Najet Tenouit- Towards a World network for digital solidarity


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Najet Tenouit- Towards a World network for digital solidarity

  1. 1. Towards a World network for digital solidarity II International Meeting on ICT for Development Cooperation Gijón - February 10th 2009
  2. 2. • Digital Solidarity is one answer to bridge the worldwide digital gap that was • Raised and developed by the African civil society • Proposed in Bamako 2000 Summit : Internet: bridges for development.
  3. 3. President Abdulaye Wade • coordinator of the ICTs aspect of the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD) • took the lead on this new challenge for Africa and • build a vision for an African information society .
  4. 4. I- Background and context • Bamako 2000: Internet: bridges for development The 4 stages of the World Summits on the Information Society • Geneva and Lyon in 2003 • Bilbao and Tunis in 2005 Two multi-stakeholder institutions • World Digital solidarity FUND (Geneva) • World Digital solidarity AGENCY (Lyon)
  5. 5. World Summits on the Information Society 2 main issues • Internet governance (necessary regulation of the Internet) Internet Governance Forum (IGF) • Worldwide Digital gap. Global Alliance for the ICT Development (GAID), the Connect the world initiative supported by ITU, many others, especially in UN agencies (UNESCO, UNITAR…), and of course, the creation of DSF
  6. 6. The World Digital Solidarity Agency
  7. 7. The Digital solidarity fund the “1% Digital solidarity “ principle • “1% Digital solidarity “ principle = a new tax on public ICT markets. • Innovative mechanism (part of Monterrey/ Doha process ) BUT not widely implemented Because … in Europe, regulatory rules on public market are very difficult to change Into the Monterrey / Doha process DSF = not a success Digital solidarity cause is very new and young (only 3 years).
  8. 8. What about now … • First step of digital solidarity ( “the birth”), • the 30 funding members recently decided to deeply reorient DSF strategy. 3 main decisions ( conference of Lyon for digital solidarity + extraordinary session of the DSF advisory board, held in Bamako ) I - transfer the DSF headquarters to the south II - transfer the 1% diplomatic process into the countries diplomacy services III – Facilitate a concerted approach between ICT4D actors and explore new funding mechanisms
  9. 9. Lyon Conference for Digital Solidarity 11/ 24 th/ 2008
  10. 10. Lyon Declaration for Digital Solidarity “ Convinced that the transition from an industrial society to an information and knowledge society raises the prospect of new forms of solidarity “FOR” but also “BY” digital technologies”
  11. 11. Two main actions in 2009 I - Build a world forum for digital solidarity European Digital Solidarity Key Actors Network (EDSKAN). WEB2SOLIDARITE II - Build a virtual micro-finance platform to fund rise and loan money for digital solidarity projects (small projects)
  12. 12. Najet TENOUTIT ☺ Deputy Director World digital solidarity agency Thank you for +33 4 26 23 41 01 your attention ! +33 6 66 63 36 92