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ICAO-COPAC seminar agenda English

  1. 1. ICAO-COPAC International Safety Seminar Safety Information: The Cooperation between Aviation and Judicial AuthoritiesState Safety Programme, Safety Management Systems and Accident Investigation Madrid, 24 and 25 of March, 2011MARCH 2408:30 – 9:15 Registration09:15 – 10:05 Opening session- Mrs. Teresa Cunillera i Mestres, 1st Vice-President of the Congress (HouseSpeaker)- Mr. José Blanco, Minister of Public Works and Transport of Spain- Mr. Roberto Kobeh, President of the Council of the International Civil AviationOrganization, ICAO- Mr. Patrick Goudou, Executive Director, European Aviation Safety Agency, EASA- Capt. Luis Lacasa, President of Colegio Oficial de Pilotos de Aviacion Comercial,COPACPrincipal Moderator: Mr. Victor M. Aguado, Representative of Spain on theCouncil of ICAOPanel 1: Safety management: regulatory requirements10:05-10:25 Mrs. Nancy Graham, Director Air Navigation Bureau of ICAOICAOs Global Aviation Safety Plan, Why the protection of safety information is vitalto its success10:25-10:45 Mr. John Vincent, Deputy Director for Strategic Safety & Head ofSafety Analysis Department, EASA.European Requirements: Safety First10:45-11:05 Mr. Stephen Creamer, Director of FAA, Europe, Africa and Middle EastRegion Safety Information: The Cooperation between Aviation and Judicial Authorities 1
  2. 2. Role of voluntary reporting systems in new ATM procedures11:05–11:25 Mrs. Isabel Maestre, AESA Executive DirectorNational Requirements: The Spanish Safety Programme11:25–11:40 Q & A11:40–12:10 Coffee breakRound Table: The Spanish aviation safety initiate: review and amendmentof the Spanish Aviation Safety Act12:10-12:20 Introduction by Mr. Manuel Ameijeiras, Director General of CivilAviation of Spain12:20-12:50 Round table with members of Parliament moderated by Mr. Salvadorde la Encina, M.P. Chairman of the Parliament Transport Committee of SpainPanel 2: The need for the protection of safety information12:50-13:10 Mr. Kenneth Quinn, General Counsel and Secretary of Flight SafetyFoundationWhy do we need to protect the safety information?13:10-13:30 Captain Daniel Mauriño, Adviser of the Spanish National AviationSafety Agency (AESA)Why, but also what and how13:30-13:50 Mr. Rod Van Dam, Head of Legal Services and Chairman of the JustCulture Task Force, EUROCONTROL.A model policy for incident and accident prosecution13:50–14:10 Mr. Michael Gill, IATA Senior AttorneyThe challenges for operators and service providers to protect safety information14:10–14:25 Q & A14:25–15:45 LunchPanel 3: A case study, the LAPA Flight 314215:45-15:50 Introduction by Mr. Juan Manuel Gallego, Vice-President SpanishAeronautical Society15:50–16:10 Mr. Enrique Piñeyro, Airline Pilot, Filmmaker and Safety advocate. Safety Information: The Cooperation between Aviation and Judicial Authorities 2
  3. 3. 16:10-16:30 Mr. Carlos Rívolo and Guillermo Friele, Prosecutors for the State in theLAPA accident16:30–16:40 Q & A16:40–16:55 Coffee breakRound Table: The challenges of the judicial investigation in aviationaccidents16:55-18:15Moderator: Mr. Luis Martí Mingarro, President of Iberoamerican Bar AssociationMr. Daniel Soulez Lariviere (tbc), Soulez Larivière & AssociésMr. Antonio Hernández Gil, President of Madrid Bar AssociationMr. Miguel Nieto Menor, Legal Services, Ministry of Public Works and TransportMr. Jose Javier Diez, Judge at Malaga Main CourtMr. José Luis Sánchez Jáuregui, Deputy Prosecutor in Canary Islands CourtMr. Antonio Parrilla Martínez, Criminal Investigation, Civil Guard.Mr. Juan Antonio Rodríguez San Román, Criminal Investigation, National Police18:15–18:30 Q & A Safety Information: The Cooperation between Aviation and Judicial Authorities 3
  4. 4. MARCH 25Panel 4: The challenges in the protection of safety information generatedthrough SMS / SSP implementation08:50-09:10 Mr. Pablo Hernández Coronado, Director of Safety Analysis andQuality Management, AESAThe case of the Spanish Safety Reporting System09:10-09:30 Captain Juan Carlos Lozano, Chairman of the IFALPA AccidentAnalysis and Prevention CommitteeIFALPA Safety Information Policy09:30–09:50 Mr. Paul Fleming, member of the ICAO Air Navigation Commissionand SSP/SMS instructorA practical point of view for protecting SMS / SSP safety information09:50–10:10 Captain Gustavo Barba, Deputy President COPACThe evolution from Just to Accountability Culture10:10–10:25 Q & APanel 5: Protection of information in accident investigation10:25-10:45 Mr. Paul-Louis Arslanian, Former Director Bureau d’Enquêtes etd’Analyses 2010 (BEA)The experience on the field10:45-11:05 Mr. David Mayer, Chief Operating Officer, National TransportationSafety Board, NTSBOpenness and transparency in accident investigation: the U.S. experience.11:05-11:25 Rosa Arnaldo, Chairperson of the Accident Investigation Board ofSpain, CIAIAC, and María Jesús Guerrero, Member of the BoardManagement of safety information at accident investigation. Some difficulties in theapplication of the present legal framework11:25-11:45 Mr. Ulf Kramer, Chairman of EU Network for Safety InvestigationAuthoritiesThe coordination of investigation between the judicial authority and the safetyinvestigation authority11:45–12:00 Q & A12:00–12:20 Coffee break Safety Information: The Cooperation between Aviation and Judicial Authorities 4
  5. 5. Panel 6: Legislative Initiatives and Experiences12:20-12:40 Mr. Denys Wibaux, Director of Legal Department ICAOICAO legal guidance for the protection of safety information sources12:40-13:00 Mr. Jonathan Aleck, Associate Director of Aviation Safety, CASAStage of Initiatives in Australia13:00-13:20 Mr. Daniel Soulez Lariviere, Soulez Larivière & AssociésThe protection of aviation safety sensitive information in French law since newEuropean Regulation13:20-13:40 Mr. Nils la Cour, Head of Office Danish Transport AuthorityThe Danish experience to protect safety information by regulation13:40–14:00 Q & AWrap up14:00-14:10 Mr. Victor M. Aguado, Representative of Spain on the Council of ICAOClosure:14:10-14:20 Capt. Luis Lacasa, President of COPAC14:20-14.30 Mrs. Elvira Tejada, Chief Prosecutor, State Prosecutor Office14:30-14:40 Mr. Miguel Collado Nuño, Vocal of General Council Judiciary Power14:40-14:50 Mrs. Purificación Morandeira, Undersecretary of Ministry of Justice Safety Information: The Cooperation between Aviation and Judicial Authorities 5