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  • 1. Eastside High School
    • Technology Vision
  • 2. Technology Plan
    • Not separate, integrate with SIP
    • Curriculum is the driving force
    • Continuous teacher training is a must
    • Technical support
  • 3. WHY PLAN NOW?
    • All schools should have a Technology Plan
    • District is contemplating technology refresh: Last QZAB for EHS was in 2001-2002
    • School’s technology personnel has changed
    • Resource allocation to designated priorities
    • One mill for schools was approved (in effect July 09)
  • 4. What does it mean “align with curriculum?
    • Your subject matter, your audience and the activities involved in the learning process determine the equipment, software, peripherals, textbooks needed
      • Reading Read 180, computer assisted
      • Math Carnegie Math, computer assisted
      • Science Project-based learning, laptop availability
      • Computer applications Hardware intensive, desktops
  • 5.
    • Driving class automobiles, texts
    • Physical education fields, balls, uniforms, bats, shoes
    • Advanced Placement presentations, presentation station and Smartboard
    • Interactive class Smartboard, clickers
  • 6. District technology plan
    • Our plan must be aligned with the District Technology Plan for:
    Continuity for students Technology Support Access to district resources Shared costs Standardization of equipment Grants Professional development Lowest prices
  • 7. Inventory
    • 443 PC computers
    • 176 are Pentium 4, first generation (GX-240)
    • 129 are Pentium 4, second generation (GX-260)
    • Laptops:
    • 5 Mac laptop carts, 1 PC
  • 8.
    • Smartboards
    • Teacher laptops
    • Clickers
    • LCD projectors
    • VCRs
    • DVD players
    • Televisions
    • Overhead projectors
  • 9. Software
    • Adobe PageMaker, Adobe PhotoShop
    • Elite Vision
    • ExamView
    • Carnegie Algebra, Carnegie Geometry, IB Math, Check Pro
    • Read180
    • Google apps (Earth, Sketch, Picasa)
    • Graphmatica, JUMP, Macromedia, MicroType, MyITlab
  • 10. Where do we go from here?
    • Textbook resources on the web
    • District directive: web applications when possible
  • 11.  
  • 12. Your homework
    • Please select at least a person from each department to attend and prepare the following information:
    • Textbook used for classes and availability of ONLINE content for textbook. If possible, investigate if there is a fee for website usage (annual fee, fee to use certain areas of the website or enrichment resources provided online)
  • 13.
    • In classes where there is no textbook or the textbook is out of date and no adoption is foreseeable in the immediate future, suggest ONLINE content suitable for the class – and costs, if possible.
    • Computers purchased by the district will have the Microsoft Office Suite. Suggest any other productivity software that may be needed for student projects.
    • Where no ONLINE content is available, suggest necessary software to implement the curriculum. This would apply to multimedia classes that use Adobe, Typing or other software not available online.
  • 14. Your requests
    • Will the school be a Mac school or a PC school?
    • Should we be writing grants for hardware, software?
    • Do we have to stay with the district or can we be an independent school?
    • Define roles of tech personnel
    • Why can’t we use personal laptops on the guest network?
    • Why does the wireless coverage have blind spots? When will they be fixed?
    • Why is the bandwidth so poor?
    • Could we get portable DVD (USB) players for computers?