Equipment analysis


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Equipment analysis

  1. 1. Equipment Analysis Evaluation Task 6
  2. 2. CameraThis is the camera we used for our entire visual recording. Although the cameracan record both visually and acoustically, there are some limitations for one; theaudio quality on the camera is not so good at picking up voices and the actualcamera cannot record as good a quality as other cameras used in films. Fromusing this equipment we have learned about the background sound whenfilming as it effective in picking up the unwanted noises.
  3. 3. TripodThe tripod was used to stabilize the camera while we recorded our product. Alimitation of this was that it took up a lot of space and was not very smoothwhile panning. The most important piece of knowledge we have gained fromusing the tripod is that of the stability as it is key if you are trying to film asteady shot.
  4. 4. MacHere is the Mac, which we used for editing. Macs are often used infilm production because they are compatible with a lot of usefulediting software. The Mac was key for the production process of ourproduct as a lot of the time we spent making our product we wereusing the Mac to either gain some background info on what are filmshould be like, editing the film and uploading the film. The onlydifficulty we had was that some Macs didn’t upload the footage thatwe had filmed so we had to use a different Mac.
  5. 5. I Movie and GaragebandThis is the software we used for editing We used this product to createour product. The software had many some sound effects for ourfeatures such as transitions, sound product such as the radioeffects etc. However, there were some broadcast, the scream etc. It waslimitations while using this software i.e. extremely easy to use as it tookthere were a limited number oftransitions/effects, aswell as the sound only a matter of minutes to createbeing difficult to edit. It was very easy and it helped us a lot in getting theto use and helped us in adding sound right effects we wanted for oureffects to our products. film.
  6. 6. Youtube and FacebookYoutube was a vital part of our project as Facebook was helpful to us as wewe used it to look at previous films that were able to post our videos ontohad our style of genre to gain feedback facebook and gain feedback fromfrom. We also used Youtube to upload people on the website. Very easyour drafts of the project and then our to use and easy to get feedbackfinal cut of the project. It was easy to use from.and easy to get feedback from.
  7. 7. PhoneFor recording the director’s commentary and the radio broadcast, weused a phone. The phone did well at recording the audio clearly but alimitation was that the audio quality could have been better withdifferent equipment. It was again to easy to record and it was alsoeasy to piece together the different parts of the commentary.