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Outlook 2010 new features review. Email-to-SMS solutions. Have I drowned my laptop? Insurers take a sideways look at Facebook. De-crapify your PC. Q&A: How to write our online handbook? Clicks of the Trade - Banish browser mixed-content security warnings

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InfoBulletin February 2011

  1. 1. February 2011 Issue 120 Outlook 2010, Email-to-SMS solutions, Drowned laptops, Insurers look at Facebook View this edition in your web browser CONTENTS *** NewsBytes *** InfoBulletin Subscriptions IB archives IB eBooks Outlook 2010 new features review What we read Privacy policy Microsofts latest flagship application aims to save us from our email faux-pas.
  2. 2. Email-to-SMS solutions Reach out to the text-generation from your email with SMS gateways. Audits & Reviews Backup Have I drowned my laptop? Cloud Solutions Collaboration Disaster Recovery Laptops, smartphones, tablet PCs and coffee dont mix. IT Infrastructure IT Strategy Remote Working Insurers take a sideways look at Security Support Services Facebook Virtualisation Profiling is no longer the sole dominion of forensic psychologists and nosey employers. About us Contact Us De-crapify your PC IB looks at quick clean up tools for new and old PCs alike. Q&A: How to write our online handbook? Clicks of the Trade - Banish browser mixed-content security warningsPopular editions Twitter UpdatesApril 2010 Staying patched, Card CommunitySafe caller alerts: More scamspayment security: PCI DSS, USB flash are circulating regarding calls fromdrive tricks, Windows support lifetimes, unsolicited callers trying to ex...Eventbrite 1 day ago Disposing of old computers: Dumping PCsFebruary 2011 IT 2010: Cloud in the bin has now been banned for somecomputing comes down to earth, time ... 3 days agoVirtualisation made real, Windows 7 Wireless everywhere: Huawei, the Chineseupgrade, Are email messages unique? telecoms gear supplier, has signed a 4-year deal to upgrade the netw... http://clct.meNovember 2009 Disposable servers, /BCjuW 4 days agoEmail backup, Improve web site search Refurbished PCs and affordable computers:ratings, Dell PC energy costs More outlets have appeared for acquiring second-hand desktop PCs an... 5 days ago Follow IB on Twitter! Become an IB Facebook fan!
  3. 3. *** NewsBytes ***Android surpasses Apple Prescription for 2011:Mobile advertising network tablets, tablets, tabletsMillennial Media announced Counter-trending themid-January that the straitened economic times,Android™ operating system Christmas and the(OS) surpassed Apples iOS™ Consumer Electronics Showas the leading smartphone OS conspired to showeron their mobile ad network. In consumers with a hail ofSeptember, go-anywhere computingGartner announcements: 2011 is set to be the Year ofResearch had the Tablet. Microsoft is moving to a positionpredicted where its next Windows will also run on mobilethat processors such as the UKs Armopen-source Holdings/Qualcomm chip, as well as Nvidia andAndroid Texas Instruments. Thewould move represents a radicalbecome the no.2 smartphone OS in 2010 and shift from a 25-yearthen the main challenger to the Symbian OS tradition based only onlead by 2014. Android phones, which run on Intel chips, dubbed thedevices from multiple manufacturers, outsold Wintel alliance. IndustryApple-only iPhones for the first time in early analysts claim 2012 is too2010. late for Intel to produce its tablet-optimised Atom processors, while Qualcomm isTech Aid expanding its chips into Wi-Fi by acquiring expert companies. Motorola and Toshiba"New unveiled tablets running a new version oftechnologies Googles Android OS, likely on sale by endoffer enormous March, as did Acer whose tablets range frompotential to $399 to $499, comparing well with iPad pricesmake giving but undercutting Microsofts Windows 7 tablettime and by over 50%. Lenovo and Samsung alsomoney easier, displayed Dell-style tablet/laptop hybrids withwhile at the a built-in keyboard. New 4G services, offeringsame time making it more fun, interesting, and download speeds 10 times faster than todaysrelevant." So says a new government green 3G, will spur the take up of on-the-movepaper that aims to stimulate levels of giving computing.and mutual support in society as part of abroad approach to bottom-up culture change.Technology-based opportunities that exist Dont be evil. Bealready are donations through cashpoints at everywhere.the time of withdrawal, donating online viasearch engines like Everyclick and mobile apps Google wants to be yoursuch as CharityBox and Givey, as well as social ever-present and pervasivemedia tags like Twibbon. To contribute, companion if its recent slew ofdownload the fact-packed Giving Green Paper. releases from the MountainThe consultation ends on 9th March. View Googleplex are any indication. The Nexus SUptime SLA battle smartphone powered by the latest Android 2.3 (akaEnsuring that the cloud stays up - where its Gingerbread) follows on almostsupposed to be - has become a marketing exactly a year from thebattleground between Google and Microsoft. previous Nexus One. FeaturingThe latters Business Productivity Online an 18-day standby, a superbly bright AmoLEDStandard Suite (BPOS) averaged an uptime of 4" screen, a fast 1GHz Hummingbird processor,better than 99.9% in 2010 while Googles 16GB storage, and HD video recording, itshosted Gmail service clocked 99.98%. based on the Samsung Galaxy Tab. A newRefinements over how any outages and their Chromedurations are counted in respect of the two OS-poweredrivals Service Level Agreements (SLAs) have Cr-48made for a beneficial competition to notebookcustomers, who depend on the continual appeared atpresence of hosted office applications such as the end ofemail to run their businesses. (Via Network 2010 forWorld). laptops, though with 60,000 of these jet-black anonymous devices on offer for testers, Cr-48Internet from space is still clearly in development, though it promises to be upgraded silently to the latestThe new year version on every reboot.launched Not wanting to leave youwith a alone for a second,
  4. 4. second Google TV is with you in 6-tonne the living room too. This European particular project, initially Internet appearing on Sony and satellite Logitech TVs, has been scaled back pending arriving to take up a position above the equator software improvements and talks with more at nine degrees East. Eutelsats KA-SAT is manufacturers. Bringing Google-style search to intended to target millions of European homes TV programming via a keyboard remote control in so-called not-spots, remote from terrestrial or phone or voice commands, the intention is ADSL connections. Channelled via over 80 to combine the whole experience with the beams on territory stretching from North Africa Android Market app store. to southern Scandinavia, KA-SAT will serve up to two million households via its 70Gbps throughput. Ill phone you after the break ... Office 365 (R.I.P. BPOS) Business Productivity Online Services (BPOS) is being brought together with 2010 releases of Exchange, SharePoint and the Lync unified communications platform to be re-branded as Office 365, a major relaunch of Microsofts business cloud services. Going beyond The spiralling number of smartphone owners is traditional online solutions, users can also about to be hotly chased by advertisers, eager subscribe to the Office 2010 desktop to promote products directly on to the screen productivity suite. Office 365 is currently a beta thats always with us. In 2010 mobile Internet programme. The small business version is usage was 1.8bn hours but is set to soar to aimed at organisations of under 25 people at 7bn in 2015, or 28% of total online time, just $6 per user per month. predicts Enders Analysis; mobile-driven ad spending in the UK will grow at 45% per Nokia loses top annum compound from £46m in 2009 to £420m by 2015 they say. YouTube already currently smartphone slot exceeds 200m views a day on mobile, and the US ad market set to surpass $1bn in 2011. Worldwide shipments of Android-based However, until mobile payment systems are smartphones outstripped any other in the last better developed, ad sales from mobile quarter of 2010. Googles mobile platform searches will fail to deliver their promise. reached 32.9 million, marginally overtaking previous leader Nokia whose Symbian platform (still ranked the most popular among all mobiles) trailed at 31 million, according to global market data published by Canalys at the end of January. *** end of NewsBytes *** ^ Back to contents ^ 1. Outlook 2010 new features review Microsofts latest flagship application aims to save us from our email faux-pas and do just about everything but write the actual messages for us.Helpathand.Back If youre one of the unlucky ones that jumped early and adopted Outlook 2007 -issuesjust a
  5. 5. curiously omitted from the Ribbon interface makeover applied to Word and Excel - youll find Outlook has now been welcomed into the fold, along with plenty of smart little time-savers, and the odd annoyance too. Talk to the mouse A saviour for anyone working in email-jammed environments will be the Ignore Conversation feature. Doing pretty much what it says on the tin, it allows you to opt out of distracting threads and topics that no longer apply - for example, a project youve stopped being part of. Dextrous movesclickaway Quick Steps (under the Home | Mail tab) are basically macros that do all that repetitive everyday stuff for you, like forwarding emails to team colleagues, moving messages into your "Done" folder, or deleting the original email once youve fired off a reply. Aside from supplying pre-prepared macro Quick Steps, the wizard lets you customise your own. "Doh!" killer All of us have suffered the chagrin of being overtaken by events - we reply to a message whose relevance has been superseded in the email conversation by subsequent replies. To save us future self-embarrassments, Outlook 2010 pops up a warning below the Ribbon: "You are not responding to latest message in this conversation. Click here to open", and makes us fallible humans look smarter than we really are, but only if we heed the warning. We dont seem to talk any more In similar vein, Outlook users attached to Exchange 2010 are warned when trying to send an email to absent colleagues with out-of-office replies turned on. In the picture Emails with added biz flash are the order of the day for Office 2010 and Outlook is no exception. The Insert tab allows you to add some pizzazz to your missives with pictures,
  6. 6. SmartArt graphics, Excel charts and shapes, and troubleshooting-style screen-shots, as well as providing in-place editing features. Lets call the whole thing off Less flash, and more of a hash, is Conversation View, which group messages by subject into a single thread with a drop-down menu arrow revealing all threaded messages. However because threading is based on the subject line, clicking the drop-down bundles together all your colleagues "Im away ...." type messages , and incorrectly corrals all the messages with no subject line! Heads up, hands on The Calendar gets a Schedule View, presenting your calendar alongside colleagues calendars for a quick heads-up of the coming day. A vertical To-Do bar sneaks in on the right of email previews, completing your round-up of matters to hand. Suggested Contacts is the main addition to the Contacts section, and Outlook 2010 now logically harvests brand new correspondents and automatically creates an appropriate address card for each within Contacts. Lastly, a Xobni-style drop-down menu on every email footer reveals your email correspondents recent messages, attachments and appointments for a detailed conversation summary. Status updates from social networks are on the cards via this feature but youll need to be connected to a SharePoint Server 2010. Contacts More on the Outlook 2010 home page More on Collaboration and SharePoint -IB- ^ Back to contents ^ 2. Email-to-SMS solutions Reach out to the text-generation from your email with SMS gateways and software for every situation.Helpathand. Sooner or later everyone gets stumped by a breakdown in everyday communications –Back whether its a duff PC or a collapsed broadband provider – and we revert to good olissues SMS, aka, the Short Message System. Its handy, in your pocket, quick and generallyjust a pretty reliable.clickaway In emergencies, like harsh winter weather, we turn to texts to keep colleagues and
  7. 7. friends informed, if not actually dig us out oftrouble. But did you know you can use texts forcommunicating with masses of people at once? Snowed inHauliers use texts to keep in touch with fleets of Oh the weather outside is frightful, And the transports just a write-off,distant drivers, and businesses send them to So because weve no place to go,mobilise their road warriors swiftly. Now charities Text the co: "Were no-go, IMO"are using mass-texting to mobilise campaigns andaudiences, and it doesnt have to be expensive. Apologies to Sammy CahnMany of the specialised gateways offer discounts forbulk, so purchasing hundreds or thousands of textcredits becomes cheaper per message.IB looks at a handful of systems to cope with every SMS need.SkypeKnown to the world for freePC-to-PC phone calls, Skypeprovides a friendly interface that isprobably one of the most familiarones and allows you to text fromany PC keyboard. For those whohave purchased Skype creditonline, SMS texts are simplydeducted from the balance showninside Skype. Rates: 5.6p (ex-VAT) in the UK and 6.2p to US landlines. Recipients see the name of your Skype account as the sender, but cant returnmessages unless you have signed up for a Skype Online number.RedOxygenEstablished for a decade, theAustralian RedOxygen offerssolutions for office, and bulk SMSdelivery and a web interface for allmajor browsers, with thesurprising absence of Chrome.A set of core features includesextension of standard textmessages up to 765 characters(Long SMS), switch replies to goto email, set an outgoing nameinstead of the phone number, setmessage limits as an administrator,and choose secure connections toprotect privacy.The browser-based Web SMS solution gives you a web SMS "Inbox" and "Sent Items"that logs messages in and out and recipients can be selected from an address book ordistribution list.The Office version supports anything from Outlook 2000 upwards and its seamlessintegration places a simple "New SMS Message" button on the Outlook toolbar. You canalso schedule SMS messages to be sent later and have calendar reminders texted to yourphone. Rates: 8p down to 4p per message in bulk within the UK Free trials are available for all solutions.
  8. 8. TwitterA cost-efficient method of textinghundreds or thousands of peopleand all for the cost of one textmessage! The proviso is of coursethat you may have had to spendhours and hours acquiring andkeeping Twitter followers.Not everyone monitors their Twitterby phone but in the heat of anevent, movers and shakers areglued to the stream of tweetswhether theyre on a phone, desktopor laptop so its a natural for masscommunication.A crucial difference here is thatTwitter conversation ismany-to-many rather than the usualone-to-many scenario or email-to-SMS.Rates: The cost of one textmessage to all your followers on+44 7624 801423, though somecarriers charge this as aninternational number at 15p to 25p per message.txtlocalOffers significantly reducedrates for UK registered charitieswith services ranging fromEmail to SMS, Online Web SMS,and an API gateway forintegrating your web site orprogram to send texts directly,as well as picture messaging(MMS) services.txtlocal also provides a service to collect donations from texts after you have purchased aCharity Short Code. Rates: 5p down to 3.8p per message, but 2.8p flat rate for charitiesFrontlineSMSFor those who would rather have controlof everything on their desktop or laptopFrontlineSMS may provide a moresuitable and freely downloadable option.Its open source software turns your machine into texting hub, sending messages fromyour PC through your attached mobile phone.As such, FrontlineSMS doesnt need an Internet connection and simply employs whatevertariff (monthly or PAYG) that you have with your mobile network provider, making it easy
  9. 9. and unlimited to try out. The installed software stores all phone numbers and incoming and outgoing message records, which means independence from the Internet or the presence of a providers web servers. Rates: depends entirely on your mobile provider. TextMagic For global access, TextMagic might be your answer, offering worldwide texting to at least 200 countries. A boggling number of communication permutations include email-to-SMS and vice-versa, a bulk SMS gateway for server integration, email- to-mobile forwarding, downloadable SMS software for PCs and Macs, a web interface (any browser), and a 2-way SMS reply service for receiving as well as sending. You can even test it right from the home page! Rates: From around 7p down to 4.5p within the UK SMS2email Paradoxically available from SMS2email is an email-to-SMS service that optionally includes notifications of delivery to the network and/or mobile handsets in the form of email notifications to your account. Its bulk messaging service permits up to 1,000,000 mobile numbers to be contacted. By uploading a CSV file (created with any spreadsheet), its easy to send a personalised mail-out with a different message going to each mobile owner. Its namesake SMS-to-email service provides a free gateway, and multimedia (MMS) services, while a useful textback service makes it possible to track campaigns where recipients texting back keywords. Rates: 12p down to 5p per message, or monthly contracts. Its sister site aql handles bulk SMS messages at similar prices. mutube gateway list Site presents a complete worldwide list of email-to-SMS gateways for use direct from your email software: The technique generally involves putting the mobile phone number in front of the @ symbol in the email message. It also provides an SMS web form so you can send texts straight from a web browser. Some networks require activation to allow this service. -IB-^ Back to contents ^
  10. 10. 3. Have I drowned my laptop? Café society has helped us to mix work and relaxation. But laptops, smartphones, tablet PCs and coffee just dont mix, at least not in any kind of sustainable relationship. Discover how to recover and protect laptops and mobiles from water damage. You sit back, having put the last full stop on the last paragraph of the last page of a very long research paper. Time to reach over for a well-deserved slurp of that coffee as you ease round the side of the screen ... but, oh no! ... your sleeve catches on the top edge of the case. Suddenly, your heart is sinking faster than the hot, brown liquid thats slipping between the button tops of the keyboard. You didnt see that coming but you can sure as Many a slip twixt cup and chip hell see everything disappearing into a sticky sludge ... keyboard, hard drive, research paper, months of work, and maybe several hundred pounds worth of laptop too? Does a laptop like this end its days in caffeine-soaked oblivion? Most users give up, go out and buy a new one, but its worth trying these few tips to bring your device back from liquid-related catastrophes.Help Liquescent laptopsathand. Most laptop deaths occur following spills or water seepage, despite todays portable PCsBack having sealed keyboards to keep fluid at bay from leaking into the circuits.issuesjust a A&Eclickaway Turn off as fast as you can, maybe even a hard shutdown (press and hold power button). Surgery Blot up up excess liquid with a soft cloth. Dont wipe, or you risk pushing the liquid further in. Disconnect external cables, drives, network cards, USB sticks. Blot up these exposed sockets and removable devices. Leave the case intact. Removing water doesnt have to mean killing the internals too Rock the laptop slowly to each side, let any liquid drain out. Dont do shake, rattle and roll. Drain any final drops by turning the laptop upside down. Get a blow dryer on its coolest setting and carefully fan air over all parts. Leave the laptop face-down to air-dry for at least an hour, preferably all day. Rehab Plug any removable devices back in and re-start. Obviously if sparks fly and/or burning smells are detected, power down the laptop fast and find a repair specialist.
  11. 11. If it doesnt start at all, the battery may be in sulk mode. See if a charged spare battery works. Even battery packs contain processors that shut themselves down permanently for self-protection; if just the battery pack is damaged, a specialist repair shop may be able to reset it and bring it back to life.If it starts up cleanly, test-run a few programs and test external devices too. Next, backup your laptop data. Dont bank on the laptop running faultlessly from here on in.If its more than just water ingress - such as sticky juice, sugary coffee or salty brine -after drying, clean the surfaces (including the touchpad) with a soft, damp cloth. A 50%solution of isopropyl alcohol, diluted window clearer, or commercial keyboard cleanerwill do wonders.Soggy smartphonesEven expensive mobiles are on the whole builtaround consumer needs. Unless they arespecifically designed as waterproof, or classed asa tough phone, or ruggedised with an IP54 orbetter rating (the last digit indicates increasingresilience to water ingress), moisture willpenetrate even tight-fitting plastic covers within20 seconds.A&E Speed means survival! Extract the mobile from the water asap. Power it off if you can.Surgery Remove the phone battery to increase the survival chances of internal circuits. Remove any SIM and memory cards. Dab them with paper towels and leave to air dry. Remove any covers and connectors to expose gaps and breathing holes in the phone case to improve air flow. Shake the phone gently to extract droplets. Towel off any remaining drops by hand. Try to draw out excess moisture with a vacuum cleaner. The idea is to create additional draft from a distance rather than sucking up water vapour, especially as static build-up can kill a phone too. Prop the phone on paper towels and leave to dry for 24 hours, checking every few hours and changing the paper if absorbed moisture becomes apparent.RehabDoes it all look clean and dry? Replace the battery, SIM, card, etc, power on and test the mobile. If the phone looks dead, try powering it via the charger without its battery, unless its manual tells you specifically not to do this. If successful, the only damage is the cost of a new battery.If its a smartphone with sync capabilities, try connecting it to your computer andrunning a sync and backup. Owners of Android-based phones will generally be able toretrieve all their data and purchased apps from cloud storage anyway.If the mobile is still lifeless, try an authorised dealer for your brand of phone. Be honestabout the circumstances; internal sensors (or Liquid Submersion Indicators, oftenincluded for insurance purposes) are triggered by the presence of moisture. Rate this article * ** *** **** ***** -IB-
  12. 12. ^ Back to contents ^ 4. Insurers take a sideways look at Facebook Profiling is no longer the sole dominion of forensic psychologists and nosey employers. Facebook and Twitter have give everyone the means to become a human resources detective in a couple of clicks. Among the first to take an enthusiastic and cost-benefit-driven approach to pursuing Facebook profiles have been insurers. The bottom line being that customers who post their excessive offline lifestyle and other revelry on social networks could help reap rewards for insurers by allowing them to charge higher insurance premiums. No question about disclosing material facts: the evidence is there for all to see. It seems that social networking trends have ushered in a new era of snooping to support predictive modelling schemes by data mining customer data from a variety of sources. Trials conducted by Deloitte Consulting LLP have shown that analysing a customers data for potential health risks was as useful as sending them for a blood or urine test. This valuable source of information about customer health and life expectancy is not lost on insurers.Helpat Richard Verdin, protection director Aviva, has indicated that an awareness of alcoholhand. consumption and petrol expenditure would benefit both firms, premium payers andBack claimants. He recently told the Sunday Times: "As well as online data collection we areissues looking at partnerships with banks, supermarkets, gyms and employers to share datajust a with a view to introducing these methods next year."clickaway Vast databases of our consumer habits are amassed daily from social networking profiles, online sales forms, marketing polls and surveys, subscriptions, registrations and public records. Purchasing this data and consolidating it with online market research gives insurers new tools to appraise our lifestyle choices. Being Googled or Facebooked is for them a natural future extension of todays standard assessments such as demographics and the post code lottery. Every day as consumers we dispense our private data (perhaps unknowingly) to market researchers and insurance firms by shopping online, using credit cards, loyalty cards, membership cards, or just by forgetting untick opt-in boxes at the bottom of application forms and online registrations. Look after your six-pack "You are what you eat" has probably never been truer than its about to become in the eyes of your insurance company, after all, a supermarket customer that regularly includes a 6-pack of crisps in their salt- and fat-laden basket is going to be a worse risk than someone who veers towards fruit n veg plus a 6-pack of clementines. Spice up these valuable data nuggets with some inadvisable Facebook postings on
  13. 13. drunken rampages and you heading into an insurance inferno and the employers recycle bin. Putting this together with the realisation that some social networks never delete your data demonstrates that you are assembling the the kind of CV thats not for public viewing, yet thats precisely what it is. Too close to home? Likewise, tech fanatics who hook their mobiles up to Facebook and location-based services like foursquare create a series of geographical tracking points that make it a cinch for potential burglars to tell when nobodys home. And if its easy for them, then insurance companies may have spotted these promiscuous gaffes too. Facebook privacy tips: Facebook friends? Stick to people you know (its what Facebook actually tells you to do). Keep privacy settings restricted to just friends for your private stuff Create a closed user group for your more off-piste activities Most social networks are full of ephemeral comments that friends have read within minutes. Scratch your old stuff to avoid leaving an incriminating trail for employers-to-be Twitter privacy tips: Bear in mind that Twitter never deletes anything Be careful what you tweet Open a new account with a closed/blocked status for private activities Chinese whispers trail sends "Oxford Street Subscription privacy tips: shooting" out of control on Twitter. When subscribing online, remember to untick boxes that would otherwise circulate your data and opt you into third-party companies and group lists. -IB- Rate this article * ** *** **** ***** ^ Back to contents ^ 5. De-crapify your PC Software that arrives on a new PC can sap its performance and storage quota from the minute you switch on. IB looks at quick clean up tools for new and old PCs alike.Helpathand.Back A new PC may come bundled with all sort of applications that the Original Equipmentissues Manufacturer (OEM) thought would help you get started or, more realistically, would selljust a the machine. A few weeks later, these programs sit there unused, unloved and despisedclick for the space and memory they may hog.away
  14. 14. Prime programs or crap apps?So-called crapware manifests itself in the form of: times-limited antivirus software that demand a paid subscription, branded utilities such as profile managers, trialware like office programs, web browser toolbars that add clutter and reduce the viewing area, ISP-related utilities such as those installed by BT and AOL.Vendors pay handsomely to get their software pre-loaded and hopefully hook potentialnew users by presenting their wares in your face. A software program is easily removedas we know from within Control Panel | Add/remove programs (or Programs and Featuresin Windows 7), but what if a program function is difficult to discern or it doesnt evenshow up? Do you still remove it, and how?Removing these will free up relatively small amounts of disc storage, but may liberatecrucial MegaBytes of working memory (RAM), especially where they run as a service orappear in the system tray/notifications area. This selection of tools sleuth out the usefulfrom the useless.WinPatrolA utility that starts up with arather disconcerting barkingnoise until you get used to it(presumably because of itsScotty the Windows Watchdog),clearly displays the authors foreach program so you can at leastGoogle the company if youre stillstumped about its purpose.So, for example, you candiscover (before you rip it out!) that "Bonjour" is not a pice of malware communicationsoftware but a service installed by Apple Inc as part of iTunes.AutorunsFrom the venerableSysInternals stable nowacquired by Microsoft, this toolnormally aimed at advancedusers, but is excellent foranalysing and removingunwanted startup programs andhas the advantage ofinstallation-free-running; justdouble-click the autoruns icon.Like WinPatrol, it allows forhiding Microsoft-signed entriesto make the listings easier to view, but can also verfy program code signatures to helpyou eliminate rogue-ish software and registry keys.It shows startup items and registry keys, ranking programs in running order, and revealsfile paths giving each program a context in which to judge it.PC DeCrapifierA simple, wizard-based remover that lists third-party programs and prompts you for theirremoval.PC DeCrapifier offers a restore point creation along the way so you can roll back in theevent of inadvertently over-enthusiastic cleaning!
  15. 15. CCleaner An eminently sound registry cleaner, CCleaner removes redundant entries (reducing registry file size), browser caches and temporary files, as well as files left behind after failed installs and removals. A good post-cleanup operator. Since you are only going to use this tool occasionally you could uninstall that too after youre done. Dont forget to scour the Progam Files folder later and scrub all traces of programs you deleted; sometimes preference settings are retained here even after uninstalling. Contacts Autoruns CCleaner PC DeCrapifier WinPatrol Email* Org -IB-^ Back to contents ^ 6. Q&A: How to write our online handbook? Hi Mark, Question We previously used some software to build a user manual Mark for our database. Now we are looking for something better to write our handbook, preferably online rather than the old printed format. Do you know what organisations and academics use for this sort of thing?
  16. 16. The classic solution to building a manual these days is to use a Wiki, which allows multiple authors to edit pages collaboratively and show a historical audit trail of who edited what. This means you can either import exiting pages quickly and/or build up your manual gradually and edit it as required. Wikipedia and its thousands of authors is the most well-known example of a wiki. Some online wikis or portals are free, others you must pay for and some do Whats a wiki? a combination of both, such as Zoho Check out a plain English explanation in this video by Common CraftHelp Many Content Management Systemsat (CMS) such as Drupal will also allow you to build a Wiki or co-authoring portal insidehand. them. For instance, if you have a Windows Server in-house, Co-Operative SystemsBack could build you a SharePoint installation to achieve this, which will have otherissues collaborative advantages for your organisation too.just aclick A good comparison site of wikis can be found at Two of the mostaway popular ones, DokuWiki and PmWiki run on most server platforms and appear in large nmbers of languages. Choose the pull-down labelled "25 most popular" if the choice is too bewildering! Discover answers in more Q&A topics -IB- Found this article helpful? Rate it * ** *** **** ***** Got a "Q" for which you would like an "A" ? Submit your IT question here: ^ Back to contents ^ Clicks of the Trade - Banish browser mixed-content security warnings --- Quick tips for happier clicks! ---Helpat Web browsers have good intentions when it comes to guarding ourhand.Back security, but sometimes its plain annoying.issuesjust a In Internet Explorer, you might see:click "Do you want to view only the webpage content that wasaway delivered securely?" while in Firefox, this might appear as: "You have requested an encrypted page that contains some
  17. 17. unencrypted information."These pop-up warnings are looking out for your PCs well-being andthe intention is to protect you against non-secure web scriptsaccessing information you want kept secure, such as credit card infoand online passwords.Online accountsfor mobilephones oftenserve up pageswith a mix ofsecure andnon-securedata, forexample, adsfor new phonesand tariffs in aside bar whiledisplaying yourbills in thecentre of thepage.If your surfinghabits steer youclear of dubioussites, or at leastyou haveexcellent linkscanning inplace, you canturn thesewarnings off fora less annoyingbrowsingexperience. Inany case, itsworth knowingwhere thesesettings arekept.In Internet Explorer: pull down Tools menu (or press Alt+T keys) | Internet Options Security tab | Internet zone | Custom level button Scroll down about half way to find the "Miscellaneous" section and set Display mixed content to EnabledIn Firefox: pull down Tools menu (or press Alt+T keys) | Internet Options Security tab | Settings button Untick "I am about to view an unencrypted page that contains
  18. 18. some encrypted information" ** try it now ** More Clicks of the Trade -IB- Subscriptions^ Back to contents ^ At any time you can change your subscriber address or stop receiving InfoBulletin altogether by changing your Overview of InfoBulletin subscriber preferences or by visitingInfoBulletin is written and published by Co-Operative Links in the original emailSystems and contains Information Technology tips that we message body allow you to forward this issue to a friend,come across during everyday research and support colleague or associate without subscribing them.activities and which may be useful in improving your IToperations, either internally or on the Internet. ^ Back to contents ^Opinions expressed within InfoBulletin do not necessarilyrepresent the views of Co-Operative Systems. Contact detailsE&OE Sales & Enquiries: 020 7793 0395 Viewing IB Support: 020 7793 7877This bulletin is presented as a Web page (in HTML) that can support@coopsys.netbe read in any standard browser and most email clients. Itis written in a compact format for fast viewing, short Fax: 020 7735 6472download time and ease of use for mobile computers. Fax us via email Web: Printing IBIf you prefer to read IB on paper (hopefully recycled!), Privacythink about pulling down the File | Print Preview menu Under no circumstances does Co-Operative Systems supplyin your browser and just printing the sheets you want. lists of customers to other organisations. Read our Privacy Policy in full. ImplementationInfoBulletin topics can be implemented by Co-OperativeSystems on a chargeable basis or via Facilities Management(FM) for those with rolling work programmes. Archives and IndexRead recent and past issues of InfoBulletins on the Web at orsearch our archives and subject index.We hope you found InfoBulletin useful! If you would like to comment on any of the articles orrequest particular subjects to be covered, mail us here.
  19. 19. CO-OPERATIVE SYSTEMSInterpreting Information Technology