The mummy 9 frame coop

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  • 1. The Mummy 9 Frame Analysis
  • 2. Frame 1 Institution shown in pure black background so that audience focus on the logo and feel assured as the logo is a very well known and famous logo and makes the audience feel as though the film is going to be good
  • 3. Frame 2 Movie starts with a shot of the sun, gives audience feeling as though it is a positive start. Makes audience feel as though hero will be shown The camera then pans out to show a pyramid, audience instantly recognise this and it allows them to connect with the title of the film. The use of the misty foggy type background suggests to audience that this section is a flash back.
  • 4. Frame 3 The camera then cuts to the city, audience know by the previous shots that the film is set in Egypt. Audience can relate and understand title of the film. Long shot used to show the mass people to the audience and tell the audience that this is a very popular place and important to the narrative of the film. Scene is still quite misty implying to the audience that this whole sequence will be a flashback.
  • 5. Frame 4 The camera then cuts to a over shoulder shot of character, this makes the audience wonder if this is the main character. A voice over is now heard, adds to narrative of film and allows audience to gain background knowledge, Typical of monster movies. The use of the man standing above all the other men shows that he is of importance and vital to the story. Foreground of shot is temples and pyramids, showing that this is a very important place.
  • 6. Frame 5 A second character is introduced to add mystery and confusion to the audience, they wonder who this woman is. Gold statues and pictures behind them show that they are very much of a high status in this flashback. Shots accompanied by voiceover to give the audience background information, a lot of horror films portray at the start how the man became the monster. Love interest shown for the characters, audience wonder if this will be the main relationship in the film.
  • 7. Frame 6 Camera then cuts to a man, new character revealed to audience. Makes the audience wonder if he is a hero or villain. The voiceover at this point is telling audience that this person is of very high status. Recognisable by jewellery and helmet. The man’s expression is angry, suggests to audience that the man is angry at the previous two characters. Like most monster films, one man or woman is the catalyst in making the monster, audience wonder whether this man is that person.
  • 8. Frame 7 Use of shadow’s show danger for the previous two characters and show that one of them is being attacked but audience do not know which one it is. Shot makes audience think if this is the scene in which the monster is made. Voiceover reveals that the characters were having a affair and were to be executed, shocks the audience.
  • 9. Frame 8 New location is shown to audience, they wonder why they are being taken there, adds suspension. Black and bleak sky suggests to audience that this could be a very dark moment in the film. The use of the guards and henchman show the audience that this is a high pressure moment of the film. Voiceover again comes into it as it is describing the punishment for the two adulterous characters.
  • 10. Frame 9 Title of film is revealed to audience which allows them to understand the title of the film as well as understanding the flashback sequences that has just occurred, highly effective as it hooks audience for the rest of the film