Final closing the sale asking for business
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Final closing the sale asking for business



Slides from coaching program on how to attract business and close the sale

Slides from coaching program on how to attract business and close the sale



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    Final closing the sale asking for business Final closing the sale asking for business Presentation Transcript

    • How to Ask for Business/ Making the Sale Cordell M. Parvin 1
    • SellingDefinition “to persuade orof Selling: influence someone to buy.” 2
    • Selling SkillsBooks > “selling”Showing 1 - 12 of 48,594 Results 3
    • Selling Legal Services 2013 Not About Technique Traditional Selling Skills Do Not Apply 4
    • How Clients Select Getting Hired Trust & Rapport Client Meetings Recommendations W es ea Ti Relationships k Credibility Visibility 5
    • How Clients SelectScreen Based on Reputation and Recommendations 6
    • How Clients Select Seth Godin 7
    • Seth Godin
    • How Clients Select Ti es e ak o fW g th tr en S 9
    • How Clients SelectWho Are Your Weak Ties? 10
    • How Clients SelectHire Lawyers Over Law Firms 11
    • How Clients Select Hire Lawyers They Trust andWith Whom They Have Rapport 12
    • Selling Legal Services 2013 ce ur an Ins fe Li Different - How? 13
    • Selling Legal Services 2013 Different in 2013. How? 14
    • Selling Legal Services 2013 Now Clients are More Engaged 15
    • Selling Legal Services 2013Now Clients Expect More Want to Pay Less 16
    • Selling Legal Services 2013If Not Selling and Closing - What? 17
    • Selling Legal Services 2013Sell by Asking and Listening, Not by Telling 18
    • Selling Legal Services 2013 Problem Identification 19
    • PerspectiveHow Potential Client is Thinking 20
    • EmpathyHow Potential Client is Feeling 21
    • Selling Legal Services 2013 CollaborateDon’t Dictate 22
    • Selling Legal Services 2013 Andrea Anderson Work on Building Relationships 23
    • Selling Legal Services 2013Advance Your Relationship Over Time 24
    • Selling Legal Services 2013 Simon Sinek 25
    • 26
    • Cl G ab ienC oa petsOb TR ous rolie l jo w tryllcn ntef s aoi eganct ex re tiu ssstb alf ge o t o t na i o pevedr dostuyes ul e U rienealeygtohe l nce ptht ar e S of TFour Beliefs that Kill Trust Change Your Beliefs 27
    • Identify Your Best Opportunities 30% 60% 10% Commodity Work - Low Price Determines Bet the Company They Hire the Best Real Opportunity 28
    • Trust and RapportSkills Capital- Trust Social Capital- Rapport 29
    • Trust and Rapport Six Principles 1. Reciprocation 2. Commitment/Consistency 3. Authority 4. Social Validation 5. Scarcity 6. Liking/FriendshipEngage 30
    • Speak Their LanguageIntroverted/Typically Talk Slower Task Focused and Closed Outgoing/Talk Fast Analytical Driver Types Amiable Expressive People Focused and Open 31
    • Build Rapport Visual Learners – Showing Aural Learners – Discussing Kinesthetic Learners - Experiencing 32
    • Client MeetingWhat Do You Need to Learn? 33
    • How to Gain TrustAsk the Right Questions 34
    • What Questions to Ask “I can always tell how experienced and insightful a prospective ... lawyer is by the quality of their questions and how intently they listen. That’s how simple it is.” 35
    • What Questions to AskS ituation QuestionsP roblem QuestionsImplication QuestionsNeed Payoff Questions 36
    • How to Gain RapportLikeability and Charisma 37
    • Selling Legal Services 2013 Jeffrey Gitomer 38
    • Relationship and Reputation 39
    • Relationship Building Friendliness Relevance Empathy Realness 40
    • How to Gain RapportCharisma May Not Be What You Think 41
    • How to Gain RapportCharisma: What It Is 42
    • Making the Sale DO Identify Problem, Opportunity or Change 43
    • Making the Sale DO Find Ways to Add Value 44
    • Making the Sale DO Gain Trust and Rapport, Ask Questions and Listen 45
    • Making the Sale DO Ask or Tell Your Client You Want to Help Them 46
    • Making the Sale “But if you’re selling any kind of professional services, or most anything over a few hundred dollars--the better you get at closing, the less you sell! Oh well, at least you get shot down faster!” -Charles H. GreenDon’t Always Be Closing 47
    • How to Ask for Business/ Closing the Sale Cordell M. Parvin 48