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Copreci has been developing and manufacturing components for the household and professional appliances sector since 1963.
A co-operative enterprise with a customer-oriented policy since it was set up.
Valves, thermostats, electronic gas control systems… for free-standing cookers, hobs and ovens. Safety taps, milivolt valves, pilots, assemblies...for outdoor gas applications such as gas grills, patio heaters, fireplaces, firepits... Gas taps, thermostatic valves, pilots, ODS´s and electronic gas controls for gas heaters. Regulation and control components for the industrial appliances sector in gas cooking. Drain pumps, pressure switches, water distributors, electronic controls….for washing machines, dishwashers and dryers. Heaters for built-in induction hobs.

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  • 1. Copreci, the heart of your appliance
  • 2. 7 reasons to … fall in love with Copreci
  • 3.
    • We go….
    • wherever you are …
    • … ..because you don´t always have meet in the middle
  • 4. In Copreci, we expand in response to our customers´ needs. We reach out to meet our customers wherever they are to offer our full service potential. Copreci has plants in Spain, Italy Czech Republic, Turkey, Mexico, Brazil, China … and if we are ever needed in the moon…we will consider it.
  • 5. COPRECI Aretxabaleta (Spain) Founded in 1963 Surface 23.652 m2 Workforce: 836 Turnover: 129 M€ COPRECI MEXICO Guadalajara (Mexico) Founded: 1989 Surface: 3.500 m2 Workforce: 720 Turnover: 33,6 M € COPRECI CZ Dvorce (CZ)) Founded: 1996 Surface: 2.100 m2 Workforce: 222 Turnover: 12,3 M € COPRECI TURKEY Gebze (Turkey) Founded in 2003 Workforce: 62 Turnover: 4,3 M € COPRECI SYSTEMS Mareno di Piave (Italy) Founded: 2002 Surface: 5.719 m2 Workforce: 41 Turnover: 5 M € COPRECI CHINA Zhuhai (China) Founded: 2004 Workforce: 91 Turnover: 4,4 M€ COPRECI DO BRASIL Taubate (Brazil) Founded: 2002 Workforce: 72 Turnover: 3,8M€
  • 6. 2. We control technology … and we make it more human 40 years in the manufacture of components, constantly improving, anticipating change and investing in the best technologies has made us more efficient and turned us into market leaders but…. … .we're better because we have a passion for what we do.
  • 7. Our technology collaboration network is based around our own technology centres (Mondragon University, Polo Garaia, Ikerlan, Enerlan, etc.) and includes collaboration with European and American universities. This allows us to develop products such as electronic gas control systems, efficient induction and water-saving pumps for washing machines and dishwashers.
  • 8. 3. We innovate … we even innovate innovation Ten years ago, when our boss got it into his head to set up an Innovation Department, our first question was whether Innovation was spelt with one 'n' or two. Copreci launches an average of 10 new products each year and has over 200 patents. These days, nobody has to ask how to spell 'innovation'.
  • 9. At Copreci, we believe in innovation, actively managing it as part of a process, with the aim being continuous improvement, designing components that incorporate new features and making the end application easier to use. In addition, the use of new technologies means cost-saving in production with a more rational use and consumption of resources. New technologies: Flame ignition Flame detection Flame regulation New materials New processes Aluminium stamped Interchangeable process New functions focused on: Safety, Efficiency, Easy to use Electronic solutions
  • 10. 4. Our heart green In Copreci we encourage environmental thinking and we support sustainable development. The fact that we are in the midst of nature in Aretxabaleta makes us aware of what we have and what we stand to loose if we don´t take care of the environment. We do what we do, with care and dedication.
  • 11. At Copreci, we take seriously our commitment to the environment.  We conduct our business in ways that protect the environment and demonstrate good stewardship of our world's natural resources.  We work closely and cooperatively with local communities, suppliers and contractors, and other organizations engaged in improving the environment.  And we continually seek new ways to address the environmental cost and impact of our activities, products and services.
  • 12. 5. We belive in people … Ion, Maurizio, Elsa, Thomas, Bostjan, Choi, Anna… Because people are what really matter: our customers, our suppliers, our workers, their families, their children, students and we don't forget our former colleagues who have retired.
  • 13. 7 - “ Making time to bring up my three children and to do my job is made possible in a cooperative company like Copreci. ” Oscar Lajas (Técnico de Cocción Gas) 6 - “ Over the last 30 years we've seen a lot of changes to our way of working. In Copreci we continue to maintain our team spirit and social responsibility. ” Ione Salegi ( Pumps line worker and Administrative Council ) 5 - My work lets me live in Mondragón and make friends in 5 different continents. Lurdes Larrañaga (Export Manager) 4 - Copreci has given me the opportunity to take part in extraordinary technology projects such as the design of components for the ARIANNE space project ” Georgia Theodorou (Innovation & Technology Mgr.) 2 - After years of working in the States and Switzerland, I'm now working in México and as a member of Copreci I feel totally at one with the Basque cooperative initiative. Juan Brunner ( Copreci México General Manager ) 1 - Managing expertise is the key to our success, which is thanks to our 2,000 strong workforce. Javier Oleaga (Copreci Group Managing Director)
  • 14. 6. We control ...the elements For time immemorial, humans have tried to master their surroundings and to control fire, air, water and earth. That's also our goal in Copreci, and so our taps and valves control fire, our ODS and pilots make sure that the air is clean, and our pumps control water... and all the while we show the utmost respect for the earth.
  • 15. Pumps controlling the WATER, analyzers assuring the quality of the AIR, valves and remotes regulating the FIRE… manufactured respecting the EARTH
  • 16. 7. Copreci is more… … than Copreci Copreci belongs to Mondragon Group, the first Industrial Group in Basque Country and the seventh one in Spain. Our 90.000 people workforce and 210 companies work in all over the world. Because of that and, above all, because of you... we are not alone
  • 17. Research, Education and Training centers INDUSTRY AREA Turnover: 6,511 Mill. euro RETAIL AREA Turnover: 9,073 Mill. euro FINANCE AREA Financial Inputs: 1,186 Vertical Transporte Household Goods Industrial Automation Automotive CHP Components Machine-Tools Construction Industrial Systems Engineering & Manag. Services Equipment Tooling and Systems Automotive CM
  • 18. And to finish… some figures Gas Components in the Global Market 168.000.000 € Copreci Group turnover 12.000.000 Washing appliances with Copreci components per year 4.552.327 Average annual investment in R&D projects 230.400 Bypasess production per day 12.960 Seconds (time to achieve Jose’s retirement ) 1.856 Friends in the Copreci Group 223 Patents of Copreci 47 Years of experience in Domestic Appliance sector 7 Facilities around the world 1 One Project
  • 19. Thank you for your attention... We love having you here