DAR CDA Jan 22 Forum on ADR and Big Brother/Small Brother Program


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DAR CDA Jan 22 Forum on ADR and Big Brother/Small Brother Program

  1. 1. DAR – CDA Partnership Program “Strengthening and Capacity Building of ARB Cooperatives”
  2. 2. Background and Rationale • In December 2012, DAR and CDA signed a partnership program • The program intends to operationalize a capacity-building and development support initiatives to help ARB cooperatives acquire and maintain their juridical personality through CDA’s issuance of Certificate of Good Standing (CGS).
  3. 3. • The program commenced in April 2013 through an Orientation-Workshop where action plans were prepared for the conduct of the first four (4) CDA mandatory trainings and the various technical assistance that CDA shall provide to the ARB cooperatives.
  4. 4. How to secure CGS In Addition Comp of PESOS & PISO Install ADR Coaching & Mentoring Advisory, Cliniquing, Consultancy
  5. 5.  Basic Cooperative Course (BCC)  Cooperative Management and Governance  Financial Management (FM)  Leadership and Values ReOrientation (LVR)
  6. 6. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Conflict Management Parliamentary Procedures Strategic Planning Audit Management Records Management Entrepreneurial & Business Management 7. Basic Accounting for NonAccountants 8. Internal Control 9. Rules Formulation 10. Cooperative Standards
  7. 7. Rationale Alternative Dispute Resolution Alternative Dispute Resolution Act of 2004 institutionalizes the use of An Alternative Dispute Resolution system in the Philippines. All cooperatives by laws include an article on the Settlement of Disputes with Sections on Mediation and Conciliation and voluntary arbitration. All inter and intra-cooperative disputes shall be settled within the cooperative in accordance with the pertinent Guidelines issued by the Cooperative Development Authority, Art. 137 0f Republic Act No. 9520 and its Implementing Rules and Regulations, and its suppletory laws.
  8. 8. Objectives Alternative Dispute Resolution and o Provide general orientation on the voluntary arbitration under the institutional rules promulgated by the Cooperative Development Authority, and in such other pertinent laws; o Be aware of the revised guidelines governing the conduct of mediation and conciliation proceedings before the CDA (MC 2013-21) at the primary and union/federation level (MC 2013-20) and o Review of the Mediation and Conciliation Committee duties and responsibilities.
  9. 9. Rationale Big Brother/Small Brother Forum The 7th Principle observed by cooperatives worldwide is the “Concern for the Community” whereby cooperatives work for the sustainable development of their communities. In the big brother/small brother program, the big brother (cooperatives) includes in their social responsibility program the promotion of bayanihan spirit by sharing their best practices, helping small cooperatives learn their culture of business acumen and management towards growth and productivity of the small brother cooperatives anchored on the values of “malasakit”. In this manner, the cooperatives can also actualize the 6th Principle concerning “Cooperation among Cooperatives”.
  10. 10. Objectives Big Brother/Small Brother Forum •Provide overview on the Big Brother/Small Brother concept; •Identification of the technical assistance needs of the small brother cooperatives; and •Linking the technical needs of the small brother cooperatives to the technical expertise of the big brother cooperatives