Lingayen Catholic Credit Cooperative: Its achievements (1964-2013)


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Lingayen Catholic Credit Cooperative: Its achievements (1964-2013)

  1. 1. Achievement of Lingayen Catholic Credit Cooperative: From 1964-2013 For all the years of its existence from the year 1964, the Lingayen Catholic Credit Cooperative or LCCrC in short, has grown to be a formidable institution that plays a vital role in the economic programs of our government particularly in the thrust of uplifting the quality of life of our members through its development programs, projects and community involvement. Although there was a lot of complexity and adversity brought by some of the previous years, despite the gloom, LCCrC is still existing serving the members as usual. The cooperative was very lucky to have been blessed by a team of organizers with great minds and talents coupled by the sacrifice and dedication of the succeeding officers, staff and members from whom onward our cooperative continuously increased in assets and membership. Our accomplishments are measured in terms of the following: 1. Offers different kinds of loans to regular members at a low rate of interest and higher rate of interest on deposits. 2. Offers Patronage Refund to member-borrowers. 3. Encourage Forced Savings to member-borrowers. 4. Has never availed of loan assistance for its capital from the government or any private lending institution, in short it has remained a SELF-Help organization. 5. Gives financial assistance to beneficiaries of deceased members through the Damayan Aid System (DAS). 6. Co-partner with Local Government in its commitment to uplift the socioeconomic welfare of the people in the community by way of relief goods to flood victims. 7. Construction of 45 two-room public elementary school buildings in Pangasinan through the Presidential Management Staff Fund during the administration of President Corazon Aquino in San Fabian, Sual, Bugallon,
  2. 2. Labrador, Anda, Dasol, Mabini, Villasis, Tayug, Mangatarem, Mapandan and Agno. 8. Erection of 3 shallow wells, 8 deep wells and 1 spring rehabilitation in remote and depressed barangays in Pangasinan through the Presidential Management Staff Fund under President Fidel V. Ramos. 9. Scholarship for Indigent Elementary Pupils (SIEP) program with scholars coming from all the public elementary schools of Lingayen whose parents are member or non-members of our coop given at the start of the school year consisting of 2 sets of school uniforms, school bag, pad papers, ball pens, umbrella, etc. 10. Share a Christmas Meal Program – offered to selected indigent families who are members or non-members of the cooperative every Dec. 24 of the year for their “noche buena.” 11. Two subdivisions, one at Ramos St. West of 28 lots and the other at Libsong East of 57 home lots, both in Lingayen. Lots were sold by installment to members who do not have lots of their own where to build their homes. 12. Continuing Cooperative Education – LCCrC maintains the conduct of Premembership Seminar to would-be members every Saturday and hold quarterly meeting of officers and staff for further professional growth. 13. LCCrC has provided financial support for the renovation of the Lingayen Student Chapel and the Parish Training Center. 14. 20-20 Vision Program – conducting free vision testing and providing free eyeglasses to pupils found out to be suffering from eye defects. 15. Year-in and year-out, cooperative come to visit LCCrC in their Lakbay Aral to learn first hand information on how our coop is managed and operating. 16. Occasionally, officers and manager are invited as resource/guest speakers at local cooperative seminars or general assemblies and at other times, they are invited to help organize new coops specifically Bayambang, Bugallon, Camiling. 17. Medical assistance given once a year to regular members if they are hospitalized. 18. Gives financial support sometimes to the Cooperative Month Celebration at the provincial / regional level. 19. Donation of laboratory tables / chairs to Pangasinan National High School. 20. Donation of tables/chairs to some teachers of PNHS. 21. Donation of 10 mechanical beds to the Community Hospital in Lingayen. 22. Donation of 10 mountain bikes to the Philippine National Police of Lingayen for their Foot Patrol Program. 23. Christmas Give-away- Bags/umbrellas given to members during Christmas. 24. No salary of LCCrC officers and staff for the first 18 years of operations. 25. In compliance with the Big Brother Program of cooperatives, LCCrC makes investment at some banks and cooperatives. 26. Loans are insured for the benefit of the members at Climbs and CISP. 27. Construction of a three-storey building for its training center at Ramos St.
  3. 3. 28. Donation of rice/groceries to flood/typhoon victims of affected barangays of Lingayen and other places. 29. Helps in the marketing of members’ produce especially vegetables. 30. Donation for the immediate needs of the prisoners at the Provincial Jail like slippers, health needs, towels, etc. 31. Inviting medical personnel for the conduct of medical mission with free medicines in the community. 32. Attendance to cooperative seminars abroad by Board Directors. 33. Attendance to almost all the required seminars for 2013 by the Directors, Manager and some committee officers and staff. 34. Has sent some members of the staff here and abroad for cooperative scholarship. 35. Yearly Rest and Recreation for officers and staff. 36. Yearly retreat or “Visita Iglesia” for officers and staff for spiritual growth. 37. The computerization is now in full swing at the coop. 38. From an initial capital of P 619.00 LCCrC has now a total asset of P 265 M. 39. The 29 original members of the coop is now 12,296 regular members and 10,154 special members. 40. In the first years of operation of LCCrC any place in the church compound served as a place in transacting business, it has now a two-storey building inside the church compound for its office. 41. Several awards have been received by LCCrC. The achievements of our cooperative for 50 years are quite impressive, so we take much pride in seeing the gradual improvement of the quality of life of our members and their families. We share the joys of those members who have been able to successfully send their children to school through-college, own and manage their own business, engage in livelihood endeavors, own lots and build decent homes for their families, operate their own tricycles/pedicabs and in one way or another attain a better way of life. The excellent performance of our cooperative for 50 years could have not been possible first of all, without the blessing of Almighty God, supported by effective policies and programs of the Board of Directors and committee officers, the unselfish dedication of the management staff and the sustained support of our members. To all we give our sincere appreciation and gratitude.