“The pessimist (lesssuccessful lawyer)sees difficulty in everyopportunity. Theoptimist (successfullawyer) sees theopportunity in everydifficulty.” 8
  • Attitude Steve Jobs Founder/CEO Apple, Inc.Think Optimistically and Plan Purposefully 9
  • at ion o tiv el fMS 10
  • Why Have a Plan? 11
  • Why Have a Plan?Energy TimeMost Important Resources 12
  • Why Have a Plan?You Will Be More Successful 13
  • Why Have a Plan?You Will Make Better Choices 14
  • Daily Plan How I Plan 2011 Plan Goals Roles Core Values How- Steps to Achieve Why ImportantWhat – Major Definite Purpose 15
  • PrioritiesYou have to decide what your highestpriorities are and have the courage -pleasantly, smilingly, nonapologetically -to say "no" to other things. And the wayyou do that is by having a bigger "YES"burning inside. 16
  • How I Prepare My Development Plan Goals Top Down Activities Hours 17
  • Top DownBegin With Goals 18
  • Think on Paper“Any system or blueprint for successis better than none at all.Think On Paper.”Have you written down your goals? Ifnot, when? Brian Tracy 19
  • End Result Goals• Generate $_____• Obtain ___ new clients• Expand relationship with _____ clients• Bill ____ hours 20
  • Action Goals• Learn How to____• Read ___• Pro Bono Work on _____• Speak at ____• Write ___ articles and get them published• Contact ___ law school classmates• Meet with ____ contacts• Add ____ to my web page bio 21
  • My 1999 Goals•! Originate $3 Million in business•! Speak at 6 construction industry meetings•! Visit 8 construction clients•! Write the second edition of my Transportation Construction Claims Book•! Conduct 4 in-house client workshops•! Conduct 3 workshops on Innovative Contracting•! Have a client roundtable meeting in Dallas 22
  • Rank Your Goals4. Meet with 5 Contacts Quarterly 3. Obtain 2 New Clients 2. Bill 2000 Hours 1. Originate $3M in Business 23
  • Goals-Get StartedNext Week’s Action Item 24
  • How I Prepare My Development Plan Goals Bottom Up Activities Hours 25
  • Bottom Up500 Hours to Invest 100 Administrative 300 Client Development 100 My Development 26
  • My Own DevelopmentSubstantive LawConstruction Industry KnowledgeBusiness - Marketing, Relationships 27
  • My Client Development Reputation / Profile 28
  • My Client Development WRITING Reputation / Profile 29
  • My Client Development SPEAKING Reputation / Profile 30
  • My Client Development Relationship Building 31
  • 2011 Business Plan2011 Attorney Business Plan Template _______________ 2011 2011 Performance Plan @ Actual Rates (based upon hrs) 32
  • 2011 Development Plan2011 Attorney Development Plan Template _______________ 2011 2011 Performance Plan @ Actual Rates (based upon hrs) 33
  • Target MarketYour Target Market 34
  • Target Market Top 100 Transportation Construction Contractors in USMy Target Market 35
  • Target Market Ne Prep ntr act go ar tia e a e Co es gat put te ndLiti is Cla im D s Ethics and Minority Compliance Contract IssuesDesign-Build and Public Private Finance Contracts What I Wanted Target Market to Hire Me to Do 36
  • Target Market Guides Workshops Monthly ColumnWhat I Gave Away 37
  • Target MarketMy Target Organizations 38
  • Target MarketMy Referral Sources 39
  • Your 2011 Plan DevelopYour Action Steps 40
  • Accountability-Avoid Interruptions Email / Instant Message Communicating 41
  • AccountabilityFitness Partner 42
  • Accountability Keep Journal 43
  • AccountabilityBreakdown Monthly / Weekly 44
  • AccountabilityHow You Spend Your Time Weekly 40.00 56.00 Sleep Non-Case Free Case 10.00How you spend 62.00 How you spend non-caseyour free time time will determine thedetermines the quality of your careerquality of your life 45
  • Career Success and satisfaction does not comefrom focusing on success, happiness ormoney. Instead it comes from focusing on yourpassion, developing your talent and identifyingthe needs of those you want to serve. - Cordell M. Parvin 46
  • Get Started NowWhat Are you Going to Do Now? 47