[Coopreneur.eu] presentation 5-june


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cooperation for support entrepreneurship & accelerate startups development

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[Coopreneur.eu] presentation 5-june

  1. 1. entrepreneur
  2. 2. cooperation entrepreneur
  3. 3. cooperation for entrepreneurs cooperation entrepreneur coopreneur
  4. 4. cooperation for entrepreneurship & startups development coopreneur
  5. 5. cooperation for startup development coopreneur.eu[ ] European platform providing cooperation support services & facilities for the creation, development and internationalisation of startups
  6. 6. Development & procurement of high-quality support services for accelerating startups development & internationalisation by cooperation opportunities, raising to interact 30 stakeholders & 200 startups, located in 20 cities and coordinated by a European Cooperative Society of coopreneur workers. market community cooperative platform
  7. 7. coopreneur person taking direct responsibility for turning an idea into a profitable finished thing, product, service, … through assertive risk taking & cooperation [coopreneur.eu] European cooperative working persons taking direct and collective responsibility for turning an idea into a profitable finished thing, product, service, … through assertive risk taking & cooperation. cooperative
  8. 8. European Cooperative Society (SCE) the back- office coopreneur (cooperative entrepreneurs) working on the Web and Mobile Applications (WMA) development & on the platform coordination & responsible exploitation ‘Sweat Equity’ as meritocracy’ principle‘ cooperative
  9. 9. Building up a European cooperative platform for providing entrepreneurship development services and a marketplace for bartering exchange of startups services Release alfa-version platform on 15th September. cooperative
  10. 10. Mission: Continuous expansion from the current 30 European cities to be in each European region in 2016 and why not in each European city in 2017, for being closest and providing the best European support services to startups platform
  11. 11. Mission: Reducing the high level of entrepreneurs failure and accelerating their development and Europeanisation, facilitating collectively a wide range of high-quality support services based on the cooperation among entrepreneurs, startups and local entrepreneurship stakeholders Responding effectively to all entrepreneurs actual and vital needs and technological and business challenges, offering optimal mix of partnering entrepreneurship stakeholders across Europe for the procurement of a complete catalogue of high-quality cooperation support services. platform
  12. 12. Local incubators gain economy-scale cooperating and working at European level, developing and providing collectively common and cross-border services. platform
  13. 13. Values: ● Support to entrepreneurship ● Value creation ● Cooperation among members ● Innovation in practice ● Quality demanding ● Responsible platform exploitation ● 'Sweat equity' as meritocracy platform
  14. 14. cooperative experts stakeholders core-team startups coopreneurs sponsors supporters community
  15. 15. The platform will assemble the following 6 main communities: 1. The entrepreneurship stakeholders (incubators, coworking spaces, accelerators, …) platform and associated members 2. The ‘Coordinated Expert Community’ (CEC) of entrepreneurship, technology and business. 3. The start-up companies: tenants and participants. 4. The ‘support local networks’ public and private, technical and academic organisation. 5. The ‘sponsors and patrons’ associated to the platform's activities. 6. The ‘coopreneur workers’ of the European Cooperative Society (SCE) formed by ICT, entrepreneurship and business experts that early have cooperate on the platform development and are working at the ‘back-office’ on the coordination and management. community
  16. 16. High-quality common support & tutored cooperation services. Thematic, technological & industrial services startups Collective development & procurement of startups cooperation & cross-border European services & support facilities stakeholders Coordinated critical-mass of startups customer Professional specialisation In high-qualified common support services experts coopreneur market market
  17. 17. experts cooperative stakeholders startups negotiation cooperationapproach agreement business Mediated Cooperation Agreement Protocol search profiles at the ‘Interactive Showroom’ cooperation service process for support startups & development acceleration market
  18. 18. Contracting & Providing startups Mentoring & mediating stakeholders Special provision Providing commons experts coopreneur Bartering Exchange of Cooperation Services [BECS] market
  19. 19. Follow! Contact! Join us! market community cooperative platform