Livestock Research Profile


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Presentation from the Livestock Inter-Agency Donor Group (IADG) Meeting 2010. 4-5 May 2010 Italy, Rome IFAD Headquarters.

The event involved approximately 45 representatives from the international partner agencies to discuss critical needs for livestock development and research issues for the coming decade.

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Livestock Research Profile

  1. 1. Australian Centre for InternationalAgricultural Research (ACIAR)Livestock Research Profile Peter Horne ACIAR
  2. 2. RESEARCH THAT WORKS FORDEVELOPING COUNTRIESACIAR’s missionTo achieve more productive andsustainable agricultural systems, for thebenefit of developing countries andAustralia, through internationalagricultural research partnerships. ACIAR
  3. 3. ACIAR isA research management agency withinthe Australian Government’s ForeignAffairs and Trade portfolio.Research funded by ACIAR aims to helpdeveloping countries to help themselves,by contributing to solving agriculturalproblems and building research capacity. ACIAR
  4. 4. What we doLink developing country partners withinternational R&D expertise in• Economics/Farming Systems• Cropping Systems• Livestock Systems• Natural Resource Management• Agricultural Policy ACIAR
  5. 5. Where we work• Papua New Guinea and South Pacific• Southeast Asia• South Asia and the Middle East• Sub-Saharan Africa ACIAR
  6. 6. Budget•$A64 million (2009–2010) rising to $A87million (2012–2013)•184 active projects (Bilateral)•27 active projects (CGIAR)•relatively small, longer term, researchfocused, partnerships and increasinglyprivate sector co-investment, NGOnetworks.•Typical projects $1-2million over 3-5years but programs typically longer ACIAR
  7. 7. Livestock SystemsProgram•Animal Health•Fisheries•Livestock Production Systems ACIAR
  8. 8. Animal Health ProgramFocus on diseases of regionalsignificance, trans-boundary diseases,zoonotic diseases, diseases affectingproduction and those affecting tradeand market access.14 active projects in Cambodia, Lao,Philippines, PNG and Indonesia ACIAR
  9. 9. Animal Health ProgramExamples:•National surveillance system forclassical swine fever, avian influenza,and foot and mouth disease –Indonesia•Understanding livestock movementand the risk of spread of transboundaryanimal diseases•Best practice health and husbandry ofcattle –Cambodia•Epidemiology, pathogenesis andcontrol of highly pathogenic avianinfluenza (HPAI) in ducks - Indonesiaand Vietnam
  10. 10. Fisheries ProgramFocus on improving productivity andsustainability of fisheries and aquatic farmingsystems through•innovative resource managementapproaches•the elimination of serious adverseenvironmental impacts arising from fishing orfarming practices•better utilisation of existing harvests•the development of productive andsustainable aquatic farming systems.28 active projects in Lao, Philippines, PNG,Pacific and Indonesia
  11. 11. Fisheries ProgramExamples:•Improving resilience and adaptivecapacity of fisheries-dependentcommunities -Solomon Islands•Improving productivity and profitabilityof smallholder shrimp aquaculture andrelated agribusiness - Indonesia•Developing new assessment andpolicy frameworks for Indonesiasmarine fisheries, including the controland management of Illegal,Unregulated and Unreported (IUU)fishing
  12. 12. Livestock ProductionSystems ProgramFocuses on enabling more-equitable crop-livestock systems and livestock productionthrough•Improvements to productivity•Enabling market access•Better environmental outcomes•Livestock and food safety14 active projects in East Timor, Indonesia,Vietnam, China, Pakistan and South Africa ACIAR
  13. 13. Livestock ProductionSystems ProgramExamples:•Benchmarking the beef supply chain ineastern Indonesia•Segmenting the South African marketfor beef palatability•Improving reproductive performance ofcows and performance of fatteningcattle in low input systems of Indonesia•Improving the competitiveness of pigproducers in an adjusting Vietnammarket
  14. 14. Other activitiesResearch capacity building – formaland informalActive publications programDeveloping new research approachesAssessment of impacts from investmentin agricultural ACIAR
  15. 15. ChallengesExpand livestock researchgeographicallyRemain focused on key challenges ineach country over longer termBetter integrate research programsacross disciplinesCreate broader research partnershipswhere contextually necessary ACIAR