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2. sve   intergeneration volunteer - apresentation host organisation, evs and project
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2. sve intergeneration volunteer - apresentation host organisation, evs and project


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  • 1. WELCOME VOLUNTEERS EVS Intergeneration Volunteer EVS-IntergenerationVolunteer2010
  • 2. Part. I Apresentation Host Organisation EVS-IntergenerationVolunteer2010
  • 3. WHO ARE WE?  Co(op)ração is a cooperative of social solidarity, non-profit founded the 29/12/2008 and headquartered in Damaia, Amadora.  In turn, the current reality of the city of Amadora, being one of the most populous of Portugal and disadvantaged in the field of actions directed to elderly people, mainly on the implementation of Intergenerational Practices.  The aim of promoting the public senior’s:  Dignity;  Personal development;  Participation in social life. EVS-IntergenerationVolunteer2010
  • 4. WHO ARE WE?  Mission  To create value for users/co-operators, collaborators and partners, acting for the senior population; to improve their life’s quality and to meet their needs through differentiated services.  Vision  To be a social solidarity cooperative social, sustainable and adapted to changes in social reality.  Principles  Professionalism (do-well/dedication and competence);  Social Awareness (social responsibility);  Humanity (human dignity/respect);  Justice (fairness). EVS-IntergenerationVolunteer2010
  • 5. OUR MAIN STRATEGIC PILLARS: EVS-IntergenerationVolunteer2010 Domiciliary Support Service Intergenerational dialogue Active Ageing
  • 6. WHY VOLUNTEERS ARE IMPORTANT?  Why are we in a social context with a considerable number of elderly and we also have various intergenerational projects, such as:    Horta no Coração EVS-IntergenerationVolunteer2010
  • 7. Part. II Introduction EVS EVS-IntergenerationVolunteer2010
  • 8. WHAT IS EVS?  Action 2 - European Voluntary Service  Objectives  The aim of the European Voluntary Service (EVS) is to develop solidarity and promote active citizenship and mutual understanding among young people.  What is a European Voluntary Service project?  The European Voluntary Service enables young people to carry out voluntary service for up to 12 months in a country other than their country of residence. It fosters solidarity among young people and is a true „learning service‟. Beyond benefiting local communities, volunteers learn new skills and languages, and discover other cultures. EVS-IntergenerationVolunteer2010
  • 9. WHAT EVS IS NOT occasional, unstructured, part-time volunteering an internship in an enterprise a paid job; it must not replace paid jobs a recreation or tourist activity a language course exploitation of a cheap workforce a period of study or vocational training abroad EVS-IntergenerationVolunteer2010
  • 10. LOCAL PARTNERSHIPS Organizations Type Local Scope Ass. 5 Elemento Coordinator and partnership Lisboa Coordination and partnership activities Social Commission Damaia Local partnership Damaia Forwarding and diagnostic needs Local Council of Social Action Local partnership Amadora Visibility, dissemination and exploitation of results Community group of Neighbourhoods 6 May and star of Africa Local partnership Venda Nova Visibility, dissemination and exploitation of results Thematic Group of Social Support and Health Local partnership Amadora Visibility, dissemination and exploitation of results Cronocoop - Cooperative Services Administrative Partnership Amadora Administrative support, accounting and HR National Agency YiA Institutional and financial support Braga Support in EVS training cycle and all necessary legal actions and other actions it deems important EVS-IntergenerationVolunteer2010
  • 11. ROLE OF COORDINATOR  Financial and administrative responsibility of the whole project;  Coordinate the project in cooperation with sending and host organizations;  Distribute the EVS grant to sending and host organisations sending, according to the distribution of tasks formalised in EVS Activity agreement;  Ensure that volunteers will be involved in the entire Cycle of EVS Training and Evaluation;  Provide support to all volunteers in the host organisation;  Perform all or part of the administrative tasks of Sending and Host organizations involved in Project;  Ensure, with sending and host organizations, that each volunteer is covered by compulsory insurance group EVS provided by the youth in action programme;  Get visas (if it´s needed) together with sending and host organisations for each volunteer;  Fill and issue, together with the volunteers and with sending and host organizations, a certificate Youthpass for volunteers at the end of their EVS. EVS-IntergenerationVolunteer2010
  • 12. DIMENSIONS OF SUPPORT - HOST ORGANISATION EVS-IntergenerationVolunteer2010  Task related support  Linguistic support  Intercultural learning support  Personal Support  Free time and socialising  Recognition of participation through the YOUTH PASS.
  • 13. ROLE OF SUPERVISOR  Diagnose needs;  Recruit and select volunteers;  Orient and train volunteers;  Monitor, supervise and evaluate volunteers;  Valuing and recognizing volunteers;  Monitor and evaluate the volunteer program;  Introduction to the organisation (values, history, rituals, members etc.);  Information support;  Technical support;  Task-related training;  Learning support;  Clarity of given tasks on daily or weekly basis;  Safety and security of working environment;  Support to attend EVS training sessions;  Encourage volunteer to attend language training. EVS-IntergenerationVolunteer2010
  • 14. ROLE OF MENTOR  The mentor will have a key role in the following sections 3 AAA´s:  Assist to volunteer, principally in any crisis situation or problems during EVS;  Assist in the integration of the volunteer in local community and with the other volunteers and young people (intercultural adaptation and intercultural learning support);  Assist in the learning process and activities; and play the discussion of learning outcomes with the volunteer at the end of the activity, to obtain the Youth Pass,  The mentor cannot be the person who assigns and supervises the tasks of the volunteer. EVS-IntergenerationVolunteer2010
  • 15. Part. III Introduction Project Intergeneration Volunteer EVS-IntergenerationVolunteer2010
  • 16. BECAUSE THIS PROJECT EXISTS? EVS-IntergenerationVolunteer2010 Amadora – an increase of elderly: according to the social diagnosis, 2008 City of Amadora there are an increasing number of elderly people, mainly with more than 75 years, in most cases, these most women living alone. Have already been detected also in diagnosing Social violence and neglect against seniors, as well, is subject to poverty and social exclusion. Portugal – loneliness and isolation: according to a national study that defines the profile of an ageing population in 2008, the Faculty of Medicine of Coimbra, nearly 40 percent of the Portuguese from 65 years spend eight or more hours of his days alone "the solitude of our elders is frightening" notes Anabela Mota Pinto, one of the authors of the study. According to the same author "the elderly in Portugal are very little exploited". Moreover, according to Georg Gaul, Austrian Society of Cardiology, cited by agency Efe, the risk of death of people living alone is twice of that remain together. Europa – Intergeracional: EVS as a way to develop Intergenerational Practices – increasingly recommended practice within European "means joining people with a purpose, through activities that benefit mutually and promoting a better understanding and respect between generations" (Project MATES- Mainstreaming intergenerational solidarity, 2009).
  • 17. MAIN OBJECTIVES EVS-IntergenerationVolunteer2010 Promover dinâmicas de solidariedade intergeracional Prevenir situações de dependência, solidão e isolamento Idosos Contribuir para a melhoria da qualidade de vida dos seniores Jovens
  • 18. MAIN OBJECTIVES EVS-IntergenerationVolunteer2010 Promoting Active Citizenship Combat all forms of discrimination based on age SENIORS Prevent situations of dependency, loneliness and isolation Promote active ageing YOUHT
  • 19. SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES  To develop solidarity and promote active citizenship for 3 volunteers in the municipality of Amadora based on three pillars: EVS-IntergenerationVolunteer2010 Aprendizagem não formal para desenvolver a Solidariedade Intergeracional Aprendizagem empreendedora para gerar redes de apoio sólidas à população sénior Aprendizagem participativa para actuar nas necessidades da comunidade local, principalmente sénior
  • 20. SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES EVS-IntergenerationVolunteer2010 Non-formal Learning for developing Intergenerational Solidarity and Active Citizenship Entrepreneurial Learning to generate strong support networks to the senior population Participatory Learning to act on the needs of the local community, especially senior
  • 21. ROLE VOLUNTEERS  Promotion of active citizenship by fighting all forms of discrimination, especially discrimination based on age;  Promotion of the autonomy and quality of life of the local community, mainly from seniors;  Promotion of the active participation of seniors;  Promotion of Senior´s communication, familiarity and Time Occupation; EVS-IntergenerationVolunteer2010
  • 22. ACTIVITIES  Support in everyday tasks, especially for the elderly living alone and few social support networks.  Volunteering is essential to boost the intergenerational practice and active citizenship through daily cultural actions (e.g. leisure, recreational, cultural, sport, religious, spiritual, social, intellectual, psychological training).  Moreover, young people will disseminate and exploit the results by raising awareness among other young people on the themes of the project and also will give their testimony about the experience. EVS-IntergenerationVolunteer2010
  • 23. CONCEPTS EVS-IntergenerationVolunteer2010 Práticas Intergeracionais • Procuram juntar pessoas com um propósito, através de actividades que as beneficiem mutuamente e que promovem um melhor entendimento e respeito entre gerações.
  • 24. CONCEPTS EVS-IntergenerationVolunteer2010 Envelhecimento Activo • Um dos factores para o envelhecimento bem sucedido é a forma como se prepara a velhice, pois os comportamentos adoptados ao longo da vida reflectir-se-ão na fase final desta. No envelhecimento activo consideram-se três áreas principais de intervenção: a biológica, a intelectual e a emocional.