9 frame anaylsis of pineapple express


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9 frame anaylsis of pineapple express

  1. 1. Pineapple Express 9 Frame Analysis http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GkAfyHNy1mE
  2. 2. Frame 1 Image of institutions gives audience assurance that the film will be good and well made. Logo and background in black and white. Suggesting to the audience that the film will start in the past.
  3. 3. Frame 2 Date given to audience, allowing them to imagine why the film starts at this certain period and how this will link in with the main concept of the film. Scene is like institution scene as is it in black and white reminding the audience that this is in the past. Bland background, makes audience focus on the car and the date that is given to them. Gives a sense of confusion.
  4. 4. Frame 3 Introduction of characters, audience wonder whether they are vital to story or vital to this specific sequence. The characters climb down a hole, suggesting to the audience that these characters are highly secretive. The use of the characters being secretive creates a lot of tension within the audience. Guard suggests to audience that these two men are highly important and also suggests they are entering a dangerous place.
  5. 5. Frame 4 The continuation of the film to be in black and white allows the audience to know and feel as though they are back in time with these characters. Brief images of scientists in these shot give the audience the impression that is a secret base, not something you would associate with a stoner movie. Shots taken from a first person perspective so the audience can see through the two men’s eyes. The camera pans across the windows allowing the audience to have a brief look into what this base is up to.
  6. 6. Frame 5 The next shot then introduces a new character, audience want to know why he is there and what he is doing. He is smoking something, instantly links in with the title of the film and some of the audience may recognise this. Element of mystery shrouded in audience’s mind as they wonder if he is a captive or works there. The character looks relaxed and not fazed by being this base, mystery for audience.
  7. 7. Frame 6 The camera then cuts to this shot. This shot reveals to the audience where he is and why he is there. The use of seeing the reflections of the interviewers show audience that he is being held and questioned or being asked to test something possibly a drug which would link in with the concept of the film. The character still seems relaxed by the situation, making audience wonder if this is our main character. Comedic elements in this shot as he is just answering the scientists back and not caring.
  8. 8. Frame 7 Audience are shown character meeting new character, audience wonder if he is in danger by this menacing figure. Comedic element added as the person is a diver dressed up, funny as the audience wonder why these people are taking caution over just one man. Another comedic element added as the man is giving him a lighter to smoke whatever he is smoking. Audience wonder how the character is going to react to the new character, possibly comedic.
  9. 9. Frame 8 This shocks the audience as characters were just laughing and joking but he is being taking away. Character being taken away signals confusion in audience as to where he is going. Comedic elements for the audience as the two men are in diver suits because they fear the drug he was smoking might do something to them. This shot may signal end of past sequence as the audience now know a little background story on the film.
  10. 10. Frame 9 The shot is now in colour signalling to the audience that is now in present day. The title of the film appears in this shot to tell the audience what the film is about while also telling them the main story starts now. Shot focus’s on character, possibly implying to audience that this is the main character and the story will follow him. The film has now a more light hearted approach now that is focusing on this character and has a more upbeat soundtrack.