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9 frame analysis girl with the dragon tattoo

9 frame analysis girl with the dragon tattoo







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    9 frame analysis girl with the dragon tattoo 9 frame analysis girl with the dragon tattoo Presentation Transcript

    • 9 Frame Analysis Thriller/Noire GenreThe Girl With The Dragon Tattoo: How the Genre is portrayed?
    • Frame 1Image of the distributorand the producer’s of the Music is playingfilm occurred at this as thescene. Clear indication to distributor isthe audience who shown which isproduces and distributes again setting upthe film. Well known the tone of thedistributors and producers film with thewhich give a sense of dark music.familiarity with theaudience. The distributor image is darkened and shaded in order to keep the tone of the film right from the start which is the bleak and dark tone. Audience recognise this which allows them to set themselves up ready for the tone of the film.
    • Frame 2First shot In trailer of Over the shoulder isone of the main used again to give acharacters. Gives sense of mystery toaudience chance to the trailer. Gainsrecognize that this audiences attentioncharacter will be with the use of thecentral to the plotline. over the shoulder shot.Music is continued Use of darkagain to set the tone surroundings as wellof the film. Character create the sense ofis also wearing mystery that isclothes that are A voiceover can be heard in this shot which is common within theshown in the poster talking about the character the audience see on the thriller and noireshowing a link screen. Voiceover gives the audience the genres.between the texts. background information while also give a hint to the character’s personality but also creates a sense of confusion as audience want to know more about the character.. Part of the noire genre, in the sense of over the course of the film the audience will gain more information of the detective character.
    • Frame 3First shot of secondmain character which This shot shows thishelps to set up the story characters face whichfor the audience. In suggests to the audiencemany thrillers and that this character will bedetective films there are easy to understand andthe two detectives or emphasise with where ascolleagues working it will be difficult with thetogether to solve a other character. Also,mystery., this is shown introduction of malehere with the character, keeps theintroduction of this balance for the audiencecharacter. Character is A Voiceover can be heard again in this shot as there a female andalso wearing clothes that but this time it is that of the women that was male lead in the film.are shown in the poster seen in the previous shot. She is talking Could be seen asshowing a link between about what she thinks of this man. This sets uncommon in noire filmsthe texts. up chance in the film of a character as they are often solely development between the two as it is clear to male characters. the audience that the women knows who this man is. Part of the genre in the sense of the relationship between the two partners.
    • Frame 4This next shot is wherethe male character has Voiceover is againbeen sent to. The used to convey themystery is apparent here genre as theas the audience do not voiceover is talkingknow where he is going about “investigatingand why. Good element these bullies” forof the thriller genre them. Also music iswhich is to always keep louder during this shotthe audience guessing and uses quite aas to what the mystery harrowing tone ofis. music which suggests Long shot of the mansion puts emphasis on that this place has a the building, signals to the audience that the secret or mystery and mansion is of significant importance to the is a dark and plotline. Grey, cloudy sky also helps to add upsetting place. to the mystery and keep the tone of the film. This building is also significant as it used in the poster showing a link between the text while again enforcing the fact that this mansion is important.
    • Frame 5Image of young girl is nextshown which adds to the Close up on the picturemystery to the trailer. allows audience toAudience wonder who this remember this characteris, whether the film will and be on the look outabout a murder mystery for an appearance of thisinvolving her or finding girl in the photo, enticesher. Part of the noire audience in wanting togenre having a character find the girl and find thethat is the victim or the mystery.character the detectivesare trying to find. The voiceover is again used as the Daniel Craig’s character is gaining information on the girl in the picture. “This is Harriet, someone in the family is responsible for her murder”. This instantly portrays both the thriller and the noire genres as now a murder mystery is involved and central to the plotline. Audience now have more information to go on.
    • Frame 6Good example of the noire andthriller genres are shown here as During this shot the musicthe male lead in the film is looking is getting much louder andat evidence that will help him in much more prominentthe case. Typical use of evidence which creates the tenseand what the evidence means is atmosphere while alsoprominent in most thriller and giving off the suspensegenre films such as seven and la that the film will carryconfidential. Entices audience into which entices thewanting to know what the audience.evidence means, good use of athriller and genre theme. Low angle shot is used to show the scale of the evidence that the male character is being shown suggesting that there is a lot to learn and understand in the film. The long shot is used to show what this character will be dealing with. Allows audience to put themselves in the male characters shoes and wonder what they would do with the evidence which appeals to the audience.
    • Frame 7 The edits in the trailer areThis shot is one of the much quicker and morefirst shots in the trailer of intense suggesting to thethe two main characters audience that once thetogether. Suggests to the two characters form aaudience that there will a partnership then thepart where the characters mystery is going tomeet up and why they become more intense andmeet up, entices the dangerous. Preparesaudience into wanting to audience for what is tofind out how the duo come, audience nowmeet up. expect more action and By now having the two characters be suspense to follow. seen as working together, the trailer is now using the classic detective element of having two partners working together in order to solve a murder mystery. Easily recognizable and understandable for the audience, can now relate to the film better.
    • Frame 8Shot of explosionclearly shows that the Use of long shot is usedfilm has some to add danger andelements of action and fatality in the film as thethat there will be shot shows an outline offrantic moments within a person. This makes thethe film which will have audience wonderthe audience on the whether it is one of theedge of there seat main characters in thewhich attracts the explosion or whether themore action interested main charactersaudience. themselves have set off Music within the trailer has now built up the explosion which adds throughout the trailer to a climax and to the confusion and the portrays the drama and suspense that suspense. will occur in the film while the characters are solving the mystery. Also the explosion shot adds a sense of danger for the audience as they wonder If the characters in the film can survive the mystery.
    • Frame 9The trailer ends with the title of the film portrayed, use of background isused well as complete black background can be seen to show mystery. Byhaving the black background it makes the audience focus on the title andtherefore makes them remember the name. The cut to black also addssuspense and leaves the audience desperate for more information afterthe frantic last shots in the trailer is cut to black.