EC2 Cloud Sizing Tool

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EC2 Cloud Sizing Tool

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The CopperEgg Cloud Sizing Tool tracks the usage of your current systems (whether enterprise or cloud-based) and recommends optimal AWS EC2 instance sizes.

The CopperEgg Cloud Sizing Tool tracks the usage of your current systems (whether enterprise or cloud-based) and recommends optimal AWS EC2 instance sizes.

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  • 1. AWS Sizing Tool How Do I Choose the Right Amazon EC2 Instance?
  • 2. AWS Sizing Tool Overview  CopperEgg Cloud Monitoring  Unified, hybrid visibility across public cloud, private cloud, & enterprise  SaaS-based: high-velocity, low-friction go-to-market  AWS-hosted architecture: 100B+ records/day  Products & Partners  Monitor full cloud services stack: server, website, infrastructure/apps  Scalable, elastic across large, dynamic infrastructures  Cloud Sizing Tool Summary  Select the appropriate Amazon EC2 instance type, pricing, and EBS storage configuration  Analyzes over 200 possible combinations to recommend the best match  Real Server Benchmarking based on actual usage not synthetic workloads  Measure Memory, CPU, Disk IOPS, Network I/O, & Storage
  • 3. How Does The AWS Sizing Tool Work?  Based on a proprietary CopperEgg server benchmark derived from industry standards measuring:  CPU, memory, storage, disk IOPS, and network I/O metrics under actual user load over a 24 hour duty cycle  Specific recommendations are itemized for each user in a customized Cloud Sizing Report  Maps server-specific benchmark measurements to appropriate Amazon EC2 instance types and EBS storage configurations  Cloud Sizing Report includes  Per server detailed averages and 95th percentile averages for CPU, active memory, used storage, disk throughput, disk IOPS, and network I/O  Recommended EC2 instances detailing the related costs per hour, per month (Reserved Instances), or per month (on-demand)
  • 4. AWS Sizing Report
  • 5. Real Server Benchmarking  Real Server Benchmarking (aka Application Benchmarking) provides a much more precise way to measure load over synthetic tests: 1. Measures performance against the actual application and user load (versus pre-canned tests) 2. Ensures the best matching EC2 instance recommendation by running over a full 24 hour period  Similar to Real User Monitoring (RUM) concepts  Provides much more accurate app performance measurements versus synthetic app performance approaches
  • 6. How Do I Get Started 1. Create a CopperEgg account Start an unlimited 14-day trial 2. Install server monitoring on your systems and we do the rest! 3. View the Sizing Report for EC2 instance recommendations based on your system usage.