Top 10 Reasons You Should Consider Promotional Marketing As Your Next Promo Rockstars

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Have you ever heard of promotional marketing? Well, it is definitely one of those recession-proof, life-changing jobs/gigs you may have heard of before but never really knew much about. Check out …

Have you ever heard of promotional marketing? Well, it is definitely one of those recession-proof, life-changing jobs/gigs you may have heard of before but never really knew much about. Check out this presentation on why this may be your next best move in your career track!

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  • 1. Top 10 Reasons To Consider Promotional Marketing As A Career Written By: Edwin J. Goitia A Promo Rockstars Publication
  • 2. Reason #1: Represent Your Favorite Brands • Have a favorite brand of shoes? • Jeans? Maybe you really love using your cell phone and all those apps that are on it? • Why not LIVE the brands that you truly love? • It makes your life much more fun and easy to be passionate about representing brands you love.
  • 3. • So imagine waking up every day (or even just a couple days a week), and knowing that you will be rocking it out for an awesome brand and sharing their brand messaging with the public?
  • 4. • People will love the brand, they will love what you have to share with them. Even more, they will love you for sharing the experience with them. • Talk about being able to go home with a smile on your face.
  • 5. Reason #2: Be Ahead of the Latest Trends • What’s better than keeping up with the latest fashion, technology, telecommunications, and music trends? • Being way ahead of them.
  • 6. • That’s right, when you really get involved with your favorite brands in the field of promotional marketing, you will learn things that the public does not know, and, heck, even find out things months or even years ahead of the public. • Now, doesn’t that sound exciting?!
  • 7. Reason #3: Make 2-3x Min Wage • So, what’s better than getting by and paying your bills? It’s a sad fact that most college students who graduate nowadays have no clue what they are going to do for a career after leaving college, let alone how to make money. • So what can they do about it?
  • 8. • Join the wonderful world of promotional marketing of course! • It’s a great industry, invites people who love to be challenged and still have a great time, and pays very well. • Don’t be that college student that gets a minimum wage job.
  • 9. • You’re better than that. • Get into the promotional industry today and join our community of 8,000+ event marketers and get busy!
  • 10. Reason #4: Network While You Work • When you sit in a cubicle, the most you see daily is your computer screen and your cubicle wall. Yipee! • Well, what if I told you every single day, you could be meeting brand new people, being around crowds, and eventually become a networking powerhouse?
  • 11. • Have you ever wanted to meet celebrities? Wealthy individuals? Business owners? Movers and shakers? • Or just plain awesome people who are out there living life?
  • 12. • Welcome to the wonderful world of promotional marketing. • A lifetime of free (or close to free) leads, opportunities, and doors opening to you. • Yet another reason to stay in the field for the long-term rather than the short-term.
  • 13. Reason #5: Free Swag • Who likes free stuff? I don’t care who the person is, EVERYONE loves free stuff. • I mean, EVERYONE.
  • 14. • So, that includes you, right?
  • 15. • What if I told you you could get free swag for life from amazing brands around the world? • You show up to an activation, you do the gig, have fun, talk to an influx of people, and sometimes (ok, many of times), at the end of the activation, you will get lucky enough to take free stuff home.
  • 16. • You help the event manager or client get rid of some unneeded or surplus product. • You save money on things you could potentially spend money on. • You can gift and re-gift the items to friends and family. • And you take care of some of those things that you thought you had to buy. • It’s a win-win-win for everyone involved.
  • 17. Reason #6: Reduce Expenses • Imagine a world where the deeper into the game you get, the more expenses that are covered for you? • Let me clarify first and foremost, this is a case-by-case basis.
  • 18. • However, especially for those who work themselves into management, get serious about the promotional marketing game, one will see companies reimburse for mileages/gas use on one’s personal vehicle, per diem for food expenses, and in the best-case scenarios, especially for those in positions known as tour managers or traveling product specialists (more on this in a future post), even hotel and lodging can be covered.
  • 19. • Now again, one must work their way up to this point, and if you are career-minded about this industry, it will be easy to get to this point with hard work and dedication. • Just keep in mind that, yes, it is easy to lessen personal expenses when traveling to your events.
  • 20. Reason #7: Live the entrepreneurial lifestyle • What is it like to live life like an entrepreneur? Essentially, you make your own decisions, take the time to decide if opportunity A is better than opportunity B, or vice versa, and much more.
  • 21. • There is much more flexibility and freedom in the world of promotional marketing. • So imagine a lifetime of this type of freedom, working with great people and amazing brands aroundthe country, and even the world.
  • 22. • The sheer fact that you have the availability to control more of your time, make decisions on your own more often, and be accountable for your own success is one of the best perks of promotional marketing for years to come. -
  • 23. Reason #8: Limitless Vacations • Don’t like the 1 or 2 weeks of vacation that salaried job is offering you? Wish there was something you could do about it?
  • 24. • Well, there is! Stick with promotional marketing and you will always be free to take as many vacations as you want in a given year. • I don’t know about you, but I hate having a company dictate how much free time and travel time I have every single year.
  • 25. • I mean, working 40 hours a week, 50-to-51 weeks a year, doesn’t sound that fun to me, if you ask me. -
  • 26. • A great friend of mine is known to take 2-to-3 month-long vacations each year and still clear six-figures with promotional marketing. • Is that scenario typical for everyone? No. But it sure as heck is possible.
  • 27. Reason #9: Tax Write-Offs • One of the biggest advantages that is touted by promotional marketers everywhere are the tax advantages. • I mean, who doesn’t want to have the freedom of writing off business expenses as a 1099 independent contractor, versus the limitations of not really being able to write-off anything at all as a W-2 employee?
  • 28. • Bought a new car and using it mostly for work? Write-off. Had to purchase a new laptop so you can continue to book gigs? Another write off. I can go on and on. Please note, I am not a tax advisor or lawyer, so these are just personal examples. Please consult with a tax professional for advice.
  • 29. Reason #10: No boss • And the best reason to consider promotional marketing as your career? You never really have a true boss (at least, not in the traditional sense)
  • 30. • We have what are called account managers, recruiting managers, account executives, booking manager, talent agents, and the list goes on and on. However, these are merely middle-men and ensure we have the tools and resources to succeed in our events and gigs that you as a promotional marketer works.
  • 31. • Other than that, you decide how much you want to work (in most cases), if you would rather turn down work and take time off, or take on a lot of work in a short period of time and take a nice long vacation afterwards. • All in all, it’s the most flexible industry I have ever had the blessing to work in.
  • 32. • I hope that these 10 reasons encourage you to look into promotional marketing as a career choice for the long-term more seriously. • If you are ready to take on the industry by storm, and take your game to the next level, definitely check out our free report, The Top 10 Qualities of An Amazing Brand Ambassador.
  • 33. Thank you! • Thank you so much for reading this free resource. Feel free to join our thriving online community of event marketing and promotional marketing professionals worldwide by clicking here.