Sorosoro Ibaba Development Cooperative


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Sorosoro Ibaba Development Cooperative

  1. 1. Stories Unfold: Managing A Cooperative Enterprise presentation on the 1st Luzon-wide Cooperative TEAMshop April 30, 2011 Presentation of RICO B. GERON General Manager, Sorosoro Ibaba Development Cooperative
  2. 2. Sorosoro Ibaba Farmers Association Looking Back… Moving Ahead  Started as Sari-sari store on March 19, 1969 with P11,800 capital at Brgy. Sorosoro Ibaba, Batangas City  Incorporators - 59 founding members
  3. 3. Ave. production: 9,000 bags daily hogs, poultry, fish feeds mash and pellet feeds semi-computerized with mechanized corn storage Feedmills
  4. 4. known as paiwi system fatteners Stocks, Feeds, Veterinary Services & Marketing Equal Sharing in Profit Patronage Refund Loan for Pig Pen Contract Growing
  5. 5. Savings and Loans Deposits  Accepting deposits from members  P150M deposits from members Loans  Cash Loan (STL, MTL, LTL)  Hog Fattening Program  Hog Breeding Program  Housing Loan  Car Loan Program  Rice Production Loan  Secured by collaterals
  6. 6. Artificial Insemination Ensures high quality piglets Cost Efficient Maintaining high grade boars Supervised by qualified technicians
  7. 7. 850 sow level piglet multiplier farm Taysan, Batangas Hi-grade sows and boars first-class facilities Pig Farm
  8. 8. Communal Farm With capacity of 1,130 heads hog fatteners Provides members of hog pen, stocks, feeds and veterinary products & services
  9. 9. Hog Selling Pen Speeds-up sales of hogs electronic weighing scale Prevents spread of diseases Selling pen fees
  10. 10. CoopMart wide variety of merchandise at affordable prices Members with assigned Code Numbers Patronage Refund 30 day credit
  11. 11. SIDC Mindoro Branch  Consumer store wherein basic household needs are available including agricultural inputs  milling capacity – 220 sacks of palay a day
  12. 12. Slaughterhouse  Batangas City government awarded the management of Batangas City Slaughterhouse  An average of 150 heads were slaughtered everyday
  13. 13. CABLE TV Satellite Master Antenna Television Deferred Payment of monthly subscription fee
  14. 14. Gasoline Station  Offers coop products, rice, groceries, auto supply and gasoline products to regular and associate members  Other services that can be availed by members are washing, greasing, vulcanizing, change oil and battery charging Offer vehicle insurance & other non-life insurance  Accepting deposits and extending loans to members
  15. 15. SHELL Gasoline Station  Located at Pinamalayan, Oriental Mindoro  Offers gasoline products, auto supply and coop products  With savings & loans
  16. 16. Meat Processing  Develop processed meat products from the hogs produced by coop members (tocino, smoked and skinless longganisa , siomai, ham, sisig, & barbeque)
  17. 17. Farmer Vic Meatshop  Located at Muntinlupa City  Caters to Wet Market, Institutions, and End consumers  Offers SIDC’s Fresh and Processed Meats, SIDC Rice, and groceries  Patronage Refund
  18. 18. Water Refilling Station  Safe Purified Drinking Water using Reverse Osmosis  Free use of hot and cold dispenser for 5 containers per week  Patronage refund  Free delivery to covered areas
  19. 19. BIO-N Fertilizer  Ang BIO-N ay organikong pataba para sa mais, palay at gulay  Ito ay pulbos na may timbang na 200 gramo at naglalaman ng dalawang uri ng bakteryang buhat sa ugat ng Talahib.
  20. 20. SIDC Nueva Ecija Branch  With Minimart, Savings & Loans, Restaurant, Meatshop & Contract Growing
  21. 21. Layer Farm  Located at Balanga Ibaan, Batangas  with 75,000 heads of layers
  22. 22. 6 to 9 Store  Store operated by members  Store and stocks to be provided by SIDC
  23. 23. Covered In-Ground Anaerobic Reactor (CIGAR) Biogas Digester
  24. 24. Biogas supply electricity to SIDC Main Office Building
  25. 25.  Annual Sales P3.597Bn  Return on Equity 13.78%  Fixed Asset Turnover 6.6 times  Net Profit Ratio 4.30% Show me the figures
  26. 26. More Figures  Operating Income ROI 14.19%  Past Due Rate (loans) 2.18%  Cash Conversion Cycle 28 days
  27. 27. Personality Development Shared ownership Assumed Role Pledged Commitment
  28. 28. Establishing a Character Internal control Mechanism Transparency Credibility Recognition
  29. 29. Growing Pains Integration ◦Backward ◦Forward Need to find our strengths
  30. 30. Dare to be Different  Diversification  Responding to the Clients’ Demands
  31. 31. Life Cycle  Continuous Process  Interdependence  Empowerment
  32. 32. COOP Coop Business Members S u r p l u s Patronage Refund Interest on Capital Health Benefits Mortuary Benefit Scholarship Community Fund
  33. 33. Plot The Curves  Economic Viability  Social Relevance
  34. 34. Economic Viability and Social Relevance Curves Social Relevance EconomicViability (Profitability)
  35. 35. Economic Viability and Social Relevance Curves Social Relevance EconomicViability (Profitability)
  36. 36. Economic Viability and Social Relevance Curve Social Relevance EconomicViability (Profitability)
  37. 37. Paint the Future Let’s not Rest on Our Laurels Follow our Dreams
  38. 38. Quotes to Live by  The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams – Eleanor Roosevelt  There are no great men, only great challenges that ordinary men are forced by circumstances to meet – William F. Holsey  A man never stands as tall as when he kneels to help a child – The Knights of Pythagoras
  39. 39. “Most people think of future as the ends and the present as the means, whereas, in fact, the present is the ends and the future the means.” (Fritz Roethlisberger, 1954)
  40. 40. Sail on … do not anchor there Thanks for listening!