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Microsoft have been pioneers in making their widely used software affordable for the not-for-profit sector, via heavily discounted pricing and close to free supply via the CTX programme. Eve Joseph Microsoft's manager of their not-for-profit programme will outline Microsoft's vision for the sector.

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  • Why am I here today? Face to the sector for Microsoft Give you a whistle stop tour of what microoft envisages for the future and solutions we have which I think are relevant for this sector
  • 3 Reasons I showed you this video – 1 – Microsoft is more than windows and office.  U are all here because you are interested in technology and Microsfot is leading the way in a number of innovations. There are many areas we can help charities such as yourselves. 2 – The world of technology is changing – new concepts are just around the corner and as charities / philanthropic organisations, we need to make sure we ensure you are ready for the changes and are sustainable. These changes are not as far out as you would imagine…. 3 – Vision of where Microsoft thinks technology is going
  • CTX – Gave away $5million last year Pakistan – just the UK donated over £50,000 cash – managed from corporate head quarters IT flows through different agencies including UN agencies. Net hopeResponse protocol run from corporate
  • Cutting CostsBeing more competitiveReducing data and processing time and costsMaking IT easier to useImproving CommunicationsCompliance and Governance
  • Chris Harris – Sales Manager – set up pilots
  • Final Friday each month
  • Research into what Microsoft has to offer not only in the enterprise world but with consumer technologies that may be able to support your charity
  • Eve Joseph, Microsoft UK

    1. Evangelise the Microsoft story toensure more money and resourceis spent on your philanthropicwork and not on maintaining yourIT Infrastructure.
    2. What does the future look like?
    3. £Building Trusted IT Partnerships
    4. Dynamics Azure/Server
    5. Dynamics Azure/Server
    6. Plan Charity Price Commercial Price Intune £3.63 £7.25 Plan Charity Price Commercial PriceCRM Online £6.75 £29.50
    7. Attracting New Talent
    8. www.bing.com/HelpYourBritain