Programs & Services of Nueva Segovia Consortium of Cooperatives


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Description of the Programs and Services of NSCC

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Programs & Services of Nueva Segovia Consortium of Cooperatives

  1. 1. Programs & Services Nueva Segovia Consortium of Cooperatives
  2. 2. • Member Primary Cooperatives are given loan assistance to be used for their capital build – up. NSCC gives low interest rate on this program to help the member cooperatives enhance their programs and services and to serve best the needs of their members. • NSCC established tie-ups with different funding institutions and networks to look for funds that can be utilized as financial assistance to primary cooperatives. The fund being accumulated is extended to these cooperatives anytime they need it. COOPERATIVE WHOLESALE LENDING PROGRAM
  3. 3. SOCIAL CREDIT PROGRAM • NSCC provides financial loan assistance to micro, small, medium and large entrepreneurs. The aim of the program is to increase employment opportunities thru encouraging the people to venture into entrepreneurship. This program makes NSCC a catalyst of the government in decreasing poverty and unemployment within communities. NSCC provides loan assistance that is accessible, rates affordable and services always available anytime members need it. With the NSCC Social Credit program every entrepreneur even those living in the grassroots are always given a chance to improve their livelihood thru entrusting them with an amount which they can use for their business. • Other components of the program includes savings mobilization, livelihood trainings, promotion and marketing of their products and services, social gathering during Christmas, and opportunity to network with other members.
  4. 4. • Local Government Units do provide direct financial assistance to individuals, associations and cooperatives with the aim to help alleviate economic condition within their jurisdiction. Some people mistaken this assistance as dole out, because LGUs cannot regularly monitor the return of the money to the government. • Now, the Provincial Government of Ilocos Sur, the City Government of Vigan and the Municipal Government of Caoayan, no longer serve their members with dole-out assistance because they already made a scheme that is more effective for their livelihood programs that will certainly reach and benefit greater number of their constituents. TIE-UP LIVELIHOOD PROGRAMS WITH LOCAL GOVERNMENT UNITS
  5. 5. TIE-UP LIVELIHOOD PROGRAMS WITH LOCAL GOVERNMENT UNITS A. Local Government Units do provide direct financial assistance to These LGUs have NSCC to handle their livelihood funds, knowing the fact that NSCC is a dependable and capable organization to manage said projects. • With the tie-up programs, the poor are the priority beneficiaries. They are given financial assistance with minimal rate of interest and utilize this to start a business or improve their existing livelihood. NSCC have witnessed that even the poor people can pay their obligations and can earn savings while having their credit line. The program also is teaching them the value of credit discipline.
  6. 6. B. PROVINCIAL GOVERNMENT OF ILOCOS SUR •The Provincial Government of Ilocos Sur entrusted Livelihood Funds to NSCC in year 1999 under the leadership of Hon. Deogracias Victor “DV” B. Savellano, the Governor at that time. The financial assistance extended are intended for the following programs: To boost the production of Agricultural products in Ilocos Sur. It caters financial loan assistance to farmers. •LIVELIHOOD PROGRAM FOR MICROENTREPRENEURS •LIVELIHOOD PROGRAM FOR COOPERATIVES •COW DISPERSAL FOR COOPERATIVES This program has been chosen as finalist for Best LGU-NGO Partnership for 2003 and 2006.
  7. 7. • The City Government of Vigan under the leadership of Hon. Mayor Eva Marie S. Medina also aims to eradicate unemployment and empower the Bigueños thru the creation of the Vigan City Livelihood Program. It started a tie- up with the Zero-Interest Pottery Project. It later on increased the program into the following: – Livelihood Program for micro entrepreneurs – Pottery Project – One – Town One Product Program – Livelihood Program for Farmers – Vigan Based Coop Lending Program The tie-up program have been awarded as Best LGU-NGO partnership award this February 22, 2012 by the Regional Development Council of Region 1. Said program also made Vigan City won the National Gawad Pamana ng Lahi for City Category C. TIE-UP LIVELIHOOD PROGRAMS WITH CITY GOVERNMENT OF VIGAN
  8. 8. D. TIE-UP PROGRAM WITH THE MUNICIPAL GOVERNMENT OF CAOAYAN • The Municipal Government of Caoayan thru the leadership of Hon. Mayor Germelina S. Goulart entrusted NSCC with a livelihood program to handle for the benefit of Caoayanos engaged in farming, fishing and One Barangay One Product (OBOP). The partnership is supporting the following projects: - LIVELIHOOD ASSISTANCE FOR OTOP PROJECTS – LIVELIHOOD ASSISTANCE FOR FARMERS – LIVELIHOOD ASSISTANCE FOR FISHERFOLKS
  9. 9. AGRICULTURE LOANS • NSCC also offers various forms of agricultural loans to help farmers finance their farm inputs and improve their production.
  10. 10. AFLATOUN CHILD SAVINGS PROGRAM • The Aflatoun Child Savings Program was introduced to NSCC by the National Confederation of Cooperatives (NATCCO). This program encourages the value of thrift as well as giving trainings to school children on financial education. • Aflatoun program is being implemented in 3 Municipalities of Ilocos Sur, in Caaoayan, Cervantes and Cabugao.
  11. 11. • NSCC being an accredited training provider by the Cooperative Development Authority is actively conducting different training services to primary cooperatives, associate members and NSCC employees. • The priority training courses being extended are those that are included in the 14 mandatory trainings of the Cooperative Development Authority. NSCC offers said training to the cooperatives with an affordable and reasonable registration fees. • It has established a tie-up with the Social Enterprise Development Partnership Inc or SEDPI and Ateneo De Manila University, making NSCC as one of its training hubs in the country. SEDPI is one of the most sought of training provider for microfinance in the country. CAPABILITY BUILDING PROGRAMS/ TRAININGS
  12. 12. FARMERS ENTREPRENEURSHIP PROGRAM • The Nueva Segovia Consortium of Cooperatives has opened opportunities of networking and marketing with the farmers of Vigan City, Sinait and Caoayan, Ilocos Sur thru the Farmers Entrepreneurship Program. There are 75 farmers who are being benefited from this program. • NSCC has been tapped by the National Livelihood Development Corporation as the lead institution to handle such program. It is closely coordinating with the Local Government Units of Vigan City, Caoayan, and Sinait and the University of Northern Philippines as the academe partner. Other institutions actively supporting this program are the Catholic Relief Services and the Jollibee Foods Corporation. • The program components include market analysis, negotiation training, Farmer Field School, micro lending, post-harvest processing, and new storage and delivery practices. A successful implementation of the program shall bring greater chances for the farmers to supply their products to the Jollibee Foods Corporation and other higher level domestic markets.
  13. 13. • The Department of Agrarian Reform in partnership with Japan International has recently selected Nueva Segovia Consortium of Cooperatives to become its partner in the implementation of the Agrarian Reform Infrastructure Support Project III (ARISP III) under the Federation Development Component. • Under the ARISP Project III, the following are the agreed projects to be undertaken: • Gojo Mutual Assistance Program for ARC Cooperatives • Collective Buying and Selling • NSCC Publication • Agrarian Information Marketing Center (AIM-C) Facility AGRARIAN REFORM INFRASTRUCTURE SUPPORT PROJECT III (ARISP III)
  14. 14. NSCC PLAZA • The Nueva Segovia Consortium of Cooperatives (NSCC) Plaza, was built as a training center and business center for cooperatives and all NSCC members. The aim of this is to offer a bigger and more comfortable venue for cooperative trainings, forums, gatherings and all other activities, likewise give also all members a chance to gather in a place that they will feel relaxed and comfortable. NSCC sees to it that every member will feel that they own the property and it is then something that they can be proud of. • Aside from serving the needs of the members, NSCC Plaza is also an income generating project because it offers a variety of hotel services like cozy accommodation, convenient venue for seminars, trainings, meetings, weddings and other occasions and it also accepts catering services. • The first floor is being rented as a commercial center by various business establishments, infusing monthly revenues to the cooperative. • The NSCC Plaza is now an accredited Hotel by the Department of Tourism.
  15. 15. OTHER SERVICES 1. ADVOCATES AND PROMOTES GENDER EQUALITY • KAPATIRAN FOUNDATION TIE-UP • NSCC was chosen by the Stichting Kapatiran Foundation of Netherlands to monitor the projects of their beneficiaries at Bacarra, Ilocos Norte as well as to provide them with trainings and seminars 2. AUTHORIZED COLLECTING AGENT OF PHILHEALTH KASAPI PROGRAM 3. Services of Philhealth reaches all members of NSCC thru the PHILHEALTH KaSAPI Program 4. DEALER OF GLOBE AUTOLOAD 5. AUTHORIZED MONEY TRANSFER SERVICE