UI Factors to Consider in App Designing by Copper Mobile


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One out of the four applications once downloaded is not used again. Developing the application that appeals every consumer is a tough task. Copper Mobile knows the tips and tricks of creating that perfect mobile application for the masses. The mobile application market is expected to peak in 2013. So, we have covered the basics of UI designing that will make your mobile app stand out in the crowded app stores market.

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UI Factors to Consider in App Designing by Copper Mobile

  1. 1. Creating a Mobile App that Appeals the Masses UI Factors to Consider While Designing an App http://www.coppermobile.com/
  2. 2. With over 590,000 iOS apps, 400,000 plus Google Play apps, and a combined total of more than 1.3 millionapplications in top app stores, creating that one mobile app that attracts millions isn’t easy.
  3. 3. One in four mobile applications once downloaded is not used again
  4. 4. What does it take to design the perfect mobile application that appeals the masses?
  5. 5. Design a Light-weight App
  6. 6. If the application is light weight It enables users to quickly choose the app, depending on their individual requirement Users can easily organize applications, as per the usability they offerTo achieve this kind of quick arrangement, you should: Streamline the apps functionality Refrain yourself from adding too many fingers
  7. 7. Giving the Offline User Experience
  8. 8. Applications that work offline are a big hit amongst consumersUsers can save or accessdata, without Internetconnectivity Embedding local data storage feature in the app will enable users to use manifest file & cache files locally
  9. 9. Finger-friendly Design
  10. 10. On an average, most number of touchscreen users either use their index finger or thumb for navigation.Keep the icons on the mobile app wide enough & clearly visible – It reduces the chances of user pressing the wrong icon
  11. 11. A study has revealed:“ Number of user errors reduced as target size of the app was increased “ Apples iPhone Human Interface Guidelines recommends minimum target size of 44px Microsofts Windows Phone UI Design Guide suggests a minimum target size of 26px Nokias Developer Guidelines suggest that target size should not be less than 28px
  12. 12. Easy Navigation
  13. 13.  Users hate clicking on multiple buttons or flippingthrough multiple screens No clear button functionalities increase thechances of users ending up uninstalling the app Keep the navigation & functionalities clear
  14. 14. No blank screen
  15. 15. A blank screen while app is loading can give all wrong notions to users They might think that app has malfunctioned Therefore, Show some loading indicator Use animation instead of a blank screen
  16. 16. Appropriate Color Combinations & Themes
  17. 17. Users do not give a second look to mobileapplication with dull color combos & boring themesA mobile application has screen size limitations; it needs to have a catchy design
  18. 18. Pixel PerfectScreen Resolution
  19. 19. Scalable UI elements & graphics are much required in an application intend to run on multiple devices What should you do? Invest in scalable & fluidic layouts Design around re-sizable & maximizable screen sizes
  20. 20. About UsCopper Mobile delivers the most extraordinary mobility experience with applications identified for their powerful, flexible, and secured features. Know more about us at www.coppermobile.com
  21. 21. Thank You