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Death, Taxes & Internet Outages
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Death, Taxes & Internet Outages

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Where It's At 2013 - Phillip Anthony, Co-Operative Systems

Where It's At 2013 - Phillip Anthony, Co-Operative Systems

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  • Want to show how as individuals we need to manage our way round IT in a less than perfect world ANDHow IT is increasingly revolving around us as individuals instead of the organisation
  • Then eureka a game changing moment
  • Note the 5 remotes
  • One day clever devices that sort them selves out on a universal connection and we just talk to them - ? Yes or no?
  • The Silent Office - who has that ?
  • Do this and get at least 10% more out of your life or your money back


  • 1. Where ITs@!Philip Anthony/Co-Operative Systems
  • 2. “Death, Taxes & Internet Outages”Aim - Arealistic, existentialist non-paranoidrelationship withtechnology
  • 3. No 3gInternetCase Study : Airport MeltdownCant Phoneor SMSNo PublicWiFiThe fix? – blaginto a loungeset up yetanotherhotmailaccount, sigh…The outcome ?
  • 4. „Well How Did I Get Here?..
  • 5. Phase II – Bringing it all back homeInternetDigital TVTIVO (BT Vision)Home Cinema + AppsWireless Keyboard & MouseInternet RadioDAS
  • 6. Phase II – Bringing it all back home= Personal Data Centeryou cant just come round & watch TV
  • 7. • Full Outlook & Live.com + Adobe & MsOffice• Trains & Buses & Boris Bikes & TFL• SatNav, Maps, Local Scout, Weather• BBC & Times• Bing, Google, YouTube, Wikipedia• Facebook, Linked in• Amazon, e-bay, Tesco, British Airways,• Games – Angry birds• + And there is a Phone & TxtLovin the „apps‟…Phase III - Real SmartHow many serious smart users in the house?
  • 8. Phase III – Acts of Faith..Any others ‘early adopters’ done this yet?
  • 9. Man in Control of his UniverseUser centric computing
  • 10. What can possibly go wrong?Who is responsible?Who is accountable?
  • 11. Issues & Causes of OutagesWhat happens:• Device Failure• App Failure• Internet OutageCauses:ICT industry- rush to marketLack of planningUser error – unplugging, not charging, not understandingLack of responsibility and accountabilityUsage beyond design parameters
  • 12. X - Multiple Points for FailureXXXXXXXXXXX
  • 13. Plan Ahead – Forusers..eg- For travelEducate onLimitationseg ADSL SLAs@ homeEducate onComplexityDouble Up• Internet• Devices• Apps• Infrastructure• DB replication• Mail archivingAvoiding Outages – IT People“I cant get email…”DR planning = Risk & Cost
  • 14. Avoiding Outages II – Personal Planning- Communication• Bjorn Communicator• Mail me• phil@coopsys.net & pda66@live.com• Txt me• Call me• Office (all)• Mobile (key contacts)• Home (F&F&Core)
  • 15. Avoiding Outages III – Personal Planning- Information Access• Ben Informed:• Database/Office Info• Office PC, Laptop, Telly, Phone• Internet/Apps• Phone, Office PC, Telly, LaptopThink ahead on where you will be….
  • 16. „Down n out „– Being Realistic• 99% up time = offline 3.5 days per year• 99.9 = offline almost 9 hours per year• 99.99 = approx 1 hour per year• Most organisations, services will have an outage each year• Many outage recoveries can not be rehearsed• Home & Smart phones are more vulnerable than office services• Have a plan B & C
  • 17. The Opportunity…
  • 18. Death, Taxes, Internet Outages
  • 19. Thank YouPhilip Anthony/Co-Operative SystemsMail me  - phil@coopsys.net